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Automate Telephone Answering Services For Better Customer Experience

Posted by Taniya arya
Telephone answering service

Today, every business pioneer is looking forward to outreach a new customer base to thrive in this stiff competition. Not attending a customer call means losing a lucrative business deal. In fact, the major setback for your company is when you fail to answer the queries of your customers in the right manner. Herein, telephone answering service plays a pivotal role in achieving the utmost customer satisfaction level.

A customer today do not like to be kept waiting. Even, they don’t want to hear pre-recorded messages again and again. They want a resolution to their problems – quick and fast. It is quite true that your in-house team is not capable of answering customer calls in a proficient manner due to lack of customer management skills. Moreover, companies with a restricted budget cannot think about hiring skilled staff and maintaining call centre infrastructure.

It’s a dilemma that many small & medium-sized companies face. You want to attend every incoming call as quickly as possible from your customers to ensure that you never miss a sale and assist customers in the most appropriate manner. How can your company overhaul customer frustration scenarios?

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Below are the tips for automating telephone answering services that not only functional and efficient but also help in creating an exceptional customer experience.

Test phone automation system before launching: Before making your telephone automated system live, it is important to test the system for any faults. Have internal staff from different departments with an objective of reaching a specific department of the company – gather feedback on what’s clunky and what’s good. In addition, you can ask friends to test it for any scope of improvement.  So, consider all feedbacks and make any tweak if required before it goes live.  

Careful about voice recognition: Well, this can be a great thing to bring convenience to the users. But, at the same time, it can also be the source of frustration. If you want the voice route, make sure that there is also an option available for customers to press a corresponding number if recognition fails.  

Automate the simple requests: If you have a great number of customers calling for information on resetting their passwords, accounts or other simple requests that can be handled without live personnel, offer them with simple options to receive email or text with the link to the information they required. This will eliminate the need to get in touch with a live agent.  

Speaking of eliminating steps: The main objective of the automated telephone answering service is to get the customer to the right place. The other option is to ensure that it takes the least number of steps to reach a customer to the right agent or department. Keeping customers in the automated system for a long time only leads to frustration, especially if at the end they are routed to the wrong agent. It will be a wise decision to chart the steps to route the customer to the right department.

Offer a live alternative: As stated above in the scenario, providing customers with the option to talk to a live executive would have saved the experience. It doesn’t matter what automated system you are using, make sure that there is an option available to talk to a live agent at each step.   

Automated telephone answering systems don’t get paid, don’t get sick and even don’t show bad attitudes. In overall, they save companies hundreds of dollars. If it is done in the right manner, it gives a better customer experience.

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