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24 Hour Telephone Answering Service | A key to win Customer Loyalty

Posted by Rahul Garg

‘Growing profit levels,’ ‘Continuous improvement in business growth,’ etc. are mere wishes enterprises usually have. Such type of wishes can become true if business owners make every move to perfection. If we concentrate on today’s customers’ expectations, two things businesses should be offering are ‘Quality products’ and ‘Unparalleled support service.’

Customarily, organisations pay more attention while manufacturing products for the sake of an easier customer acquisition process. From the business’s point of view, this obviously seems a perfect approach. But the problem is that the quality of customer service suffers because of divided attention.           

At the present time, operating the customer service department carelessly is just like playing with fire. This is so because if you are not taking care of customer needs in a way it should be, you are likely to lose customer loyalty and trust once for all. As a negative consequence, your business will reach its end before expected.

That’s the main reason why offering splendid solutions is deemed as the key to winning customers’ hearts. When the talk is going over customer support, how can we forget 24 hour telephone answering service? These days, customers place a call without having any second thoughts when they are in need of help, therefore, it is vital for businesses to give a swift response as soon as the phone rings.

Willing to learn the technique that helps to render fabulous 24 hour telephone answering service? Pay heed to following-mentioned pointers:       

1. Be Ready with Arrant Call Scripts

Handling a throng of customer calls has never been an easy task. The major reason behind this is every time you may find out a customer of different nature on each call. For instance, you may encounter a sceptical customer on one call, while you will be having a word with an irate customer on the second one. Now, the question that takes place is ‘How to give the same level of assistance?’

The answer is pretty simple; Give arrant call scripts to customer service representatives. The significance of call scripts cannot be overlooked because they make sure that every question asked by customers gets answered in a proper manner. Even, this technique is employed by most of the inbound call centre service providers of UK, Australia, etc.

In a nutshell, making use of error-free call scripts is crucial to handling a myriad of customer calls flawlessly. Here’re some tips to create perfect call scripts:

  • Include support agents in the script-creation process for the addition of significant questions.
  • Remove basic questions so that agents can use their experience while solving generic issues.
  • Make sure that all the topics are arranged according to keywords as this will help to find out desired answers promptly. 
  • Organise script-writing competitions sporadically to get better insight into the factors which can improve the reliability of call scripts.

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2. Prepare Agents to Secure High FCR 

While rendering 24 hour telephone answering service, it is significant to strive for achieving high FCR (first call resolution) rate. By doing so, you not only secure an enhanced level of the CSAT score but also build a good brand recognition, which as a positive consequence, leads to better business growth.

Generally, businesses running an in-house call centre compromise with the quality of their training programs, owing to this, customers have to deal with unnecessary hassle while having a word with support agents on the telephone medium. Besides negative WOM and poor FCR rate, this sometimes brings the problem of customer defection from nowhere.

On the flip side, established inbound call centres give top-notch training to their customer service reps, which, in turn, leads to the deliverance of phenomenal calling experience. Henceforth, it is highly advisable for business owners operating the customer service department take a leaf out of specialised service providers’ book as that’s how customer call traffic can be handled in an appropriate manner.

3. Never Compromise with Staffing               

Do you know why in-house call centres fail to cope with mammoth customer call traffic? Nah! Well, the most cited reason behind this is they often have scalability issues. Due to this, they witness a high call abandonment rate, which consequently, results in bad reviews and customer turnover.

To make sure that every customer call gets answered in a proper manner, staffing should be done to perfection. This is instrumental because if the required number of agents is available at disposal, better support service can be delivered, no matter whether call volume is high or low.

Even, we don’t hesitate to say the odds of rendering impeccable 24 hour telephone answering service depend on how well staffing is being done.

Besides this, we would like to lay emphasis on one fact that if understaffing dwindles the quality of customer service then overstaffing is also not good for the business’s overall health as it affects the bottom line in a negative manner.  

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