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Outbound Telemarketing Services UK: Opportunity to Increase Sales & Save Time

Posted by Sukriti Saini
Outbound Telemarketing Services UK

In a world which is swayed by the advertisement industry, it is easy for the companies to overlook the importance of telemarketing services. But the fact that outbound telemarketing services in UK can get more leads for your business and can help you in saving a lot of money and time cannot be ignored. Let us first look at-


What is Outbound Telemarketing exactly?

In outbound telemarketing, the conversation is initiated through cold calling. The agents call the customers, irrespective of if they have been contacted previously or not. Also, it isn’t necessary for an agent to talk with the customer in real time. The sales pitch can also be recorded and played with automatic dialing.

Now, telemarketing requires a list of leads and you might have heard about “Lead Generation UK” often in that regard. So, let us look at –


How lead generation and telemarketing services are interrelated?

Lead generation services are a subcategory of telemarketing services. This service involves the making and extracting of lists for potential customers. The list is required by the telemarketing personnel to make outbound calls. Collectively, both these services work towards increasing the sales of the product or service of a company.

The process usually requires the tele callers to makes two or three calls to a potential customer to add him to the company’s customer database. In the initial call, the caller focuses on understanding the preference of the customer and the final call includes motivating the person to buy the product or service of the company.

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How UK outbound telemarketing services increase sales?


Telemarketing allows you to make a clear pitch personally-

Unlike advertising, telemarketing gives you the liberty to talk to the potential customers directly. This allows you to alter the script and in persuading the prospect in the best manner possible. It also gives the agent and the other person to have a clear conversation. The person, if interested can ask questions and get to know the product and the company better.


Telemarketing is much more convincing -

While in advertising or emailing, you will have a specific message designed, the telecalls will be different from one another. Telemarketing makes the experience more personal for the potential customers. While a particular message designed for all may not be able to persuade a different kind of customers, a personal call can. The experienced telecallers can analyze the positive and negative reactions of the prospects and use it to their advantage by changing the way they pitch further accordingly. 


Telemarketing allows you to focus on the warm prospects-

 Marketing methods like advertising on television don’t allow you to focus on just the potential customers. Telemarketing makes you focus on the warm prospects that have responded positively. This leads to quick sales closure.

Outbound Telemarketing Services UK CTA

Telemarketing lets you analyze the data sources-

The database gets updated and analyzed faster.  While if one chooses to get the information through emails or other marketing forms, the process is way longer.


The Tele caller speaks in real time-

Outbound telemarketing services mostly make use of reps for the purpose of cold calling. When a customer speaks to a live agent, they build trust, your company sounds more credible. Also, the live agents help the potential in clearing all his doubts and also help him with his purchase by suggesting complementary products, price schemes, offers and etc.

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Tele callers can get details for call-backs-

Clearly, when you market your product, the individual might be busy in some other activity. Moreover, even if he won’t be, he may be least interested in listening/viewing/ reading or buy the product.

However, on the other hand, when telemarketers call they may take a call or two to persuade the potential buyer but the chances of sale closures are more. The rep may not be able to persuade every customer in the first call. But he will get the recording and the details of the customers to call him back again after few days with a better sales pitch.


In short

All the aforementioned benefits increase the sales of the company by reducing the time your in-house employees put in it. Outsourcing outbound telemarketing services also give you many other advantages. Because the agents are proficient, they talk to the leads patiently, politely, clearly and briefly. Also, if your business B2B, they help in fixing appointments for your sales team. Campaign Management, Data Upload,  Live Call Results, solving the DND issue, Live Call Recordings, ending the dependence on excel sheets or printouts, and the integration of inbound and outbound calls are just to name a few.

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