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3 Outbound Calling Blunders That Stop Sales Growth From Improving!

Posted by Rahul Garg

These days, organizations of all sizes strive to accomplish one fundamental target — High sales growth. To understand this approach, you don’t require a rocket scientist as high sales growth signals to rise in profit levels.  

In order to increase the sales of products and services, it is imperative to reach out to maximum potential customers. Here, what could be better than telemarketing?        

Telemarketing is the best technique to improve sales growth because this customary method doesn't demand a major lump of cash in exchange for lifting the number of sales of products/services.

It is fundamentally critical to play your cards rights to get the ideal results through telemarketing because small errors have a major negative effect on the sales conversion rate. By and large, entrepreneurs believe that telemarketing is simple. Due to this, they choose to increase the sales of their products/services by building a group of in-house telemarketers. Instead of bringing benefits, this move backfires, and the primary explanation for this is 'An absence of relevant experience.'

In contrast to SMEs, multinational companies usually opt for telemarketing services from established outbound call centres. Guess what, this sagacious decision do wonders for them, as there is an improvement in the sales conversion rate. In addition, they save all the money which product/service-marketing campaigns could have consumed.

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Today, we will reveal insight into some common blunders of outbound calling, which stop sales growth from improving. So, let’s start:

1. Failing to make the first impression positive

Do you know maximum outbound calls made for marketing purpose don't last for 10 seconds? Before you start guessing the reason behind that, we are going to reveal it: 'An absence of personal touch.'

Whenever we pick up a phone call, we expect positive and personal tone from the other end. But when in-house telemarketers make contact with potential customers, they start promoting products/services, despite establishing the bond of trust. This points to a bad first impression, which should be enough to understand the reason behind the rising rate of hanging up on sales calls. 

To put it briefly, a negative impression on prospects leads to short and inadequate conversation. That’s the main reason why established outbound call centres in UK always make sure that their telemarketers make proper introductions (without consuming potential customers’ time), before start promoting products/services.     

On the off chance, you want to improve the sales conversion rate without taking help from prestigious outbound call service providers, ensure that your in-house telemarketers represent themselves properly at the start of the prospect interaction.

2. Talking prospect's ear off

To reap sales-related benefits via outbound calling, it is paramount to explain the advantages of products/services to potential customers in a compelling way.

Note: It doesn't imply that you start annoying prospect by talking excessively, and in addition, this can result in call hang-ups as this can take your telemarketing campaign towards failure.

Sometimes, telemarketers having a goal to improve sales growth ceaselessly talk while having a word with prospects. Following a few minutes, potential customers get bored or infuriated, which as a negative outcome, results in call hang-ups or heated arguments. In short, a monologue forestalls improvement in the sales conversion rate.

That is why reported outbound call centres tell their telemarketers to aim for involving prospects into the ongoing conversation, as meaningful dialogue always brings good results to the table.

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Being a company owner, if you are handling the outbound calling process on your own, give these tips to your agents for the sake of ensuring an effective conversation with potential customers:

  • Closed-ended questions shouldn’t be asked.
  • Use call scripts if the situation gets critical.
  • Always give potential customers an opportunity to ask questions with regard to advertised products/services 

3. Not improvising with the situation

'Not improvising in accordance with the situation' is another major outbound calling blunder that avoids tremendous sales growth. This can't be taken lightly because each time you aren’t going to involve in a smooth discussion after approaching potential customers regarding sales.

Why is it so? Well, there is a probability that prospects can pose intricate inquiries concerning promoted products/services. By taking today’s condition into consideration, it is instrumental to give satisfactory answers to avoid the hassle of call hang-ups.

By and large, inexperienced or newly-hired outbound calling agents adhere to provided scripts while interacting with potential customers. Because of following scripts so closely, they sound impersonal, which intensifies the chances of poor sales results.

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That’s why established outbound call centres train their agents in a way that ensures the latter can improvise if the current situation turns into a complicated one so that nothing can affect the effectiveness of the call. Here, you can take a leaf out of renowned outbound call centres’ book if you are running a telemarketing campaign on your own.

Thanks for reading! 

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