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Two sides of the same coin: B2B and B2C lead generation services

Posted by Kavita Deuri
B2_c lead generation

Lead generation services are divided into two kinds — Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) lead generation services. There are diverse ranges of people who will agree to the fact that the lead generation services for both businesses and customers require different approaches.

Here, are a few useful perceptions on how B2C and B2B lead generation services are different from each other:

  • Different fathoms for different sales sequence

Businesses dealing with B2B services are actually expensive and involve a long time investment, money, energy and strategy, whereas generating B2C lead might not require that much amount of investment into the process. Therefore, this is the reason why B2C lead generation services are frequently regarded to consume a short span of time rather than B2B sales cycle which usually take a lot of time to process.

  •  Audience play an important role

Generating B2C leads ranges on a broader perspective. According to innumerable veteran lead generation professionals, every individual on a larger scale is customer at some point of time; this is the reason why B2C marketing strategies consist of a massive market. One of the most difficult situations for B2C dealers is to get the deserved attention from customers in a market that is drenched in the wisdom of gold.

While creating awareness among customers regarding products and services, it is significant to inform them about accountability and educate them regarding your brand. Promoting products is an essential step to influence consumers to select your brand over your competitors.  On the contrary, B2B lead generation campaigns managed by trusted outsourcing call centres in the UK demand personalised and practical task. These demands are more intensified and well-tailored which comprise of a larger staff.

Myriad B2B organisations are employed with operators contributing sales on various platforms attending countless trade shows and building ladders to reach individuals on telephones to drive-in opportunities. Generating leads for B2B organisations is far more personal and proactive as compared to the B2C campaigns.

For a B2B service, a third party organisation basically tries to connect other service provider who may need help to face the challenges offered in the highly-competitive market and provide solutions according to their requirements.

  • Harmony between content and push-pull strategies

Any form of content such as whitepaper, infographics, e-books or videos, is essential if an organisation is dealing with B2B processes before they are approved for sales. The infrastructure of various content forms must be strongly built to spread across B2B prospects. Expert business personnel comment that the content material must be extremely vertical and topical to the subject of sale.

On the other hand B2C lead generation should continue experimenting with countless medium of advertising and promoting their brands or services to see which form of seed bears ripe fruits for consumers. Service providers must keep up with trends and follow customer’s ubiquitous route to purchasing products and services and grasp them when the time is right. Stalking customers virtually without coming out as a creep and evaluating analytics for organisations can effectively promote products by working on real-time schemes, optimising sale campaign etc. Most outsourcing call centres are arranged with CTA preferences, unique telephone numbers to pixel placed opportunities during a customer’s course of online experience.

  • Authorisation

Authorisation is a vital part of lead generation services for both B2B processes and B2C processes. Companies specialising in B2C services mostly count on extensive and indirect authorization whereas B2B organisations establish engagement with prospects without further permission from primary or secondary authorities.

  • Pulling the right string

Organisations need to be familiarised whether to pull the educational or emotional strings and harvest potential responses from other organisations or consumers. Both business and consumer seek different results. Generating lead for B2B organisations is risky. Moreover, outsourcing non-core processes helps these businesses find clarification that will help clients to produce work in a more efficient, faster and cheaper way. On the other hand generating B2C lead is more about using emotional tactics to generate and close the sale.

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There are numerous ways to imply marketing strategies for B2B and B2C; however the procedures to promote products and advertisement are just same. There are different tactics involved while penetrating in target markets and attracting potential customers. The end-user for a business cannot be attracted by publishing and advertising in magazines, used widely by the casual media. Presently, various outsourcing call centres in the UK provide lead generation services concentrated on charges and the sensitive, emotive gratification of gaining customers’ attention.

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