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5 Best Practices To Handle Challenging Customers

Posted by Sukriti Saini

Only a call centre agent truly knows how hectic at times his job becomes. On an average, he attends at least 100 calls per day. While speaking to so many different people with a 30-minute lunch break in between is already a tough task in itself, they have to deal with the mood of different callers as well. Not few but many of these callers call because they are upset rather furious at the company. Handling a significant amount of such calls surely isn’t something that they desire for but this unfortunately or fortunately is a part of their job.

You being an agent or a call centre manager know why we are considering this unfortunate for the reps. But we are calling it fortunate because by handling these challenging callers appropriately you can turn them not only into a loyal customer but the advocates of your brand as well. Always keep in mind that you as a representative of the company have a very big role in building or spoiling the brand image.

Yes, it is difficult for an agent of a 24 hour answering service provider to be patient and calm all the time while dealing with such disgruntled customers but doing so can help the clients greatly.

Hence, in this blog, we tell you the best practices that you as an agent must adapt to deal with such challenging customers.


Be kind to them:

When an angry customer calls, you have two options- counter back to what they say or stay calm throughout. We know the latter one seems a little tough than the first one but trust us it always works.

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Just be courteous and kind to them. Show them empathy and let them first oust their ferocity. Use phrases like we understand, we are sorry to hear that and this is really sad sir, let me help you with this, you are absolutely right. Doing so will bring the turmoil of emotion to a halt. This will also help you in getting halfway through winning the customer’s heart. Remember to not to ever react back to what they say. Stay proficient. If you do not have experienced agents at home, choose call centre outsourcing to get skilled agents at work to woo the customers. Call centres India and UK are the best to choose your service providers.

Offer a solution quickly:

After being way too courteous and hearing them yell, it’s the time for you to offer a solution. Don’t neglect what they say in anger to you, listen to them patiently and take cues from that. Understand the problem and think of the solution quickly. Keep in mind that you cannot stick to one caller for very long because as an inbound call centre service agent you have to attend many calls to complete your target. Try to calm them as soon as possible and offer them a solution. Before disconnecting the call, just make sure that the caller is satisfied with your solution. Keep the solution fair and long-term, avoid giving temporary solutions. 

Show empathy and apologize:

As 24-hour answering service agent it is your duty to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the company. Sometimes, you will also observe that the customer is unnecessarily blaming the company. Whatever the situation is, just say sorry to them. Make them feel how grieved you are by hearing what they are telling you. Doing all this will make him calm soon. Never ever get into a heated argument with them.

Rise above their expectations:

Everyone loves to feel like they are really important for someone even if it is a company representative. So, try to provide them with the solution before the deadline you have committed. Send them an acknowledgement mail, text and let them track the progress of their complaint. Call centre outsourcing companies have expert agents who are best at it, so do not avoid to outsource if your lack in-house strength.

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Offer a complimentary service:

Try to understand what the caller is expecting from you and don’t just give him that but something more as well. For instance, if your company has an online merchandise store and the customer has received a defected product, don’t just replace the product but also gift them something along with it like a scarf or something. 24-hour answering service agents in UK and India need to adopt this practice in order to change the impression of the company. The faith of the customer will get restored to your brand as the gestures matter a lot and help in making the customers loyal.

Being an agent in a 24-hour answering call centre in India and UK is definitely not a cakewalk. However, with the aforementioned tips, the toughest part of the job will become easier for you. Also, the best part is that the company will hardly lose any customer if all the agents will start following these practices.

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