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A Complete Guide to Outbound Call Centres in UK

Posted by Shashvat Vats
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There is no doubt that call centre sector is more bent toward inbound call centre services than the outbound ones. With the introduction of social media daises like Facebook and YouTube, there is no difficulty for marketers in reaching their target audience. Outbound telemarketing is still infamous among the customers and companies.

But, with little knowledge, you will get to know that outbound call centres are still as reliable and significant as other ones. In fact, outbound service is one of the most established means to ensure customer engagement. The agents in these call centres are highly experienced and skilled in reaching the customers and promoting the respective product or service.

Remarkably, hiring an adept outbound call centre can really increase the comprehensive productivity of your business. Also, outbound services offer a boost to your business’s growth plan. And yes, outbound services are not just telemarketing, these are beyond that. Companies are availing lead generation services and many more under the name of outbound services.

Let’s start by looking some salient attributes of outbound call centres:

Outbound Call Centres: Features

We will take a quick glimpse of how outbound call centres are actually offering service beyond telemarketing.

They offer a warm welcome to the new patrons

A competent outbound service provider will ensure to train its agents to greet every new customer that joins. Customers really like and appreciate a warm welcome from outbound agents as soon as they join the business. It shows a caring and nourishing image of your brand. Of course, you can welcome new customers via email too, but, a sense of human touch that is indulged in the telephone conversation offers an edge to your business.

The inbound team is unburdened

When set side by side, outbound services hold a much crucial place in the overall customer care scenario. The outbound agents ensure to reach the customers before the latter pick up the phone to reach the inbound team. This way, a lot of load from the inbound staff is shredded.

Know your customers

Proficient outbound call centre agents ensure to keep a record of their customers. So, at the occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and allied, outbound experts tend to reach the customers. This gives a boost to your relationship with your customers.

Now let’s see what do these call centres do to survive so firmly in the brutal competition.

Practices Followed by Outbound Call Centres

Whatever your plan is in term of execution of outbound call centre services, customer satisfaction remains the top preference. So, every step or action taken by the outbound agents is directed to provide a first-rate service experience to your customers. Take a look at few practices adopted by the preeminent call centres:

They keep their focus on KPIs

It is extremely important to assess your actions and plans. This gives you a clear picture of what’s right and what’s not in your efforts and approach. Successful outbound service providers ensure to keep a close look at the comprehensive and individual performance of call centre agents on the basis of several key performance indicators. Some of the metrics are hold time, call-to-response rate, call-to-resolution, and first-call resolution.

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Empowered professionals

It is equally important to offer comfort to your own staff as it is to take care of the customers. When the call centres ensure to authorize their experts, the overall performance is boosted. The hold time reduces, and the call to response time also drops down. This ensures an apex level of customer satisfaction.

Presence on more than one channel

Unlike the old times when call centres only used to make and take calls, modern days BPOs are seeking more platforms to engaged customers. Contemporary agents ensure to tap mediums such as chat, SMS, social media and email to engage more patrons to their customer base. Being present on so many channels is not a choice but a necessity.

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Smooth communication with customers

To ensure a good score on KPIs, outbound call centre agents ensure to keep the overall conversation to-the-point and simple. A proficient player will always look to reduce the number of abandoned calls. Quite a few call centres also offer self-service options that lower the support cost without compromising on the quality of customer experience.

Final Takeaway

Outbound service providers are known to offer ease to business owners. Apart from being affordable and swift, outsourced outbound services also offer you a chance to elevate your business by increasing the customer retention rate. If you are looking for a qualified vendor, make sure to assess the experience and reputation it holds in the market. For further clarity, reach us in the comment section below. Thanks.

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