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Blunders that can Harm Your Company’s Reputation

Posted by Sukriti Saini
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The internet is a huge and intimidating place to be. Nowadays, it is inevitable for businesses to be on social media and have a website. The companies have to follow the notion be everywhere where your customers are. In fact, on the internet, there are a wide array of opportunities to get more and more customer.

While the internet acts as a gateway to various opportunities, one mistake can spread rapidly and impact the repute of your company. The companies need to be very careful in the way they interact with the customers and the content they put across their social media channels and website.

So, whether you have outsourced call center services or not, there are several pointers that you must pay heed to. Mentioned below are some of the mistakes that your team might be committing. All of these can affect the reputation of your brand which impacts your customer base and thus revenue. Take a look.

Sharing Deceptive Information

The interested ones and the existing customers should never be misled by the company. It is very important to keep updating the information and keep the information uniform throughout. Even if the outbound telemarketing services provider is running a certain campaign, it should never make false promises. Also, the delivery policy, the return policy, and all other terms & conditions should be clearly mentioned. If the information you share or the promises you make do not align, sound unreal or turn out to be false, you will lose a fair chunk of customers and they will continue to further influence the purchase of their knowns. So, if there is an update, post it across all your channels in a simple language that doesn’t sound confusing.

Not Responding to Negative Comments

There are many disgruntled customers who make full use of social media to demean your brand. However, you should use the situation to your advantage. If you have outsourced call centre services, you should let them respond to the comments. It may be an apology, a solution, asking for the details of the problem or just showing some empathy, concern, and willingness to help. In the end, the comment should always request the person to talk over a private channel. Also, after satiating that irate customer with a good solution, you can request the customer to take that post down. Apart from doing so, the complaints should be taken seriously by the company and actions should be taken sincerely to improve that. This will help is regaining the lost trust and confidence of the customers in you.

Dearth of Necessary Information

You should never neglect the way your website and social media platforms are handled. They should be kept up to date all the time. They are the ones where customers and potential customers come often. So, it is necessary for you to work on the web pages and the social media posts. If your website will not have a FAQs page, it will become difficult for the customers as they would not be able to get an answer to their question and may have to wait for a reply or call you. Moreover, updated related to the out of stock products, restocked products, price and average delivery time must be mentioned. The point here is to reduce customer effort to increase your rapport.

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Spelling and Grammatical Errors

What impression would you form of a company whose web pages are full of grammatical and spelling errors? An insincere company that isn’t reputed enough. Right? So, write everything very carefully and don’t forget to proofread that.


By now, it is quite clear that it is quintessential for companies to be present on the internet. The first thing that a customer or potential customer does in this digital age is not reaching to you by phone but open the internet, check out the website, the reviews. This helps the prospects in gaining trust and have a gist of your company. So, if you have outsourced call centre services to a reliant vendor ask him to not just focus on calls but chats and your internet presence as well.

If you will not find outsourced call centre services provider and will take your digital presence lightly, you will lose a fair share of customers and potential customers to your counterparts. However, if the aforementioned mistakes would not be committed, the company would enjoy a surge in revenue because of an increase in customer base. Make sure to keep updating your social media channels with posts and respond to the customers quickly and appropriately.

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