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Phone Answering Blunders that may Dissatisfy your Customer!

Posted by Prachi Priya

Phone answering services help to earn customer satisfaction and this is the reason most companies look for a reliable outsourcing partner to earn customer satisfaction for them. However, is telephone answering service reliable?

Well, some mistakes might drive your customers away, which is why taking essential steps prior is important.

The way a phone is answered and the time an agent takes to answer the customers affects satisfaction levels a lot.

Instant answering, no call abandonment, instant replies to texts and emails, along with less call waiting can help your business earn customer satisfaction.

Customers are the brand ambassadors for every business, thus any threat to their experience can land your organization into trouble. Customer dissatisfaction can do severe loss to your business and even more than you think. Thus no business should ever avoid any practice to earning customer satisfaction.

Several BPO companies highlight their efficiency in answering customers in the best way possible.  However, always outsource your customer support to a company that is reliable and offers services that your business demands.

With the aim of improving customer satisfaction, what should a business do?

Well, IVRs are a must!


What are IVRs?



IVRs or an Interactive Voice Response(IVR) are automated call attendants that look after tasks like checking out the prescriptions, noting payments, surveying callers and checking answers to yes/no.

 The best part of all is that IVRs do not require the intervention of a human agent every time. Thus every company wishing to outsource its customer support should always look forward to a company that has IVR systems available.

Along with IVRs, there are some common mistakes that every business needs to avoid.


If you have in-house telephone answering service, teach your agents about the same and if you outsource your call support, make sure your partners avoid doing the below mentioned things:


Thinking IVRs are Everything

Thinking Interactive Voice Response can do everything for the business is wrong. It is also crucial to avoid extracting too much information from the caller in the first go. Agents should remember that they need to get the callers in place first.

The biggest mistake that companies do is thinking IVRs will do everything. Well, it is vital to avoid complicating the IVRs and rather keeping it simple. Phone answering is all about assisting customers to ease their buying experience, which can be easily done by keeping things simpler.

It is suggested that agents should always ask for the most pertinent information, as asking too much information for the first time might distract the customers. Also using IVRs responsibly is vital.

Thus, avoid extracting all information in the first go and do not rely on IVRs for everything.


Not Emphasizing on FeedBack

Several companies don’t feel feedback work enough for them, however, it affects the business a lot!

Asking for feedback is crucial when it comes to understanding the customers better. Every business should always boost its solutions based on feedback. The more user-centric your services will be is the easier it will be to boost the business ROI.

To make sure that the answering services are actually excelling with supreme customer satisfaction, make sure that the agents take feedback and enhance the business service according to the same.

For easier performance, make a plan and ask your callers to give your feedback. You can take the help of an IVR system to talk to the customers on the same.


Not Deploying Live Agents for Technical Issues

Customers can call your business regarding any technical error that may be disrupting their ease in service usage. Well, in such cases, businesses should not rely fully on IVRs to take care of the responsibility.

Here, the business needs to make sure that the technical calls are transferred to an expert.

How will a business ensure this?

Simple, either outsource to reliable BPO companies that can take care of the responsibility or manage your in-house agents so that they take care of the service.


Businesses need to make sure that they handle the technical issues with ease. Each technical problem needs to be forwarded by the IVR to a live agent. This way earning customer satisfaction becomes easier. IVRs help to provide 24X7 services and also assist by transferring technical inquiries to an expert.


Not Paying Emphasis to 24X7 Service

Several companies feel that 24X7 services are not important and that callers inquire at a certain time.

However, users can call any time of the day without bothering your working hours and it is important to answer them 24X7.


Companies should remember that customers are the guardian angel and offering 24X7 services either with the help of IVRs or by keeping a team of outsourced experts on-board to handle inquiries is necessary.


Offering too many Choices

This is again one big mistake that businesses might be avoiding. Several companies feel avoiding too many choices to the customer may woo their interest in the business. Well, this is not so.

Too many choices rather distract the prospect and compel them to look for another partner who is defined to some definite things that the user wants.

Well, it is important to augment the service quality rather than wasting time in multiple choices. People do not like too many choices overcall, or email, or text when they are in a rush.

It is better to know your target audience and get to them with the services that they may be looking for. 

Keep it simple and if you have outsourced your customer support services, explain to your partners that you believe in keeping it simple rather than overloading the caller with multiple choices. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal so work on the same. 


Using Old Voice Prompts in IVRs

If your business thinks you will win customers with boring old voice prompts, then things don’t work like the same today!

IVR can earn a brand name for your business with the perk of instant replies, however, when not used correctly, it may ruin your business image.

Thus make your first impression strong with an IVR and not by boring traditional voice prompts.

Use a voice that your target audience can connect to and on which they can rely without hesitation.

Cookie-cutter reminders for your IVR telephone answering service is after all traditional, use a modernized version!

Thanks for reading!

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