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Why and How Businesses use Lead Software and Lead Magnets?

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Perhaps the most important factor to attain and retain a consistent growth rate for any business is to keep their sales pipeline filled with quality leads at all times.  But it’s easier said than done. Quality leads are not easy to come by, especially in today’s market. It needs an army of experienced and skilful SDRs (Sales development representatives) to qualify and nurture leads to ensure that the sales funnel is not clogged up by substandard leads.

Hence, many companies prefer to outsource this process to outbound call centres that have the necessary resources and expertise to deliver a continuous stream of quality leads to a business.  There are also various lead generation call centres available in the market who specializes in this particular field.

To speed up the process of lead generation these UK outbound call centres use a variety of techniques and tools such as automated lead management software and lead magnets to name a few. Before further ado let us take a glimpse at what a lead management software actually is.

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What is a Lead Software?

A lead software is a subset of the broader CRM (customer relationship management) software and is a set of computer programs designed to control the lead management system of a business to find better results in converting a business’s incoming sales prospects. It complements the lead management process by handling certain lead generating tasks, lead tracking and grading, lead nurturing etc. It can help an enterprise automate all these functions in one centralised lead management platform.

Depicted Below is a List of its Benefits:

I. Filters and attract more relevant leads online

The main perk of using a lead generation software is the inherent ability of the program to attract and extract more relevant UK leads. The task of extraction of leads from a pool of prospects is usually done by an SDR but it can prove to be quite a cumbersome task that takes up a lot of time and energy. With the integration of new technologies compatible with most search engines, these lead management systems can perform the recruiting work themselves and find lots of leads for the UK business online. The database that one can build with these software applications is incontestable.

II. Acquisition of information

With the agile use of these software programs, UK outbound call centres and businesses now can acquire more information about their leads. It can scoop up more information about each lead. Such instant availability of thorough data speeds up the process of converting each lead into proper customers. It allows businesses to strategically market products to individuals according to their preferences.

III. A cost-effective way

Utilising lead software is a very cost-effective way for the lead generation call centres to perform lead generation tasks. These tasks are usually done by a group of SDRs which is comparatively more expensive. Not to mention the productivity issues that one may face during holidays, weekends, and vacations. With a reliable system, such software can handle the work of several employees and that too at a much shorter turnaround time. The bottom line is that incorporating lead management into a business’s online marketing efforts can save time, money as well as hours of labour.

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Another great way to improve one’s lead management efforts is by employing various lead attracting magnets or lead magnets. A lead magnet is basically an offer that a business makes in exchange for an email address or additional details. Lead magnets are also known as

  • Freemiums
  • Sign up incentives
  • Content upgrades
  • Sign up offers etc.

The main purpose of a lead magnet is to inspire content readers to get on the business email list. The ultimate aim is to nurture and convert them into customers.

The following is a list of a few effective lead magnets:

Reports/Guides- Reports and guides are common lead magnets that most businesses employ to gather leads. People love examples of how to do stuff, especially if it makes their workload lighter.

Cheat sheets/ handouts- It is usually a page long sheet that offers valuable information. The reader gives their email to receive the handout

Video training- Training videos and tutorials are an effective way to engage people and prompt them to sign up with their emails.

E-books- Content users can also be attracted through delivering free e-books. All they need to do is sign up provide their email.


It is very important for a business to keep up with the technological changes so as to maintain their competitive edge. This is especially true for the lead generation process. A growing number of businesses are employing lead management software and techniques such as lead magnets to keep their sales pipeline up and running. These tools and techniques ensure that there are no hindrances in constantly acquiring new customers so as to keep the growth rate consistent. 

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