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Twitter: A Modern Lead Generation Tool For Businesses

Posted by Rahul Garg

These days, the lead generation process is deemed as a gruelling task because companies that wish for quality leads facing hassle while filling up their sales pipeline. Why is it so? Because potential customers don’t come to brands by simply getting impressed with product promotions.

Nowadays, prospects check reviews about brands online and then think about pricing. On off the chance, they find out something against the brand, they are likely to drop the idea of buying. To overcome the hassle related to lead generation, business owners have only two options left: ‘Tie up the loose ends while generating leads’ and ‘Contact established outbound call centres to avail lead generation services.’

By and large, multinationals don’t think about options, which are in front of them as they bag services from lead generation companies in UK.

But SMEs employ different approach means they take matters into own hands. The confidence-thrashing factor is that they often end up spinning their wheels. The reason behind this could be traditional lead generation tactics, which are not as effective as they were.

If we talk about the modern lead generation tool, Twitter is the name that strikes to mind. This social networking site can do wonders for businesses. According to reports, 82% of social media leads come through this microblogging site.

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Now, let’s take a look at how Twitter can be used as a lead generation tool:            

1. Be smarter than competitors

To get better lead results than business rivals, it is paramount to up your game. An attention-grabbing content is what can do the trick while generating leads through Twitter. Customarily, companies get creative content writers on board with the purpose of developing informative articles, blogs, e-books, etc. to make potential customers comprehend the benefits of products and services.

But the blunder they make unknowingly is to post developed content only on the company’s website. Of course, this sounds like a good approach, but it is fundamental to make sure that created content reaches to maximum potential customers. This speaks how much content promotion is crucial. Here, the salience of Twitter increases thanks to its large user base.

Here is how you can use Twitter to generate a myriad of leads:

  • Always include pertinent hashtags while sharing something on Twitter.
  • Ensure that captions are written in an engaging yet simpler manner.
  • Add high-resolution images that convey the brand signal.

Thinking social media marketing isn’t what you are good at? Avail services from prestigious lead generation companies in UK.

2. Make a proper posting schedule

Ordinarily, businesses struggle to generate leads through social media marketing because they don’t connect with potential customers at the right time. This is important because you cannot get the desired lead results with the careless approach.

Lead generation companies in UK always meet their clients’ expectations (filling up the sales funnel with qualified leads) because they tweet in accordance with a proper schedule. Maximum SM users don’t check notifications in the morning time because they have to go to the office, college, or any other important place.

In simple words, your time of tweeting matters as far as lead generation is concerned. Usually, the evening time is considered to share posts as maximum SM users come online at that period.

So, if you really want to produce a throng of leads, make a schedule which aims to share posts with maximum Twitter.

3. Create a landing page for Twitter users

When you put efforts to attract twitter users towards your products and services, all the hard work is likely to pay off sooner rather than later. To make sure your efforts don’t go in vain, it is significant to create a landing page specifically for twitter users, who are being redirected to your website after clicking on your shared links.

A landing page is crucial because if prospects get directed to the website directly, they may get confused due to witnessing so many products. As a negative consequence, the whole lead generation operation suffers.      

By virtue of the lead generation process, it would be simple to get prospects' vital information, which would aid during the lead nurturing process.

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Here are some tips that you should keep in your mind while developing the lead generation process:

  • Make sure your landing page isn’t lengthy.
  • Add call-to-action buttons in accordance with proper placements.
  • Make certain that your landing page opens up in a jiffy on cell phones.

Summing up:

These days, social networking sites appear as a source where you can bring out a horde of leads, although you must take care of every small factor. With the help of this write-up, we have just discussed how Twitter can work as a lead generation tool. Hope you have understood abovementioned pointers.

Thanks for reading! 

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