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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Call Answering Service

Posted by Rahul Garg

Customer service has become a battleground where businesses are taking on each other. This is so because a company that offers unsurpassable support service keep customer loyalty for ages. However, rendering prodigious solutions isn’t easy, as you also have to take care of core competencies. At this juncture, the only thing that can be done is to join forces with a specialised customer care service like an inbound call centre, contact centre, BPO Company, etc.

Choosing the right UK call answering service provider is quite important because if the chosen vendor doesn’t handle customer calls appropriately, your brand image is likely to be tarnished.

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As per the report by Oracle, 65% of customers want brands to solve issues within 15 minutes or less. And 78% of customers will break the association with brands after just one bad service experience, so it is crystal clear that no comprise can be made with the quality of customer service.

Call handling problems can be alleviated if a specialised call answering service provider is on-board. But again, the question that appears is how to reach out the trustworthy call answering service provider as every vendor in the market promises the delivery of the best services.


How to Choose a Telephone Answering Service

Here are some tips that can help you to end your search for partnering with the right vendor, so pay heed:


1. Industry Experience          

To give your customers the best calling experience, it is significant to have a telephone answering service provider that not only has all the required resources but also possesses industrial experience. The salience of experience cannot be overlooked because it gives you the strength to counter any type of situation.

In the case of call handling, different scenarios are bound to happen means you can come across an angry customer who keeps yelling without listening to you once, encounter a sceptical customer that asks the same question over and over, or something similar. These type of scenarios can be dealt if you have experience in the same. This is where the demand for established service providers soar.

So, if you really seek unrivalled call answering services, make contact with well-known third party company.

Note: There is a possibility that a recognised service provider may charge extra as compared to other new vendors, but to offer the best to customers, spending a little bit extra isn’t a bad idea.  


2. Ask about Emergency Back-up Plan

Being a business owner, you should already know that staying ready for the worst possible scenarios is how much important. Thusly, if you have already rounded up the list of prestigious call answering service providers, discuss the emergency backup plan before getting involved in a contract.

Don’t take the importance of this factor for granted because emergencies like losing connectivity, failure of critical system components, etc. can happen, ergo, having a failsafe backup plan is quite important.

On off the chance, you take this factor lightly, it is vitally important for you to know that customers don’t care in which situation you are struck while handling customer service operations. All that matters for them is how quick you will offer desired resolutions.

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Keeping customers waiting in the name of emergency will only trigger problems like negative reviews, customer attrition, etc. So, now you can understand why we are laying so much emphasis on discussing the emergency back-up plan with the reputed vendor.


3. Check Operators are Friendly and Professional

To win customers’ hearts during service interactions, it is paramount to assist them with the utmost respect. Whenever customers make contact with a company, they expect a response from friendly yet professional support representatives. From the customer’s point of view, getting assistance from courteous agents really matters because availing solutions from rude reps doesn’t please anyone.

If industry reports are anything to go by, 75% of customers stay only with those brands that have friendly agents at support operations.

Therefore, if you want your customers to speak positive words about your brand in their friend circle or don’t go to your business rivals because of bad support experience, make sure your UK call answering service provider has friendly and professional support agents.


4. Look For Crystal Clear Pricing Model     

Last but not least, always seek crystal clear pricing model while getting a call answering service provider on board. It is fundamental because sometimes business owners don’t discuss pricing model thoroughly before availing services and then encounter the hassle of hidden costs, set up fees, and additional service charges.

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In addition, you can also discuss whether the pricing model comes with built-in flexibility or not, as you can save a significant amount of money when call volumes are low.     

All in all, you have to be sure that a service provider that is going to represent your business is asking legit money for call answering solutions.



Selecting the right call answering service provider for your business is instrumental because your company’s first interaction with customers decide what your brand image is going to be like. Quick response and one-stop solutions are the two major expectations which must be met to build a strong customer base. And meeting these expectations is quite tough because the voice channel is the first choice of 60% of customers. Hence, having a reputed call answering service provider is quintessential.

So, it is quite important to remember that the factor that decides whether your business will grow or fall is the quality of call answering service. Needless to say, getting careless while choosing a telephone answering service provider is harmful.

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With the help of this write-up, we have discussed 4 tips which you need to keep in mind for the sake of reaching out to the perfect vendor. We believe you have understood all the above-listed pointers with their significance. In case you still have some doubts, share with us in the comment section.       

Thanks for reading!

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