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Telephone Answering Service

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What is Telephone Answering Service?

Telephone answering is basically when an external company takes the responsibility to handle all calls on the partners’ behalf. In this radically evolving epoch when businesses are facing tough competition to stay alive in the market, outsourcing the secondary functions is significant to simplify the core responsibilities.

Phone answering service helps businesses get a team of experts to handle the customer concerns and answer them on time to maintain high satisfaction levels. To avoid rising customer attrition, call abandonment, and call queues, an outsourced partner is vital. You both hire and train a team of agents in-house or outsource to professionals! Well, as outsourcing is cost-effective, thus most companies consider having an external partner.

Leverage Prowess of Call Answering Service UK:

Do you seek secure & strong customer relationships? Do you want to deliver best-in-class support to customers? Do you wish to offer top-notch 24-hour telephone answering service? Well, get a specialised call answering service provider on board!

telephone answering services in UK

When it’s about offering telephone answering service UK, Go4Customer is one of the most valued inbound call centre service providers that are known for delivering the best quality service on time. We have vast industry experience under our belt: we have been delivering seamless customer answering service in the UK for more than a decade, with utmost aplomb.

"Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where businesses are won or lost."

— Tom Knighton

It is fundamental to understand that letting customer calls go unanswered can create a big problem for the business. This is because when customers don’t receive an appropriate service when needed, there is nothing that can be done to stop them from switching to another brand. A high rate of customer turnover is negative for the business brand image, thus a check is vital. In simple words, every customer call should be responded to in an appropriate manner and within time. Thus, for enriched results, Go4Customer can prove to be the best choice.

How can Answering Service Take Care of Customer Call Traffic?

There was a time when enterprises used to give first preference to the voicemail system to cope with the mound of customer calls, due to its low cost and constant availability. There was no name of answering service providers. Nowadays, the tables have turned, as customers seek a human response as soon as their call is connected to the company.

According to industry reports, 70% of customers drop the idea of availing desired resolutions after being greeted by an answering machine. From the business’s perception, this isn’t good as it could trigger negative WOM (word-of-mouth) and the problem of customer attrition.

answering services in UK

Through our telephone answering service, the tough task of living up to customer expectations becomes easy. The factor that makes Go4Customer telephone answering the ideal choice for UK business owners is our task force of knowledgeable and courteous customer service representatives.

Stats Reveal Why Businesses Need 24/7 Telephone Answering in UK

  • 60%
    customers place a call when they want support & service from a company.
  • 71%
    customers cut ties with a company after multiple instances of poor calling experience.
  • 98%
    customers state they got unpleasant support experience after being connected with an incompetent call operator.
  • 80%
    customers prefer to hear a human voice rather than following a litany of instructions of the voicemail system.

Seeing these stats, there should be no more queries regarding why call answering service is instrumental for business growth. So, if you don’t want your brand image to face jeopardy, bag exceptional phone answering services from Go4Customer!

Why Availing Phone Answering Services from Go4Customer is Indispensable?

Well, responding to customer calls impeccably during peak hours is one of those onerous tasks that can give an exasperating experience to business owners. By availing 24*7 telephone answering service from Go4customer, enterprises can easily skip all the clutter.

What’s more, we always put our best foot forward to make our clients’ customer base stronger, therefore, we have a team of answering service experts that can speak multiple languages confidently and fluently. We always make certain that customers leave with a pleasant support experience so that they remember us for ages.

24/7 telephone answering services in UK
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So, if you have already contacted several BPO companies and call answering service UK, but your search for the perfect specialised phone answering service provider is yet to end, join hands with Go4Customer to put a full stop to your never-ending hunt.

How is Go4Customers’ Call Answering Service Different?

When we talk about the best telephone answering service UK, Go4Customer is the best choice. If you want to avoid the hassle of increasing call volumes and deliver supreme satisfaction to customers, you can leverage our matchless call answering service. We are worth it because:

  • We have a team of agents who will respond to your incoming queries from customers instantly.
  • We offer 24X7 service availability.
  • We use the latest technologies and have Chatbot assistance too.
  • We help partners set appointments over calls.
  • We even record and analyse customers’ needs.
  • Our company believes in providing details of the calls to the owner so that there is no space of insecurity post outsourcing.
  • We render enhanced client management.

Want to ask some questions regarding our services of telephone answering or any other facet of technology in business? Drop us a line anytime at

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