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Top Outbound Call Centre Innovations to Follow in 2022 to Stay Competitive

Posted by Janvi Anand
Top Outbound Call Center Innovations to Follow in 2022 to Stay Competitive

In the call centre industry, both internal and external factors can influence the organization. From huge staff reshuffles to never-before-seen technological developments, drastically altered customer behaviour, and newly enacted communications laws, among other things, have the potential to turn the business on its head. As a result, it's crucial to keep an eye on changing patterns.

Rather than providing you with a broad overview of contact centre trends, we've created a dedicated blog focused on outbound call centre trends. We've compiled a list of the most relevant call centre trends in 2022 for call centres and organisations utilising a call centre software solution to run an outbound call centre to assist them. Knowing these contact centre patterns can help you develop a winning plan for outgoing campaigns, even if you are running hybrid campaigns.

Outbound call centre trends in 2022


Managers and owners of successful outbound contact centres are always seeking new methods to increase their business efficiency and profitability. They're aware of current and upcoming telecom compliance rules; they consult industry colleagues on successful dialling techniques, and they listen to expert viewpoints on contact centre best practices and technological advancements.

Naturally, call centre managers have a lot on their plates, and they make strategic decisions all day long. That's why we've compiled a list of key developments affecting outbound contact centres in 2022. We spoke with a number of specialists in the field in order to provide you with useful advice and information. You may now assess your present capabilities and decide whether and where adjustments are necessary.

Here are some of the most important outbound call centre trends to keep in mind in order to stay competitive.

Smarter call centre software will be unavoidable in the future


  • Except in the past, when only a few organisations employed a contact centre solution and comparable tools to perform outbound calling campaigns for collection, lead generation, sales, business development, and other purposes, currently, seven out of ten businesses use this software.
  • In 2022, implementing the most modern call centre solution will be required to stay ahead of the competition. Intelligent call centre software is created using cutting-edge technology and predictive analytics, which is a popular kind of AI and machine learning.
  • This type of call centre solution may help with everything from better productivity to higher success rates. As a result, it will become one of the most popular trends in 2022.

TCPA Compliance: Staying Ahead


  • Current and prospective legislation, as well as their influence on the telecommunications sector as a whole, must be kept in mind by call centres. Don't assume these are only for the big boys [whoever they are]; everybody who communicates with customers should be aware of the TCPA and examine how they might avoid penalties and litigation by staying in compliance.
  • Some modifications, such as STIR/SHAKEN, are procedural rather than regulatory. Is your call centre, for example, in need of a distinct click-to-call manual dialling capability?
  • You won't be able to stay competitive if you don't keep up with trends in compliance for outbound calling and lead generation. There are a variety of tools available to assist you in learning the most important aspects of TCPA compliance. Simply ensure that your dialling solution efficiently supports compliance and call-blocking avoidance.

Customization will improve the rate of success


  • To use the same mechanical voice given to the agent in the intelligent call centre software's contact script function would scarcely persuade someone to make a purchasing choice or make a debt payment.
  • With the financial crisis that many people have been experiencing in the last year, which has been dominated by the world's novel COVID-19 epidemic, purchasing decisions will be more cautious and deliberate. People are becoming pickier about the services they invest in and the products they purchase.
  • If the strategic strategy is not taken, the year 2022 will be difficult for outbound call centres. According to business experts, the most effective technique to attract someone is to establish a rapport with them or to address their problem issues. Call centres will need to personalise discussions as a result of this.
  • Prominent call centre technology firms, such as ours, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd began offering numerous integrations and capabilities, such as call centre CRM integration, in the early 2000s. This integrated intelligent call centre software will assist call centres in establishing an immediate emotional connection with customers and increasing their success rate.

