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How to produce qualified leads with Video Marketing?

Posted by Rahul Garg
How to produce qualified leads with Video Marketing

To roll the success ball continuously, it is paramount for organizations to pile up the qualified leads in the sales funnel. But that’s not easy, as the lead generation process has become a challenging task with time. The major reason behind this is potential customers come under the ‘Generation Z’ category usually search about the products first and then make a purchase decision.

To avert all the hassle, most of the business owners avail services from a renowned lead generation call centre in UK. This move always pays off, as when you have professionals to get the job done for you, the chances of success are very much on the cards.   

Be that as it may, you can produce qualified leads on your own if you include video marketing in your lead generation tactics. According to the latest industry reports, companies can lift the lead conversion rate by 60% through video marketing. Additionally, 53% of lead generation service providers use video marketing to nurture leads as well.

“Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.”

— Kevin Stirtz

Here are some amazing advantages you can gain from video marketing tactic:

  • Outstanding return on investment.
  • Conveys brand message at a much bigger level.
  • Aids in growing brand awareness.
  • Promotes products and services in an efficacious manner.
  • Helps to reach out to the targeted audience.

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Would you like to generate a heap of leads with the help of video marketing? Here are 3 simple ways that you have to pursue to get the desired lead results:

1. Come up with tempting product-explainer videos

With time, video marketing has caught the eyes of those organizations that have the aim to generate qualified leads in a brief timeframe. This is so because video marketing can undoubtedly amplify the availability of leads in the sales pipeline. Industry reports also bolster this fact by uncovering that videos can expand the odds of producing quality leads by 33%.

But it is imperative to remember that videos can help to generate a myriad of leads if they contain eye-catching content. This factor shouldn't be underestimated because the content quality is what grabs the attention of prospects. So, if you are willing to get your hands on the certified leads, make alluring videos on your products so that prospects can learn about the merits.

As indicated by recently conducted surveys, 65% of netizens search about videos before making a purchase decision. Now, you can comprehend why tempting product-explainer videos are must from the business’s point of view. What's more, if the quality of content gets noticed in your videos, there is a high probability that prospects share them with their contacts. This is likely to result in a bunch of leads.

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For better outcomes, you can also gate your videos. By means of gating, you can easily get vital data related to prospects like name, email address, etc. which will help in the lead nurturing process.

Note: It is critical to ensure that the lead generation form shows up in the mid-time of videos because if it appears at the beginning, prospects may stop viewing, which as a negative consequence, can result in the half-filled sales pipeline.

2. Develop video series

By virtue of salient product-explainer videos, you will definitely fill the sales pipeline with quality leads. However, getting qualified leads in the sales funnel will only help to get the half job done. For the rest, it is critical to nurture generated leads in order to convert them into new customers.

Here, making a video series explaining the advantages of products one-by-one can be very beneficial for business growth. Through the series of product-explainer videos, prospects can easily be influenced to make a buying decision.

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To leave nothing to chance, it would be vital to promote video series on public platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. This is what established lead generation companies in UK usually do. 

3. Let current customers speak for your brand

Every business has some loyal customers who don’t look to another brand when it comes to shopping. Thus, existing customers can become the source that can help to generate leads. In simple words, testimonial videos should be created.

Through testimonial videos, potential customers can easily be persuaded to make a buying decision. Plus, there is no need to show any creativity as simple video recordings can do the trick.

Testimonial videos promote the movement of leads in the sales pipeline by demonstrating the experience of happy customers. According to the emerging reports, 55% of lead generation companies use testimonial videos to achieve their goals.

So, if you seek qualified leads, begin making testimonial videos. Or avail lead generation services from a reputed vendor now!

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