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Lead Generation amid COVID-19!

Posted by Prachi Priya

The Coronavirus pandemic has paused the economy leading to crisis situation around the world. While several businesses are suffering a great downfall in sales due to lockdown in the pandemic, there are some potential ways to qualify leads.


Well, every business would eagerly want to know ways to augment sales and boost lead generation at such tough times when most companies are at the verge of shutdown. COVID-19 has not only hit the retail businesses but is a nightmare for several other organizations too.

With the hope that things will become normal soon, businesses can’t keep sitting and waiting for the right moment. This is the reason, it is vital to look for ways b2b lead generation can be excelled. Expecting all from the outsourced lead generating companies is not good, however, businesses need to take some steps to boost lead generation themselves.

How can companies keep a check?

Well, here it is significant to understand the importance of selling online. In such times of pandemic everyone is advised to stay at home. In such adverse situations, businesses need to be online and provide virtually accessed services.

Thus to augment leads and keep the business going, ONLINE is the king!

Generally businesses take buying orders over calls or through texts majorly. Nevertheless, in times of any natural disaster or situations of a pandemic, online measures can be a blessing. If you are able to get your webpage’s SEO on place, your service will be viewed by most customer’ as they search for relevant information online.


Taking online orders and making deliveries thus will ease the sales funnel process. Sales funnel is the process of sales where a prospect learns about the business offerings and decides to buy the same.

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Sales funnel mainly talks about an automated process to trigger leads to influence them to buy from the business. This process is taken forward on the business webpage.


Moving forward we will talk about the ways businesses generate more leads at the time of a pandemic or a natural disaster! Check:



At the times of a global lockdown when the customers can’t reach you physically, webinars are a great way to generate leads for business. Webinars are similar to E-books providing value to the prospect.


However, here it is important to take care that the webinar should be attractive and user-centric defining functions in a suitable way. If the business tries to make the webinar a sales platform, it might dissatisfy the user.

Live webinars can help to mature leads by explaining the prospects the perks they would receive by live interaction. Live webinars help a lot as the customer concerns are sorted easily.


Gated Video

Research shows that customers love to watch videos to extract information more than reading out blogs. This is one big reason companies can create videos to reach the leads and explain all about the business offerings effectively.

Several businesses also ask the prospects’ email ID before they watch the video so that afterwards it is easy to connect with the lead.

In the times of a pandemic, gated video content for the business webpage is a great way to woo the customer. Just make sure your technique is attractive!

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E-book is a traditional way to generate and qualify more leads and yes, it works at times of a pandemic too. Businesses need to create an E-book that is not too long, however, it is interactive and value-driven. Companies need to describe their offerings to the user in a smart manner compelling the prospect to become loyal partners.


When a lead shows interest, remember that you have to take adequate measures to not allow them to leave the sales funnel. Content here plays a crucial role because it has the power to influence or destroy the users’ interest.

Create a strong piece and make your E-book attractive!


Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are a great way to generate and qualify more leads. Cheat sheets are similar to E-books and is made in a particular format. This format includes:

  • The sheet incudes guidelines to helping leads with tips to enable subtitles on YouTube.
  • Cheat sheets also include tips for owners to help the new leads with business functions as they join you. So if you want to know the ways to augment customer satisfaction and to maintain leads, cheat sheets can help.
  • Cheat sheets help with ways social media can bring excellence to the business.

B2B lead generation is hard amid lockdown scenarios around the world, thus cheat sheets can be your guardian angel that will help you excel amazingly.  




To augment leads, discounts are a great marketing strategy. Everybody loves to get new discounts and so will the lead. Thus to attract more prospects towards the business, companies can offer splendid discounts to woo the lead.



Research shows that various leads land to becoming the loyal partners after the organization tries to influence them by strategizing a quiz competition.


Well, there are true examples where businesses have conducted contests where they have easily managed to influence the lead towards their offerings. A quiz can be great fun, where you can explain all about your business services attractively to the lead.



Lead generating companies emphasize that most leads toady want to take a trial before they finally become a loyal partner of the organization. This is because leads want to be sure that the service they are going to purchase is good.

Trial is a great chance businesses can highlight their perks to the lead and can compel them to become loyal partners. Check that you highlight your offerings in an eye-catchy manner that the leads can’t live without your services.


Wrapping Up:

All the above lead generation techniques can excel at times of COVID-19 because people in such scenarios will be on the internet surfing for the best services. This time businesses can woo the lead and can make them their loyal partners forever.

Missing the chance of b2b lead generation at such times can have detrimental effects to your business, thus use the above strategies and make sure that you can be stable in the minds of customers and leads.

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Thanks for reading!

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