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Practical Application of RPA in Contact Centres!

Posted by Prachi Priya
Practical Application of RPA in Contact Centres

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is all about automated technology, which works on metaphorical software robots. The technology aims to simplify services to the customer and look forward to a hassle-free business process management.

When we talk about contact centres, what comes to your mind? Well, it would certainly be call answering services! It is important to know that contact centres not only cater to answering repetitive calls but even look after other business functions.

Integrating RPA with contact centre services, your business gains access to real-world business advancements. Are you imagining how it is possible?

Integrating RPA with contact centre services

Well, in the era where call centre employees are expected to be “multitasking experts” RPA helps to simplify most of the functions for them. As an employee of the call centre in India, I feel that we had to perform several repetitious tasks that took a lot of time and were distracting at times.

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Nevertheless, with RPA integration to contact centre operations, these monotonous functions have automated and modernized. Now, businesses not only take call-answering outsourcing as their main aim but also automate other business functions for excellent results. RPA has made several outsourcing functions easier and hassle-free.

Moving on, how does RPA practically help contact centres?


If you wish to build your contact centre, and want to know how RPA helps the same in real-time, here is how:


Summary Scripts Creation

Have you ever gone through the hassle of managing data in-house? Well, it is hard to keep a record of all the incoming customer inquiries and maintain a sheet of the same.

However, with RPA, maintaining records and accessing the same anytime anywhere becomes possible. Contact centres earlier did not have the accessibility of automating functions and working on efficient business process management.

However, automation provides software robots that allow collecting and analyzing data formats and then reshaping services with the same.

How about updating the business services based on customer requirements? Well, it will certainly boost customer satisfaction, as every user appreciates a business that brings productive changes as per the clients’ demand.

Not only are these the only perks of RPA, but automation also helps to minimize the average handling time (AHT). Eventually, contact centres benefit from RPA technology in use as they save time to be more customer-oriented and augment productivity.


Data Management

Practically executing RPA to contact centre services, businesses can easily manage their data. How?

It is a well-known fact that contact centres work with a large amount of data set. They work with multiple clients at the same time, thus can land into managerial hassles. This is where RPA helps them to manage data sets easily for each client with RPA.

Without automation, manual services are havoc to handle. Moreover, performing the same task repeatedly becomes frustrating leading to in-efficient results.


Nevertheless using RPA, the practical contact centre functions like analyzing and cross-referencing data and extracting business information is nowhere at threat. Ultimately, RPA helps contact centres in performing business functions hassle-free and making customers more satisfied.

Data management otherwise does not provide the perquisite of handling functions anytime, anywhere. While RPA boosts data management to the best bringing out value-driven results for companies as well as clients.


Updating the Client’s Profile

This process again requires excessive data collection. Updating every clients’ profile is seriously a tedious task and contact centres hire a team of experts to manage all functions. However, with RPA by the side, businesses can easily update their client’s profile with automated software at work.

The software understands the data that no longer fits with the clients’ profile and updates the activity equivalently. You now must be curious to know how the software understands the updates required.

Well, it is nothing but all about “maintain consistency”, where “consistency” is denoted by values. These values are parameters across numerous databases that help the RPA software to update the profile without the need for manual assistance. Well, this automatically saves operational costs and time for organizations.

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Specific parameters like email, mobile numbers, and names help in updating the profiles easily without human intervention, which earlier took a lot of time, money and efforts.

What else would a contact centre want! After all, RPA makes lives easier making the monotonous functions loved with automation.


An Easy Response to Customer Complaints and Inquiries

Contact centres can enjoy several benefits by practically integrating RPA technology. RPA offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that assists in scanning letters, emails, or web forms from the customer.

The recognition software understands the complaints with data check and by analysis of other relevant details. Earlier analyzing and providing a response to all complaints manually was a nightmare, which is why companies could not get to the customer.

However, satisfaction levels augmented with the use of RPA and services put in the right place. Now contact centres have the power to respond to the customer complaints on time and without any disturbance.


Customers’ Requirement Prediction

Do you think it is possible to predict customer behavior and mold services accordingly? Yes, it is!

Software robots help to predict customer requirements and help contact centres understand the needs and deliver services accordingly.

Earlier most call centres like a call centre in India used call answering services to reply to the customer. However, this calling service could not save and make a record of the customer requirements.

Customers’ Requirement Prediction

Nevertheless, software robots easily analyze and cross-examine the incoming queries and predict customer requirements. They thus help to bring a productive change that is not possible with manual processes used by the traditional contact centres.

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Not only is this, but machine learning devices also help in predicting accurate results of customer requirements and thus assist in bringing a required change that can drive customer satisfaction to its best.


Wrap Up:

As the headline suggests, “RPAs’ practical application in contact centres”, which stresses upon the fact that the regular call answering services are modernized with RPA in use. The real world has much to enjoy with robotic process automation, so why avoid it!

RPA integration in contact centres and call centre in India bring first call resolution, helps to avoid waiting times, and provides a personalized customer experience, which is why every company wants it.

RPA has also increased employee satisfaction with its technology that makes tasks simpler.

Do you want a personalized customer experience for your clients? RPA is the key!

Thanks for reading.

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