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How a phone answering service might increase your clientele

Posted by Janvi Anand
How a phone answering service might increase your clientele

Acquire new customers is the ultimate goal of a company for the development and survival of enterprises. The importance of keeping customers is undeniable, and there is a straightforward action that all organizations can do to help both client acquisition and retention. Make sure that all incoming calls and enquiries are promptly answered.

Lost sales are the result of unanswered calls. That's how simple it is, in fact! And yet, while they are preoccupied with attending to other elements of the business, many small enterprises fail to take this into account. This is acceptable, especially in smaller or expanding organizations when the owner and staff frequently try to multitask and answering the phone isn't anyone's primary job responsibility.

A few reasons why phone calls are missed include lunch breaks, meetings, being on another call, accepting a delivery, concentrating on meeting a deadline, staff absence, or holidays. While using an answering machine may be better than having your phone ring constantly, there is no substitute for a human voice on the other end of the line.

Many people still find it frustrating to communicate with automated services, phone answering service machines, or—even worse—waiting in line for an extended period of time. Many won't, while some will wait or leave a message. In actuality, studies reveal that 69% of callers do not leave a voicemail. Many often, individuals who do leave a message don't include all the facts necessary to answer their question or even fail to provide their contact information. Missed calls can result in lost opportunities for the company as well as a negative first impression.

Businesses don't prioritize this because it can be challenging to calculate the amount of lost revenue from missed calls. But when customers need something right away, talking on the phone is still the most popular communication method. Make sure your business phone is always answered with this in mind. Utilizing an answering service is the best remedy for this.

Choosing the best answering service for your needs

New client acquisition and client retention are both aided by the right answering service. Outsourcing phone answering allows staff to focus on other tasks that will bring in new clients while also preventing lost business due to missed calls. This might entail investing more time in outbound marketing, networking, customer research, product development, or outbound sales.

A reputable call answering service, like the one provided by Moneypenny, will not only guarantee that all calls are returned promptly but also that the person who answers the phone is courteous, professional, friendly, and aware of both your business and the needs of your customers.

This is crucial for attracting new clients because the ideal call answering service will present your company in the best light, inspiring confidence and giving the proper information. Depending on your availability, a Moneypenny Receptionist can answer your calls in your company's name and connect calls or take messages. Sending you detailed and accurate messages via text or email will ensure that they are received quickly and that you can follow up to secure new business in the best way possible.

Call-Answering Services Can Be Beneficial for Your Business

1. Knowledge in answering calls

Call answering is a talent, despite what you might not realize. Despite the fact that we have all received a lot of phone calls throughout our lives, while conducting business you want a call answering professional to accept your call.

Exactly that is what you get with a call answering service.

Every PA at alldayPA goes through our alldayPA academy to make sure they have the skill set necessary to answer calls for businesses, and our scripting team develops frameworks to guarantee every conversation runs smoothly.

You can appreciate the degree of knowledge we provide to your company when you consider the many years of call answering experience that many of our PAs have.

2. Call answering as a means of providing customer service

Customer service is becoming a crucial differentiator for companies. Due to the internet, it is getting harder and harder to have a unique product, but it is always possible to offer a distinctive level of customer service. A call answering service is a fantastic way to enhance your customer service and set yourself apart. As we've already mentioned, a call answering service will add a level of expertise to your company's call-answering capabilities.

You can also increase your operating hours and cut down on hold times by using an answering service. Through making it much simpler for customers to contact you, both of these things will significantly enhance the customer experience. Visit our blog on outsourced customer service for more information.

3. Encourage flexible work arrangements with an answering service.

Businesses everywhere are shifting to a flexible working environment.

It makes sense that many businesses are choosing flexible working because it offers many advantages to employees, boosting their satisfaction and, consequently, their overall performance.

Call taking can be helpful if you want to experiment with flexible working in your company.

It is not necessary for staff to be present at their desks from 9 to 5 to handle incoming calls when you have a call answering service, which ensures that your phone lines are always covered.

A call centre India provided by an answering service serves as a helpful resource when it comes to remote working. Anywhere your remote employees are, calls can be forwarded from there by the answering service.

4. Constant protection for your phone lines

You can get coverage for your company's needs around-the-clock by using an answering service. The importance of having coverage around-the-clock is crucial for improving customer service and increasing revenue.

The culture we live in today is always on. If your business has a website, it indicates that it is always open, and customers are welcome to call with questions at any time, day or night.

You run the risk of losing business if you are unable to answer those calls.

You can not only win that business with a call answering service, but you can also promote your 24/7 availability, giving you a significant advantage over your rivals.

5. Make more phone calls into leads.

Utilizing a call answering service has its advantages, one of which is that all calls will adhere to a predetermined format.

This means that every call you receive gives you the opportunity to identify and qualify a new lead.

This is also possible when you answer calls internally, but it's simple to miss this step if staff members aren't guided by procedures or guidelines. Since the phone calls you receive have probably cost you money at some point, it's critical to generate as many leads as you can from them in order to maximize ROI. You can achieve this by using a call answering service.

6. Convert more incoming calls into sales

A call answering service, like leads, can aid in increasing the number of callers who become customers.A customer's likelihood of choosing to do business with a competitor when they can't get through is reduced by making sure there is always someone available to take every call.

By guaranteeing that every caller receives excellent customer service and establishing your business as a reliable one, a call answering service can also assist in increasing sales.

7. Adding Personality Through Call Answering

Personality is one of the key elements that will keep customers coming back to you for purchases. People will feel like they know you, they trust you, and they want to buy from you if your business has personality.

How do you then impart personality?

Conversations with actual people give your company its unique personality.

Your company won't have any personality if a customer calls and is greeted by an automated switchboard or answering machine.

Every call that comes in when you use a call answering service is answered by a live person. That gives your company a wonderful personality and will support your efforts to forge closer connections with clients.

8. An environment that is focused at work

You want your employees to be fully focused on the task at hand while they are working. They may be distracted from their work by having to stop and answer calls, as well as by the sound of phones ringing and people speaking with clients.

You need not worry about this if you use a call answering service.

Knowing that every call will be handled by a group of customer service professionals allows your team to concentrate on their main responsibilities.

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Compared to a Receptionist, Less Expensive and More Effective

Even though hiring an entire call centre is significantly less expensive, hiring your own receptionist can still be expensive. Outsourcing to a call centre can often be the most cost-effective solution for growing your company's communication, making it a great option for expanding businesses.


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