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Simple Ways To Use Data In Your Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns

Posted by Taniya arya
Outbound Telemarketing Companies

Indubitably, outbound telemarketing can be a big contributor to drive a healthy ROI; however, if your outbound telemarketing campaigns are not analytics-driven, then it might not help you achieve organizational objectives.  Therefore, it is quite important to undertake efficient initiatives focused on improving your data quality. This will pave way for augmented performance, better campaign results, happier clients, encouraged staff, and healthier profit margins.

Improvement in your marketing strategy through data can be achieved by drawing attention to the concept of ‘marginal gains’. This is true that your outbound telemarketing functions are immensely reliant on calls answered and received, but what you can do is improve your chances of harnessing positive results by implementing the given tips:

Maintain data quality: You are provided with database, lapsed customers or canned prospect list by your marketing department (or client). Before you pick up the receiver and start dialling the number, it is important to screen the data for gone away consumers or businesses or you can say deceased prospects. This alleviates the risks of reputational damage that might occur when you call an outdated customer. Besides this, a second method of enhancing data quality is to carry out landline validation. This approach can eliminate the numbers that no longer exist, allowing you to better plan and allocate resources to your marketing campaign. This, in turn, saves expenses involved in staffing and also reduces the efforts made by calling wrong numbers.

Targeting valid contacts: This is a great tool in harnessing positive outcomes, right from targeting potential customers that have previously exhibited an interest in your product or service to the brand new customers. Some telemarketing companies consider this approach for lapsed customers because they may want to know why a customer lapses before reacquisition efforts. But, this is not the right way to enhance your results. Data that is more than 12-18 months old will produce deceased results. So, there is no point in wasting your efforts on targeting outmoded data. The key is to focus on more recent data that drives positive results. Best outbound telemarketing companies are making efforts on targeting contacts that already have shown their interest in your product or service instead of relying on old data. 

The average consumer database shatters at around 10% per year, so it is easy to infer that old data will result in wasted efforts or failure.

List sourcing: If your campaign data results into dim responses, then you can use your ideal profile information or source-targeted fresh data from marketing specialist. This not only helps in the correct dialling, but also ensures that you are legally compliant. On top of that, it is a useful tip to eliminate duplicate data against your pre-existing database or lists. Most of the list-owners or brokers will offer this free of cost. Having the right name, specifically for B2B campaign, can help you to successfully reach the key-decision makers. 
Compliance: It is the preliminary requirement in the UK based outbound telemarketing companies to screen cold call (unsolicited) data against the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) for targeting consumers/business owners every 28 days. If you fail to follow this compliance, you are fined with large amount of fee and it can adversely impact your business reputation as well. This is not the end, failing to adhere this rule will also annoy and alienate your prospects. Responsible telemarketing indicates that customers’ wishes are respected.

Decipher results and learn: Just like any sales or marketing exercise, it is important to figure out results and learn what works best in gathering the enhanced results. With effective tools, you can continuously measure the practices involved and drive valuable feedback, which, when implemented correctly will help in boosting the campaign results. Some simple tasks such as updating & editing data with new contacts or corrections will help you keep your contact list clean and fresh. By recording call backs and de-duplicating old data from your database, you can target better and also reduce the risk of wasting call time on people who are not at all interested. In this way, it can help you monitor overall performance, besides protecting you in case contacts are ready for a call back but have subscribed to the TPS. 

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Conclusion: Each tip provides a marginal gain, and the improvement in your marketing strategy through data can bring better campaign result, more enthused agents, improve data quality, and of course healthy ROI.

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