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How to Use Telemarketing for Customers Subscribed to “Do Not Disturb” List?

Posted by Sakshi Sharma

With millions of people opting for “Do Not Disturb” service on their phones, many entities have assumed that the end of telemarketing is near. With the ever-increasing levels of competition, businesses had started relying heavily on telemarketing to communicate effectively with their existing customers and prospects. Though the companies found a sense of empowerment with this highly effective marketing tool, customers were of a different opinion altogether. They were getting calls on a regular basis from different UK call centre companies who were only interested in pitching their products in the same dreadful tone of cold-calling. Irrespective of the nature of work which the caller is doing or the time of the day, they were bombarded with sales calls and this irritated them beyond compare. As a result of this agitation, customers started asking their communication service providers for a possible solution; hence, the “Do Not Disturb” list was born. The people who got subscribed to this list were able to block all kind of promotional calls which they dreaded receiving. Though the customers were happy with it, telemarketing companies had to face a new struggle.

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So, the question which arises here is that is this the end of a marketing tactic as successful as telemarketing and the answer is no! This is just a temporary hiccup and some smart B2B telemarketing companies have created a way to go beyond the DND list. Even when the government has issued strict rules and penalties for this, the creativity of telemarketers has enabled them to find ways by means of which they can still use telemarketing services without defying the laws. Here are three amazing yet effective ways, through which B2B telemarketers are promoting their offerings to customers and prospects who are listed under DND.

Marketing through existing customers:
The B2B telemarketing companies are restricted to calling prospects who’re registered under DND but they can always approach those clients and businesses who’re already working with them. Organisations get disheartened with the fact that they can’t use telemarketing to approach new customers. However, seldom do they realise that via this amazing channel, they can build even stronger relations with their existing customers. As their present clients wouldn’t have blocked them from any such source, opting for telemarketing at such points can prove out to be extremely fruitful for the business as they can foster a sturdier bond with them. Also, focusing on existing customers help lead generation companies in UK in building a strong foundation for themselves while creating a favourable brand image.

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Focussing on official numbers:
As B2B telemarketing companies are targeting other businesses, focussing on work numbers instead of personal phone numbers makes more sense. While marketing an upscale product in a B2B setup, one can always opt for targeting the work numbers of the top dignitaries. As they’re the ones who’ll be taking the final decision, approaching them in their office hours and number is a better idea. However, a great deal of effort is required in order to get connected with the top officers. But, adequate research and preparation can help a company in scaling ahead others while creating a great impression on the prospects. Telemarketers need to do their homework and create a strong script which is convincing enough. The main reason behind putting in such great efforts is the fact that marketers get only one chance to connect with such valuable people and within the window of limited time they need to create an impression which helps them in grabbing the attention.

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Integrating telemarketing with other channels:
It is important to understand here that telemarketing is one of the mediums of approaching customers but it is not the only one. When prospects have blocked marketers via 24 hour telephone answering service then the best way to still catch hold of them is by means of other tactics. Diversifying the strategies would help marketers in approaching customers the right way. Various advertising mediums like newspaper and direct mail can be used to attract and engage prospects. Once they’re successfully drawn in, B2B telemarketing can then be used to strengthen the relation while converting leads into customers.

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The DND list is just a speed breaker and not the dead end itself. It is vital to understand here that customers are afraid of those marketers who sound mechanical and force their products on them. But, customers are genuinely interested in those marketers who value time, know what they’re offering and promote it in a genuine manner. By identifying consumer needs and opting for adequate research practices, companies can differentiate themselves from the masses in order to become a successful telemarketer who is adored by its customers. 

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