Blocking and Flagging of Phone Calls


  • Getting potential clients to pick up the phone is becoming increasingly difficult. Carriers can use algorithms to detect or block calls, and customers can use third-party apps to restrict calls or simply report certain phone numbers as spam or scam... New rules, such as STIR/SHAKEN (described above), will make communicating with customers more difficult.
  • There is no one panacea for dealing with this multi-headed beast. Smart call centre operations use a multi-pronged approach that includes smarter outreach strategies, managing DIDs based on call volume and geography, and taking proactive steps to prove their identity is legitimate, such as STIR/SHAKEN readiness and the use of new tools like Google's Verified Calls.

Getting in touch with customers might become increasingly difficult


  • In recent years, all parts of law and regulation have assured that customers have more control over their preferences and privacy.
  • Some programmes allow users to view the name of the caller, making call screening easy and legal.
  • People's habits of call flagging and blocking have grown commonplace.
  • All of this makes it more difficult to reach out to customers. It is not, however, unthinkable. Managers of contact centres will have to devote more effort to developing call centre strategies that make use of the technology benefits of intelligent call centre software while remaining compliant with TCPA regulations.

Customers' satisfaction will be measured by omnichannel customer reach


  • Many communication tools and channels have been launched into the market as a result of the ease of access to technology.
  • Because of the expanded number of communication channels and their widespread use, all firms that utilise one or more communication tools must now employ omnichannel communication technologies. The outbound call centre sector can't afford to fall behind.
  • Outbound contact centres will need to adopt an omnichannel intelligent call centre solution to reach consumers and prospects via their chosen form of communication. According to industry trend forecasters, including all widely utilised and in-demand communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and others will become inescapable.

Utilize data analytics and other AI technologies


  • Artificial intelligence, big data, data analytics, and other technologies are now affecting nearly every industrial vertical. Therefore, being ready for and implementing these emerging technologies will help you take control of the market.
  • It's possible that you won't need to invest in chatbots or voice assistants. Using predictive dialling, which is accessible in intelligent call centre software, and making judgments based on data analysis, on the other hand, can help you hit the goal that would otherwise be tough to attain.

Moving to Virtual Cloud-Based Call Centres and Managing Them


  • The ability to work from home has become commonplace. With cloud-based dialers, many virtual contact centres have discovered new efficiencies and opportunities in remote operations and aren't looking back. They might also work as a hybrid in the future. Virtual contact centres must maintain pleasant, productive, and engaged at-home agents in the future. To help remote agents and managers succeed, make sure you have the best cloud-based dialer software available.
  • Remote and hybrid teams will require tools that facilitate internal communication and cooperation in addition to software. Teams can feel more connected with assets like a broadcast chat tool, and real-time reporting tools can keep teams responsible and efficient. Call centres may help maintain staff satisfaction high by using rewards and incentives, as well as games and engaging virtual events.

Analyzing and Using Reliable Data


They want a dialer that provides real-time and historical reporting that they can customize to include the metrics that are most important to them. Dialer managers may gain insights into the efficiency of lead and agent performance by tracking the correct call centre KPIs with thorough reports. If you're not sure how to utilise metrics to drive your dialling strategy, you'll need data analysts to explain what your data is saying and how you can use it to make rapid judgments.

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Cloud call centre software will dominate the industry.

  • Many contact centres, like many other firms in a variety of industries, have mandated that activities be carried out remotely. The majority of contact centres have decided to access their call centre system and perform outbound calling campaigns using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). If trustworthy technical help from the technology supplier or partner was not accessible, this resulted in several obstacles and issues.
  • Call centres and organisations, on the other side, have reaped the benefits of operating remote call centres, including lower costs, more scalability, and so on. This necessitated the development of a dependable call centre system as well as a staff capable of performing the same level of efficiency and accuracy while working remotely.
  • Technology firms have been ahead of the curve in meeting any technological requirements. As a result, firms like ours have developed a cloud call centre solution that is also intelligent.
  • Many contact centres have already shifted to the cloud or are in the process of doing so thanks to this dependable and empowered software and business strategy.

We believe that these pointers and trends will help your outbound call centre succeed in 2022 and maintain your company competitive.

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