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Tips to generate effective leads with Telemarketing

Posted by Khushboo Priya

Success isn't something that will come walking to your door. Instead, you will require to put in great efforts to achieve it.

So have you seen any business transforming into a market leader overnight? Probably not. If yes then I assume you know the secret behind it.

If you own a business, then you surely understand the importance of having a list of leads. It's true that leads help in increasing the credibility, trust, awareness, stability, and security of any business.

But is every lead important to your business? No. Why? It's so because not all of them converts into buying customers or clients. Therefore, having a list of leads isn't enough, but if there's something that will help you generate revenue, then it is good leads. Until something helps you to bring in some profit to the business, your every action would be a complete scrap. So don't let your business thrive anymore and give it the taste of success.

Telemarketing companies offer several services one of which is lead generation. This service will help you acquire quality leads for your business and will open the path to success.

In this blog, I am going to uncover some tips to generate good leads for your business with the help of telemarketing companies.

1. A well-defined goal and a strong strategy

B2B lead generation companies usually begin with a well-defined goal. Additionally, you need a strong strategy which is quite essential to move your business ahead. People often confuse telemarketing calls with the sales calls. However, it's not necessary that every cold call made to customers need to end in a closed sale so that it can be considered as successful.

My point is that you must know the purpose behind the cold calling that you make to a potential customer. For instance, you may be just looking to capture the interest of prospects with certain demographics or to create brand awareness among audiences or maybe to present some offers so that you can directly dive them into the sales mode. Whatever the purpose would be, you need to define the goal clearly before pitching the customer so that you can plan and carry the conversation successfully.

2. Create an outline

Now that you have already planned out the conversation, you need to jot down some points that would be required to carry the conversation forward. I am not asking you to get a solid script and follow it strictly. It will make you sound like a robot. Rather you need a list of certain factors that you want your potential customers to figure out.

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3. Get to the point

Whenever you make calls to prospect, neither of you is completely aware of the person on the other side of the line. To be true, none of you cares much about each other's personal life.

So without stretching the conversation anymore, you should come to the point as soon as possible. After all, your purpose wasn't to destroy the dinner of the potential customer or disturb them anyway. You called them because you wanted to talk about business and have something valuable to offer. So, without making any delay, get to the point and express the perspective clearly.

4. In-depth knowledge

Telemarketing companies must possess good knowledge of products or services offered by the clients. It is so because only agents with good product knowledge would be capable of answering the customer's queries and addressing objections accurately. Telemarketers with insufficient knowledge will sound unconfident. And therefore, nobody will choose to do business with somebody who isn't confident about his/her offerings.

5. Frequent coaching and quality assurance

As important as it is to engage customers, engaging with agents is highly recommendable. Monitor every call, evaluate your agents and coach them through the quality assurance team to improve their performance. Frequent coaching will help agents keep themselves updated with every new fact and update about the product or service offered.

6. Assess your call volume

When you outsource, the very first question that the service provider asks you is the number of calls you get per hour or day. Accordingly, they get an estimation of headcount, state-of-art, software needs, and phone system requirements.

A few things that you need to estimate before you outsource are:

  • Is your campaign an ongoing program or you need to call only certain leaders?
  • What time zones will you require? If you have to make international calls or just within the same nation as yours?
  • Is there any season when your call volumes will be at the peak, or you will receive the lowest number of calls?

The above estimations will not only help you with the pricing but will also help you with a handful of quality conversations every hour.

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Wrapping up

Despite getting some criticism, telemarketing is still one of the most effective lead generation campaigns. All you need is a correct and innovative strategy to move ahead and achieve success for your business.

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