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Top 7 Benefits of 24/7 Telephone Answering Service

Posted by Rahul Garg

In today’s always-connected world, businesses are supposed to be available all day and night so that customer calls can be handled perfectly. This is important with regard to business growth, as when your customers get a good calling experience with your brand then this uplifts brand loyalty, which as a positive repercussion, leads to a buttressed customer base. To assure a positive response to customers all the time, accepting call centre outsourcing services is vital. Moreover, for assured results, outsourcing to call centre India is a good decision, which you will never regret.

For business owners, however, it is very hard to be available round-the-clock to answer customer calls as core competencies are also there and seek undivided attention. It goes without saying, you cannot run a successful in-house call centre when you are distracted. 

This is where you need to avail 24/7 telephone answering service from an established vendor. Specialised call answering service providers always get their clients desired results, and all thanks go to their vast industrial experience, state-of-the-art technology, and diligent agents.

Let’s take a look at 7 stellar benefits businesses can gain by availing 24/7 telephone answering service from a professional vendor:

1. Perfect Call Handling  

Whenever we think about call handling, our mind draws a picture in which picking up a phone and getting involved in a short conversation is all that’s need to be done. However, call handling is more than that, as you have to put customers at ease first and then use your best speaking & listening skills in the pursuance of an effective conversation. In a nutshell, call handling is a skill.

The thing that makes the situation tougher is giving impeccable solutions during peak hours. Believe it or not, handling a pile of customer calls always gives an exasperating experience, unless you got a relevant experience in this job.

Prestigious telephone answering service providers like Go4customer always make sure nothing goes wrong while dealing with customer queries. For the same reason, these measures are taken:

  • Well-developed call scripts are given to call handling agents.
  • Speech training gets provided so that problems related to speech rate, accent, etc. don’t arise during customer interactions.   
  • Support agents are allowed to use a knowledge base so that the best possible solutions can be delivered.           

In a nutshell, businesses should join forces with recognised vendors for proper customer call handling.

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2. First-rate Customer Service          

At the present time, the factor that differentiates thriving and struggling businesses is: ‘The quality of customer service.’ This is really fundamental because whenever the quality of customer service drops, the number of brand detractors amplifies.

To put it briefly, immaculate customer service is what businesses currently require to offer in order to stand out from the competition. Sometimes, the quality of customer service dwindles when the customer calls go through the roof, and that’s a bitter pill for business owners to swallow.

Here, availing 24/7 telephone answering service or call centre outsourcing service from renowned vendors could be proved a sagacious decision for business owners, as they always ensure high-quality service without letting customer calls go unanswered.          

Here’s how customers’ calling experience can be enhanced:

  • Personal greetings are made at the start of the interaction.
  • Customers are invited to share their problems.
  • Satisfactory resolutions get provided without any delays.   

3. Scalability

The most cited reason why businesses struggle while handling customer queries is their inability to cope with call volume. If you have ever operated an in-house call centre, you already know that call volume fluctuates throughout the day and you have to deal with fluctuations to provide proper assistance.

However, companies handling call centre operations on their own often find themselves in a tricky situation when it comes to scalability. The prime reason behind that is limited resources. This is where the significance of call centre outsourcing becomes known.

Both understaffing and overstaffing cause trouble. For instance, when you are short of agents during peak hours, customer service suffers and call abandonment rate grows. On the other hand, if you have a large team of agents waiting for calls to come, it indirectly affects your business’s bottom line as you have to pay those agents as well who have done nothing except for sitting idle.

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For enjoying seamless call handling, business owners should get a specialised telephone answering service provider on board. It is so because call answering service vendors can easily scale up or down their agents in accordance with call volume. If you are looking for the best provider around the globe, outsource to call centre India without a second thought.

4. 24/7 Availability                

The most salient perk you gain by availing telephone answering service is 24/7 availability. At the present time, customers want brands to be available around-the-clock so that queries related to products or services can be resolved at any time.

In case you’re an e-commerce business owner, offering round-the-clock support isn’t even an option for you because if you can take orders at midnight, you can offer solutions too at the same time, and this is what customers think nowadays.

Thinking your business’s bottom line can come at jeopardy because of 24/7 customer service operations? Well, you need to avail 24/7 telephone answering service from a vendor like Go4customer right now!

Reputed phone answering service providers guarantee perfect handling of customer calls without asking much money. This is a win-win factor because you don’t only save a significant amount of time but also ensure phenomenal solutions for customers as professionals will be handling queries. You know this leads to a strong customer base, don’t you?

