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B2B Telemarketing Services

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Nowadays, organisations consider telemarketing as a strategic tool to increase awareness about their products and services. Plus, telemarketing is cost effective and ensures a high ROI. A result-driven telemarketing campaign involves comprehensive market research, customer insights, telemarketing acumen, and scientific database cleansing techniques. Surprisingly, most of the businesses do not possess a distinct level of proficiency in all these areas, thereby, acquiring telemarketing call centre services from a third party company to achieve their intended business objectives.

Go4customer provides telemarketing services to clients across multiple industries in the UK. Our result-oriented telemarketing services can help you to generate quality leads, grow sales and increase your revenues significantly. We have proven expertise in delivering high-quality telemarketing services, and that’s why we are one of the best service providers in the UK market.

Several global clients are enjoying the benefits of our best-in-class telemarketing services. Be it launching a new product or conducting market research, our comprehensive range of telemarketing services can help to achieve your business objectives.

A Surprising Fact

Telemarketing involves human interaction (HI), and we cannot underestimate its significance to launch result-oriented marketing campaigns. More than 65% of B2B purchases in the UK have some form of HI, and almost 60% of marketing managers state that telemarketing is a “very effective” approach to nurture proficient leads. Reports also confirm that for every British pound spent by B2B and B2C telemarketing transactions in the UK in 2014, the delivered ROI was 11 British pounds.

Go4customer UK Telemarketing Services

Go4customer UK Telemarketing Services Delivery Model

We always strive to bring the desired results to the table while running a telemarketing campaign for our clients. To ensure high returns, we follow a distinct telemarketing cycle, which comprises the following steps:

Step 1: Develop a deep understanding of client specifications and requirements.
Step 2: Conduct market intelligence of client products and services.
Step 3: Identify brand awareness of client products and services.
Step 4: Identify sales specific and revenue-driven objectives.
Step 5: Identify target customers and markets.
Step 6: Prepare a list of prospects.
Step 7: Set short-term goals and long-term strategic sales targets.
Step 8: Provide telemarketing scripts to avoid silly communication blunders.
Step 9: Give top-notch training sessions to telemarketers.
Step 10: Employ efficient telemarketing tools like predictive dialler and VMD (Voice Mail Detection).
Step 11: Solicit feedback from telemarketers to wipe out hidden errors in scripts.
Step 12: Prepare timely reports and feedback for clients.

Why Should Businesses Acquire Telemarketing Services?

Increase customer base

Telemarketing helps organizations to reach their target audiences also lends a hand in building a strong brand image.

Develop better customer insights

Thanks to telemarketing, you get valuable insights into customer behaviour, needs, expectations, choices, and preferences. This helps to improve sales growth in the later stages.

Develop close connect with customer

Outbound telemarketing calls help businesses to develop enduring, personal bonds with their target audiences. It leads to customer base expansion and incredible business growth.

Why Outsource?

By outsourcing telemarketing services, you dodge all the costs that can be involved in hiring experienced telemarketers, training, infrastructure, etc.

Specialised telemarketing service providers also help organisations to focus on core competencies. Due to all of this, most of the businesses prefer to outsource their telemarketing processes to a reputed third party company.

If you are looking for unrivalled telemarketing services, connect with Go4customer right away!

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