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How a 24/7 Telephone Answering Service in UK Comforts a Growing Business?

Posted by Shashvat Vats
Telephone Answering Service

Customers have become the main point of focus for businesses around the world. Business owners across the globe are leaving no stone unturned to offer best solutions to the customers. A study shows that majority (89%) of the customers instantly stop availing services from the business after a lousy service experience. This staggering number displays how many customers can actually leave your business if you do not care for them. The amazing part is, that the quality of your product does not matter if the service is poor.

For the businesses that are in the growing process, customer service should be their topmost priority. This is where the 24 hour telephone answering service comes into play. Because as a business owner you may be involved in a lot of day-to-day operations, it becomes almost impossible to handle the customer service on your own. Especially for the small & growing businesses, 24 hour answering service offers resilience, higher productivity, and superior service quality.

Through this blog, we are going to cover the points that display how a 24 hour telephone answering service helps your business to grow. Let’s begin:

Around-the-clock accessibility

The very purpose to outsource a 24-hour answering service is to be present for your customers at all the time. This is because, customers can give you a call at any time such as after business hours, during weekends, and while holidays are going on. If you think that you are going to force customers to wait till your office is open again, you are going to lose them for sure. Losing customers definitely means losing the revenue.

So, being present at all the time to address customer’s call can significantly elevate the marketing return on investment and cement a solid image of your company in the long run.

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The professionalism

Another pivotal reason to avail the 24/7 telephone answering service is the assurance of smooth handling of each customer’s call. The agents working in these outsourced call centres ensure to provide care and precision in their customer experience. There will be absolutely no waiting time for the agent to pick up the call. Even if the call volume is high, the 24 hour answering agents ensure to handle the calls with utmost precision owing to their prowess in the domain.

Offers you ample of time

If your business is in growing stage, you must be aware of the pains that emerge in such situations. The workforce becomes slow in delivering the projects, infusion of new leads loses speed, and lousy customer experience are the few hurdles a growing business faces. You can appoint an agent to address customer’s call, but a single expert can feel overloaded with the number of calls dropping in.

Hence, outsourced answering services eradicate the above issues. This provides you enough time to concentrate on the core competencies of your business.


This cannot be seen instantly, but hiring an executive to handle customer calls is more costly than availing 24 hour answering service from an outsourcing firm. Because recruiting a full-time receptionist demands a great deal of money from your end. If your office is located in a posh area, the cost may even rise to thousands of dollars per month.

Being an owner of a growing business, you certainly cannot afford such paycheck. On the other hand, availing answering service from a reputed firm will charge you ten times less than for an on-site receptionist.

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Offers you an edge over the competition

A survey showed that 7 out of 10 UK customers would prefer to pay more with the firms that render unmatched customer service. This stat shows why a growing or any business should not give a second thought before hiring a competent 24 hour telephone answering service provider. Now, when you offer a 24/7/365 assistance to your customers, the patrons are surely not going to leave your business. This means that your brand will be having an edge over the competitors in the market. Along with this, the answering service also provides you the chance to demand sophisticated prices.

Wrapping up

It is quite much seen that new businesses tend to direct their focus on the development of the products or services. This somehow ignores the customer service part and the business has to face the dire consequences. Regardless how awesome is the offering, if you are communicating poorly with the customers, you are risking everything. So, a professional 24/7 telephone answering service surely boosts the growth of a business without risking anything.

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