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Voice is not dead! It’s Still a Dominant Player in Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Posted by Taniya arya

Customer-centricity is the key driving force behind outreaching wide audience and accelerating the momentum of generating sales. In the current times, customer expects multimodal forms of engagement with aid of mobile and digital channels. The transformation from conventional engagement channels to modern digital models has reached the edge. This omnichannel customer engagement promises next-generation experiences for your customers and has become a fast-moving target for businesses in the modern time.

However, these trends mount pressure on today’s customer engagement centres. The technology revolution bridges the gap between the role and value of call centre infrastructure (CCI) and CRM, and top-of-the-line solutions. Businesses are leaving no stone unturned to make sense of new options and innovations to render a seamless customer experience. As far as new approaches come into action, this befuddles the decision-making process. So, which approach best favors an omnichannel experience and why?

In this blog, you can see how voice is still a critical component in omnichannel customer engagement model.


Customer-First Engagement:

There is no denial to the fact that customer is the lifeblood of any organisation. Today’s customers prefer self-service channels to find information and resolve most of their problems by themselves. In fact, a global study of 3,500 consumers revealed that 32% of customers who start their customer service journey with digital channel will use phone when they can’t get what they are looking for. Indubitably, the digital channels are mushrooming in the dynamic business landscape, but voice still comes to the top when we consider all communication platforms.

To make customer journey unforgettable, CCI vendors are approaching towards the integration of voice and interactive voice response (IVR) with new digital channels. Building your strategy by incorporating voice channels enables a simpler and easier process for adding new channels without creating any impact on customer experience. With just a single customer experience platform, you are able to pull together the context from customers who use self-service options and then make a move to voice channel. With this, employees at outsourced telemarketing call centre can see each customer’s full history, assist them in resolving issues and personalise the entire experience.


Automated Routing and Employee Engagement:

As customers approach multiple channels over the course of their journey, it is important to provide them with a consistent, effortless experience across all touch points to connect with your business. By combining customer communications with automated routing, you can cater your customers with personalised experience. With the help of intelligent routing, customers can be routed to the best available agent who can serve them in a better way. Making better use of manpower slashes down the costs and helps you deliver great customer services.

It is important to empower workforce to guide the customer journey using advanced tools that give them better customer insights including past interactions and behaviors. The efficiency comes from employee engagement directly impacts on customer satisfaction and emphasize the value of a single customer experience platform. So, using automated routing in order to deliver an omnichannel customer experience is one the best solutions to achieve competitive advantage.  


Optimize Workforce:

The output comes from converging all communications channels with intelligent routing helps in improving customer experience and employee engagement. With better resource optimization, you can save money, alleviate the workloads and improve the customer services with analytics. One of the Gartner reports entitled as disruption ahead for the customer engagement centre workforce optimization market, stated that the addition of possible workforce optimization (WFO) functionality to the portfolios of CCI vendors will streamline integration and vendor management. As a result, it reduces the total cost of ownership and advances customer engagement capabilities. With the dominance of voice across all touch points, contact centre agents have an opportunity to strengthen business bottom line and foster customer loyalty by delivering top-grade customer service. 


In the Bottom Line

Convergence driven by the evolution of digital and mobile channels is compelling outsourced telemarketing call centres to contemplate about their foundational technology. As you move forward with the omichannel customer engagement model, keep in mind that a consistent customer experience will help in fostering customer relationships, which, in turn, bring repeat business. 

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