5. High Customer Satisfaction            

High customer satisfaction is what businesses should always aim for. It is because if you keep your customers satisfied with the quality of your products and services, better brand image you build in their mind.

At one point in time, your most gratified customers turn into brand advocates, which surely paves the way for a smoother customer acquisition process. It’s no brainer when your customer base starts expanding, your business growth is likely to improve.

But the most important question that may have already come to your mind is ‘How to uplift the CSAT score.’ Well, the answer is pretty simple — converse with customers in a way that exceeds all the expectations.

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Whenever customers give a buzz to a company regarding support service, they want to be heard first so that the best possible solutions can be offered from the other hand. Contrariwise to this, in-house support agents often interrupt customers while speaking, which as a negative aftereffect, ruins the effectiveness of the call. At last, this result in dropped CSAT score, which indirectly triggers negative WOM.                   

On the flip side, prestigious call answering service providers take care of every aspect be it small or big. Due to such determination, they succeed in giving stupendous calling experience to customers. This leads to high customer satisfaction and good brand recognition.

So, if you really want to keep your customers gratified with your brand, 24/7 telephone answering service is what you should be availing right now!

6. Reduction in Unnecessary Expenses

Call handling is not cost-effective for sure. Why? First of all, you have to invest in expensive telephone lines and bring a large team of calling agents. These are enough to shake your business’s bottom line, however, there are some other things like good infrastructure, avant-garde technology, etc. that could ask double of your investment money. However, call centre outsourcing does not ask for such a big investment and provides all necessities in budget.

Besides this, in in-house operations there is no surety you will win customers’ hearts during service interactions after investing so much money, as industrial experience matters most when it comes to call handling.

Generally, business owners try to handle incoming calls by hiring full-time agents. Instead of getting benefits, they encounter the problem of unnecessary expenses as they have to pay a salary for holidays, sick leaves, and even doing nothing. These unnecessary expenses always annoy. The situation turns into a critical one when you require multilingual agents around-the-clock.

Here, one thing that can work and put a full stop on rising unnecessary expenses is 24/7 call answering service. By joining forces with a prestigious inbound call centre or BPO company, you can save a lot of money along with other resources and witness a continuous delivery of splendid resolutions.

Being a business owner, if you wish to keep customer loyalty and trust for ages, it’s time to consider call centre outsourcing.

7. More Time for What Really Matters

In the business world, time is everything. It is easy to understand as if you give your precious time to core business functions, your company’s growth rate will snowball for sure. At the same time, however, you cannot overlook non-core business functions like call handling.

In case your customers feel they are being ignored, they will stop complaining about their product-related issues and simply join some other brand that has the capability of offering astounding products and support services as well. High customer turnover always signals towards business failure, which you certainly don’t want to happen.

“How can I give core competencies more time without letting customer calls go unanswered?”

The solution is simple: ‘By availing telephone answering service.’

By opting for call answering service of prestigious inbound call centres, you don’t have to manage core and noncore business activities in tandem anymore, which means you can focus on what really matters for your business growth. This can really open the door of success, right?

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Final Few Words:

Customers have always been crucial for business owners as they are the one that can help to get the throne of the market. Thusly, keeping them happy should be the first and foremost priority.

With time, the demand for telephone answering service has increased significantly, and there is a high possibility it will last too long. Why so? Because most of the customers choose the voice channel when they are in need of help. By means of this write-up, we have discussed some amazing benefits that come with 24/7 call answering service.

We would also like to clarify that we haven’t tried to convey any message like running an in-house call centre is a bad business practice. Of course, it is good if you have relevant experience with you. Before getting involved in operations related to call handling, you must meet keep these tips in your mind:              

  • Make sure you have a large team of polite and knowledgeable call experts at your disposal.
  • Strive for the lowest response and resolution time.
  • Create a central repository of resolutions so that quality assistance can be delivered instantly.
  • Stay abreast with modern technology.
  • Give service reps well-developed call scripts.

Feeling these are tough for you? Yes! You should do what we have told so far —Avail 24/7 telephone answering service from reputed vendors like call centre India, other BPO companies, inbound call centres, etc.

In case you want to give us some suggestions that should have been part of this write-up, make use of the comment section. Even, you can tell how much you liked this write-up as we are always hungry for our readers’ appreciation.

Until then, it’s goodbye. Thanks for reading! 

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