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Top 4 reasons to dump Voicemail System for Phone Answering Service

Posted by Rahul Garg
Top 4 reasons to dump Voicemail System for Phone Answering Service-min

A few years back, most of the organizations were reliant on the voicemail system to handle customer calls because this system offers consistent accessibility and lowers down the effort levels. With time, the majority of entrepreneurs have written off the voicemail system. The explanation for this is that maximum customers prefer to have a word with live service agents regarding issues concerning products and services.

If industry reports are to be trusted, 70% of customers put the phone down as soon as their call is connected to the voicemail system. That is the main reason why the call answering service of UK call centres is becoming popular among organizations.

Are you in dilemma whether you should dump the voicemail system for a phone answering service or not? Your answer is yes, the following pointers will give you a superior thought:

1. Make your customers gratified

The vast majority of customers abhor the voicemail system, as they have to pursue at least 7 to 10 steps for the sake of leaving a message. This factor makes customers disappointed as well as influences business growth negatively.

Despite what might be expected, 24-hour phone answering service upgrades CX levels. The fundamental explanation for this is customers can speak with specialists without having to confront any hassle.

However, handling customer calls all day and night isn’t easy as operational costs could reach to an extreme level. In order to keep the business's bottom line safeguarded, a maximum number of organisations approaches call centres in UK with the intention of availing unrivalled call answering service.

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Owing to this sagacious decision, companies not only secure good brand recognition but also ensure high customer satisfaction. 

2. Business continuity

The best part of the 24 hour telephone answering service is that it makes sure customers don’t get upset when they are trying to reach out to you regarding help. When you enable your invaluable customers to get satisfactory resolution at the time of need, this gives them a certitude that your brand will never let them down.

Besides making the brand image stronger, this points to an upward spiral in the profit levels. Surprised, how can phone answering service improve the revenue levels? Well, the catch here is customers always not call to discuss issues, as sometimes they give a company a buzz regarding sales-related queries. It’s no brainer, when you give a response to calls coming after business hours, the possibility of high sales is very much on the cards. 

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On the flip side, the voicemail system makes callers feel affronted, which, thusly, prompts a high customer turnover rate.

3. Pre-empt language issues

The thing that makes customers frustrated more than anything is confronting language issues when they are in need of support service. Customers who prefer their native language over English usually face a hard time while leaving a message on the voicemail system. Most of them prefer to cut the ties with the brand rather than leaving a message. This should be ample to comprehend why CES (customer effort score) should be kept low. 

Contrariwise, phone answering service of reputed vendors doesn’t let the language issues rise up. Call handling agents know various dialects, and this ensures customers a solace to talk in their preferred language. Baring high customer satisfaction, this results in buttressed brand image.   

All things considered, if you are an entrepreneur and thinking to reach a famous call answering service provider that can take care of customers’ queries on behalf of your brand, just go for it.

4. Guaranteed benefits

Being a proprietor of an organization, you should already be acquainted with the fact that customers are the soul of all businesses. This tells how much the customer acquisition process is important from the business’s point of view.

The best way to grab the attention of new customers is by encouraging the old ones to spread positive words about products and services. It is so because positive WOM always draws potential customers towards the business.

To turn loyal customers into brand advocates, it is imperative to offer quality support service all day and night. This isn’t easy to do because you have to run customer service operations round the clock, which would definitely increase the operational costs, and this isn’t good for the business’s overall health.

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The factor that will leave you stunned is 4 out of 5 customers hang up the phone when they reach to the voice mail system, which as a negative consequence, results in business loss.

Quite oppositely, if customers are welcomed by a live service agent, regardless of the time of initiated service interaction, they are likely to stay with the brand and invite others to join as well.

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