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The Upcoming Definition of Leadership From BPO’s Perspective

Posted by Rishabh Arora

The industry has witnessed a profound shift from predictable to unpredictable demand: from push to pull mechanism. It must be noted that markets have changed dramatically in recent times. The investment community is asking for much more differentiated and sustainable solutions to growth creation. Underneath this demand, the outsourcing industry has witnessed a radical growth in its style of leadership.

This paradigm shift from push to pull mechanism has helped many outbound call centres to evolve due to its differentiated style of leadership. Business units that follow the push methodology often tend to have a top-down approach. Such organisations have centralised controls and a set of pre-defined procedures. These organisations are resource-centric and efficiency-driven, and they tend to restrict participation and involvement of their employees when it comes to decision-making.

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On the other hand, the businesses following the pull mechanism recognize the fact that demand is highly uncertain. Such organisations are highly de-centralised as they promote self-driven initiatives.  These types of businesses are way more people-centric and focused on innovative ideas, and they are known to encourage autonomous decision-making.

Successful telemarketing companies UK have embraced the shift in paradigm and have made the way for a more insightful and forward driven style of leadership. Such a style of leadership tends to consider workforce as a talent marketplace where the employees consider their divisions as creative nets. When organisations include the upcoming definition of leadership into their system, hierarchy is seen as a community, and there is a shift from following procedures to creating new ideas. Such a style of leadership often has an experiential factor attached to it and cannot always be spoken.

Let us now examine how an upcoming definition of leadership has changed the dynamics of the outsourcing industry for the better.

Replacement of faith

Leaders need to replace their faith in their pre-historic procedures along with the faith in their own instincts and set of people. In order to overcome monotony, the leaders in leading outbound call centres have executed it perfectly. These leaders believe that their actions will speak louder than their words. The fundamental job for such leaders is to examine an organisation’s values and vision. The leader should engage their core team to understand and define an organisation’s commercial objective and devise strategic platforms that will enable sustainable growth.

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Creative collision

Leaders who encourage their people to have a creative bend of mind need to be careful of not going too overboard with the idea of creativity. The leaders in outbound call centres need to balance the equation in the most intricate manner. These leaders need to intertwine the creative goals of their people with the overall objective of the organisation. They need to have an analytical bend of mind that can form a creative collision between the team members and the business entity.

Sharp perception

One of the leading telemarketing companies UK has suggested that a leader with a sharp perception can be a treasured asset for any organisation and will certainly go a long way in taking the business forward. A leader with decent perception will not only play a pivotal role in accomplishing the desired numbers but will perceive the changing tastes and preferences of the market and will direct his/her team to act accordingly. These leaders perceive the future growth opportunities of their people and will certainly pave the way for a bright future for everyone involved.

Effective communication

It is not a hidden fact that effective communication is a key ingredient in every facet of business but it is all the more important for a leader to demonstrate this ability. Expert outbound call centres often focus on the level of communication skills before accepting a person at a leadership position. This skill is imperative to lead a team and build that team into a cohesive unit. An effective communicator will act as an inspirational figure within the team and will certainly play a major role in accomplishing the desired goals.

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Onus of failures

A leader who truly makes a difference is not the only one who stands with his/her people when the team is flourishing but is the one who has the ability to take the onus of the mistakes committed by his/her team members. Such a leader is seen as a value-driven individual, and team members look at such a leader with respect. Competent outbound call centres look for such a quality in a comprehensive leader.

It can thus be inferred from the above discussion that as per the new definition of leadership, a leader needs to lead by example and should possess the iterated skills. Such a leader will thrive under pressure and will come across as someone who encourages failures and focuses on building a cohesive unit that can contribute towards an effective achievement of organisational goals. 

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