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Incorporating telemarketing services into the digital world – Boon or Bane?


With digital awareness overpowering the human efforts, it is required to switch over to the new approaches in order to compete in the competitive market. A set of whole new tools and resources have entered into the system, making it easy for the newer generations to lower the workload. However, sometimes these digitised tools often lack a sense of personal touch.  Even though the UK call centre agents are ready to serve at any point in time, but answering your customers through feedback forms, emails, and chats might not boost your sales. Instead, an actual conversation can give a way better approach answering the queries than the variable services that digital technologies offer.

Sometimes, it is difficult through chats and emails to interpret the exact requirements or the queries that a customer is asking for. Therefore, it is better to jot down the exact requirements through a live conversation than getting a wrong idea.

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In fact, research has shown that the average growth of leads and sales is greater through 24 hour telephone answering service, in comparison to the emails received.

Every salesperson would love to increase their sales with increasing demand and expenses. Telemarketing services here play a crucial role in generating leads, increasing revenue, increasing market research and personal growth, and so on. The most important deals are the deals done in a telephonic conversation with your clients.

The incorporation of the telemarketing services into the digital sector is indeed an advantageous step. But at times, there are few things that can cause hindrance. Listing out some of the unique requirements an organisation can come across:

Physical space

An organisation may find it difficult in its initial stages to contact the clients because most the clients are either remote or unsegmented. As it is not possible for all the customers to connect remotely, therefore, there has to be an existing physical space available. Also, a reporting station is necessary for properly managing any team-related task. Thus, the first and the most important challenge that a 24 hour telephone answering service faces is the availability of physical space.

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Know your customers well

In order to match the real requirements of the telemarketing services, an agent should be well versed with the subject and its impact on the customers. You will only be able to provide your customers with an interrupted services when you know them well. With their requirements being so complexed, a customer, as well as the UK agents, should be in communication terms.

Be compassionate towards your customer

Answering a call can be a tricky business at times. Therefore UK call centre agents prefer to take notes through emails and chats and answer their customers through the same. Not that these are any cause for inconvenience (some customers usually prefer chats and emails), but the compassion and empathy that customers can receive through calls is mostly preferred and promoted.

Repeating the same script and giving answers in the same flow do not entice your customers towards you. Rather the agent should be more generic and at ease for the first timers of businesses.

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Proving your worth

It is certainly possible that while promoting digital services, customers start to interrogate about your contribution and adoption towards the digital market. It is rather important to take customers in confidence by calling them and talking about their doubts.

At these situations, hire an expert who is capable enough to provide 24 hour telephone answering service to their clients and convey that they are calling out of courtesy. Being little personal and dealing with empathy can give a great impact on human mind-set.

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Increasing competitiveness in the market

With increasing customer demands the competitive advancement keeps getting higher and higher.

So it is possible that until the time you identify a person’s real interest and contact him virtually, many telemarketers have already dialled them up. And therefore, even if your organisation provides at par services, these contractors might have already ventured with others.


Incorporating telemarketing services and giving your customers an interrupted 24 hours services is always a boon for an organisation. These specialised UK call centre agents can identify new leads and talk to them the way they want. It is even possible that once a customer has explained all the requirements but being some reason he wants to optimize the features. He can make it via teleservices at anytime and anywhere.

After the inclusion of digital services, calling has become a bit easy. Now with the help of these digital tools can search the relevant data information about any customers. Entice them through empathy and compassion. There might be some tits and bits of complexities, but any which ways these situations can be handled by the experts.

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