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List of Call Centre Terminologies

What is Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)?

Automatic call distribution, or ACD, is a term used to describe how a phone system distributes calls. It's a telephone system that automatically accepts incoming calls and routes them to the next available agent.

Its goal is to assist incoming call centres in sorting and managing enormous numbers of calls in order to keep the staff from being overwhelmed. It also enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring that they are linked to a knowledgeable representative as soon as feasible.

Advantages of Using an Automatic Call Distributor

Boost Team Performance

You may configure the routing algorithm in an automated call distribution system to route each inbound call to the appropriate agent. You may use a variety of algorithms to route calls to the agents who are most suited to the customer's needs. Increase FCR by exceeding callers' expectations by providing an immediate answer to their difficulties.

Callers get a quick response.

Deliver a customized customer experience based on the client's preferences, previous encounters, and IVR choices. High-value consumers may be sent to the most competent employees in the Call Center ACD, ensuring that all of your HNI customers receive a personalized service. Your staff can fix issues more quickly by responding quickly to priority calls.

Call Routing that is flawless

Using established campaign level routing rules, seamlessly route calls from one campaign to the next with the full context. When a caller is routed to the incorrect campaign, agents may effortlessly transfer the conversation to the appropriate department, including call history, notes, and dispositions, to retain context and provide an immediate solution.

Optimizing Resources

Agents may use their knowledge to solve a caller's problems instead of engaging in activities that are outside their competence thanks to an effective routing system. As each agent uses their expertise to address questions for which they have been educated, the average handling time will be reduced even further.

Cost Savings at the Call Center

With an automated call routing system, improving the first call resolution rate by responding quickly to a call and forwarding it to the most appropriate agent. Without being transferred to other agents or departments, the consumer may get his question answered. This decreases the time it takes to answer a call and lowers the cost-per-call for the call centre.

How does an ACD function?

The Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) routes call to the appropriate agents based on specified factors, ensuring that the caller is connected to the most appropriate agent and that the customer's inquiry is handled quickly. The most appropriate agent answers the phone and fixes the problem.

Step 1: Identity of the caller

The initial stage in ACD is to use an interactive voice response system (IVR) to query the caller's purpose as well as information or identity. Customers' native language and location can be determined via Caller ID systems.

Step 2: Queuing up calls

The next stage is to organize the call queue and place callers on a waiting list based on the availability and appropriateness of agents. The ACD will consider traffic volume, time of day, queue wait periods, and the department receiving the call while using the routing algorithm. ACD sets queue orders based on a variety of parameters, including status, wait time, and query.

Step 3: Distribution of Calls

With the information obtained in the preceding processes, call centres enable the ACD to route the caller to an agent who is most qualified to resolve their problem. Fixed order distribution, simultaneous distribution, time-based routing, and agent talk time are all popular distribution approaches.


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