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Customer Service–The Key to Your Business Growth

Posted by Priyanka Thakur

It is safe to say that today’s business world is customer-driven. The new-age customers are more learned and informed than those of twentieth-century who would seldom consider customer reviews, compare prices and evaluate exaggerated claims when it came to buying products. Today, customers have become demanding and commanding. They want products and services worth the time and resource that they are putting in to acquire them. This is something that organisations have realised over a period of time. Nowadays, customer service, experience and satisfaction have become the success mantra for organisations.

Though customer service is not a core process for any organisation, yet it is one of those processes on which lies the growth and the success of a company. Internet is flooded with data from different surveys and researches that validate the fact that organisations that pay heed to customer services and offer quality services to pre-existing customers have high retention rates because their customers are willing to stick with the company and extend their service contracts. Studies have proved that acquiring a new customer can cost 5 to 25 times of the cost incurred on retaining an existing customer. To ensure quality customer service and exceptional customer experience, more and more companies are availing the customer centric services provided by inbound and outbound call centres.

Let’s take the opportunity to explore how the agents employed by these call centres ensure that each and every customer receives great customer service every time they call.

1. First impression

Both inbound and outbound call centres employ experienced agents who can tell whether it is going to be an easy or difficult call in the first ten seconds of receiving or placing a call. All it needs to tell this is experience and patience. These agents carefully listen and evaluate the call for the caller’s tone and words preferences. This let them predict the direction the call is going into and prepare accordingly.

2. Listen

It is safe to say that an inbound agent receives more calls than to those who are employed at outbound call centres. They receive numerous calls from different types of callers– some who like to give lots of information, sometimes what is actually not required or asked for and then there are others who only believe in answering what is actually asked and feels that agents have all other relevant information with them. There is another league of callers who like to vent out their pent up frustration. In such scenarios, it becomes important for agents to keep a note of each and every issue that the caller has. Experienced call agents know this and are always ready with their notepads and keys to take note of little things. They know that asking a caller to reiterate an issue that he has already explained is a sure shot way to lose a customer.

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3. Rapport

It goes without saying establishing an instant connect with callers is crucial for call agents as it allows them to give quality customer service. It is important for agents employed at both inbound and outbound call centres to pick up in the first few seconds of whether the caller belongs to the league of those customers who like relaxed and friendly chat or is someone who wants to keep the conversation brief and business-like. An experienced and skilled agent can easily gauge the type of the caller and establish rapport with him by adjusting their tone to meet customer’s preferences.

4.  Great working culture

To establish rapport with customers, it is essential that inbound and outbound call centres have a great working culture. A burdened and dull agent can neither make an instant connect with caller nor can he give exceptional customer services. The senior management at call centres is not only supportive but also ensures that call agents are not burdened with work and are maintaining a good work-life balance. They know the fact if they will take care of their employees, their employees will take care of customers and that a happy customer means more business.

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It is evident from above-mentioned points how a skilled call centre agent can help an organisation grow by offering exceptional services to its customers and making them happy. If you too want to focus on customer service and make your customers happy, then we suggest availing the services offered by reliable call centres that employ experienced and skilled call agents.   

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