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Why do Business Owners avail 24/7 Answering Service from BPO Firms?

Posted by Rahul Garg
Business Owners avail 247 Answering Service from BPO Firms

“I consider each customer as a family member who deserves nothing but the best service.”

—Tammy Toh

In this era, it is extremely important to offer unmatched support service because customers want to be the part of that company which brings impeccable solutions to the table at the time of need. Owing to this, the demand for BPO firms’ services gets snowballed because they have been rendering phenomenal customer service for more than a decade.

BPO organisations offer numerous prodigious services that include telemarketing, lead generation, third-party verification, and so on. However, 24-hour telephone answering service is the first choice of most of the business owners.

It is so because 24/7 call answering service makes business available round-the-clock for customers, which consequently, strengthens the company’s brand image. Apart from that, companies conquer the negative consequences of running an in-house call centre by letting renowned BPO firm handle customer service queries.

Do you want to know why business owners avail 24/7 answering service from a well-known BPO firm? Go through the following pointers and get the answers of your queries regarding the same:

1. For a long-term relationship with customers

Customers have always been deemed as the lifeblood in the business world. That’s why companies are supposed to take care of customers’ needs. The two major factors on which customer relationship relies are:

  • The variety of products you provide to customers.
  • How much your support service is reliable.

Generally, customers buy products from the company because they have a belief that stupendous support service would be provided if any issue takes place in the future. Therefore, it is paramount for companies to never break customers’ trust.

BPO firms’ 24 hour telephone answering service mainly get availed so that customers can get the desired resolutions at any time. When you start rendering immaculate support service 24/7, your customer base will automatically get strengthened.

In addition, the positive word-of-mouth increases, which as a positive consequence, brings new customers for business.

2. To give core competencies undivided attention 

For any organisation, customers matter most. But to sustain in today’s hyper-competitive market, it is significant to give undivided attention to core competencies. Managing customer service queries and core business activities simultaneously could give an exasperating experience.

That’s why business owners contact BPO organisations to handle customers’ support service requests. The vast industrial experience is the primary factor behind why most of the companies have faith in BPO firms.

Apart from focusing on core competencies, business owners avail 24/7 call answering service so that they don’t have to deal with the hassle of hiring, training, etc. for building a proficient in-house team.   

All in all, if you want to spend your most of the time on core business activities, make contact with any renowned BPO firm as soon as possible.

3. To render personalised support service     

Nowadays, the quality of support service decides whether customers stay connected with the business or not. In order to provide phenomenal support experience, it is vitally important for companies to give their best. However, maintaining the quality of customer service during the peak hours is nothing less than an arduous task.

For the sake of deliverance of unmatched support service, business owners join hands with renowned outsourcing contact centre. Owing to leading-edge technology and adroit support agents, BPO firms deliver more than expected during the customer interaction. 

To build clients’ brand image, BPO organisations strive to render personalised customer service. Here are the measures that mostly get implemented:

  • Top-notch training gets provided so that agents can handle customers’ queries perfectly.
  • CRM system gets implemented so that support service reps assist customers in a personal manner.
  • Reliable call scripts get provided in order to prevent silly blunders.
  • IVR system gets regular maintenance check so as to remove superfluous options. 

4. For the reduced waiting time

The most cited reason behind why companies hesitate in running an in-house call centre is ‘High wait time.’ This factor cannot be taken for granted because customers often decide to stop buying products from the company when they are kept waiting for a longer period of time during the support service interaction.

As revealed by industry reports, 78% of customers cut the ties with the company after getting an unpleasant support experience. To keep customers happy, business owners often go for 24 hour telephone answering service of BPO firms because the latter ensures lesser waiting time.

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Final thoughts:

Letting customer calls go unnoticed can put the brakes on the pace of business growth. Therefore, it is significant to ensure that customers get prodigious support experience whenever they contact the company via telephone, live chat, or any other customer service platform.


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