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Strengthening Call Centre Operations with Social Media Marketing

Posted by Prachi Priya
Strengthening Call Centre Operations with Social Media Marketing

Did you know that customers spend around 20-40% extra time with companies that connect with them through social media? Well, social media today is necessary for efficient call centre services. Earlier social media and call centres were seen as having two different goals that had no aims of working together. However, with digitalization taking over and customers becoming more prone to social media usage, call centres started boosting their lead generation service through social media marketing.

More and more companies are slowly acknowledging the significance of social media and that call answering is not the only way to enhance customer experience. The traditional call centre service was all about phone answering through inbound and outbound calling. This later shifted to answering customers through emails, texts, and webchats.

In today’s epoch, 80% of consumers get along social channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to engage with brands. Customers now do not look forward to their service providers as before and will not wait in long queues to get their queries resolved. In search of quick answers and easy query resolution, customers look for businesses that connect them through social channels offering seamless and instant communication. Even the age-old Indian call centre have integrated social media marketing to strengthen their call centre’s bottom line.

Rogers Communications says they integrated Facebook into their business service and saw 65% increase in customer satisfaction, 70% increase in customer requests, 13% increase in contact volumes, and subsequently 65% decrease in customer complaints. What does this signify? Well, it is nothing more than the amplified worth of social channels!

Personalization is again the new trend and every customer urges to enjoy its service. Social media has made text personalization possible by replying to customers instantly connecting through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Your call centre agent can now connect to the customer with a personalized message and can even quote the customer’s name where required making the user feel important.

Call centres using the service can enhance their quality, as they can also ask for an apology or can provide compensation to earn more enriched customer satisfaction, which they couldn’t do before. Moreover, doing so from the business social platform, there is an increased possibility to earn more views for the organization.

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The lead generation service earlier was restricted to outbound calling. However, today social media marketing has paved great ways to augment lead generation processes through social channels. Since all prospects who are not your business loyal customers connect through social platforms, thus, instant replies are obligatory to augment their satisfaction. A satisfactory response on social media helps to grab other user’s attention, thus call centres need to understand the significance of adopting its use to business processes. Outsourcing companies nowadays look forward to call centres that provide assistance on social media marketing and have experience on connecting with customers through all online channels.

Here we team up the ways Social Media Supports your Call Centre Service:


Listening to Customers

Through social media usage, customers connect to their service providers on an online platform leaving the traditional call answering services behind. The call centre task is all about solving customer queries and resolving any threat to the business brand image, which is augmented with social media strategies used effectively.

Listening To Customers

Social channels are a great way to respond to customers in real-time and augment brand image. Listening to customers in and responding easily was not possible earlier, however, social media gives the privilege to connect easily and provide personalized services.

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Customer-Business Relationship

Every call centre struggles to strengthen the customer-business relationship and the effective use of social media can help in solidifying a bond with customers.

Customer-Business Relationship

Instant replies, personalized messages, apologies, etc. were not as instantaneous as with social channels. The traditional call centre services did not bring a high percentage of customer satisfaction to the business, as it is possible today for BPOs using social media strategies to win customer’s trust.

When the call centre agent replies to a customer appropriately and in an interactive manner, it will automatically boost satisfaction levels earning good repo to the organization.

Changes Service Deliveries to Customers

With social media in use, call centres have the power to escalate services to customers. Like when a customer that contacted the business a few months ago interacts again, the business has the customer’s history, which helps in delivering splendid support. 

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Companies have also started integrating CRM (customer relationship management) into the business strategy. With the use of CRM in social media management, call centres can log all communications done with customers, which helps in easy answering.

Social Media Assistance in Creating a Seamless Brand Presence

Social Media helps to promote call centre services, as it works on a set guideline that brings uniformity. Social channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc. have a category of posts, which can be scheduled as per requirement. Scheduling helps the business reach customers in odd timings, which was not possible earlier with calling services having time deadlines.

Social Media Assistance in Creating a Seamless Brand

Call centres using social media strategy have a uniform way to exchange communication with customers, thus have more possibility of boosting satisfaction.

Sound Processes

Without integrating social channels in call centre use and continuing lead generation service restricting to outbound calling diminishes the possibility of developing sound processes.

developing sound processes

How do you know that an agent having years of experience will deliver outstanding answering experience to customers?

Well, quality assurance can be at check with social media usage, where the customers connect through online platforms and receive an answer publically.

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Social mediums have resolved many complaints of ill-treatment heard from both agents and customers. It is essential to outsource to experienced call centre companies who invest in proper training and monitoring of online communication exchanges to ensure quality.

Wrap Up:

Since 54% of the service users prefer using social channels for customer-business communication, it is thus vital to avoid overlooking its significance. Your ignorance can depreciate customer loyalty on business operations, thus a check to enhance operations is necessary. Twitter is the most used platform by customers for registering complains and generating enquiries, check out an example below:



Since the platform brings customer’s issues into the company’s notice easily, more users rely on it after getting instant solutions.



More ways that your call centre can excel with social media integration is a real-time response to customers, easy access to customer data, cost-effective solutions, no call abandonment threats, and no communication gap from language barriers.

Thanks for reading!

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