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How to increase revenue using Lead Generation Services?

Posted by Shashvat Vats
Lead Generation Services

There is not an iota of doubt that running a business is directly related to the revenue generated. And to generate the revenue, you require acquiring more customers and keep your existing patrons. Now, acquisition of a customer is done through a lengthy and dreary process of follow-ups, nurturing, communication, persuasion, and conviction.

A report suggests that more than 60% of the marketers consider lead generation and drawing traffic as the most daunting business tasks. Generation of quality leads is directly proportional to business’s ability to make revenue. This is where call centre outsourcing plays its part. Since the process of lead generation requires a great deal of patience, continuous efforts, and capability to deal with uncertainties, therefore, a lot of businesses are now delegating this task to offshore companies.

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There are a number of lead generating companies UK that are indulged in offering quality leads. Although not all the available call centres are good enough, there remain a few competent vendors in the market. Today, we are going to cover the practices a lead generation service provider follows that can see your revenue kissing heaven. Let’s take a walk through this:


When a user searches for a product or service related to your business’s offerings on the web, he/she should land on your website, blog, or allied pages of your company. Now, how can you do this?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that is utilized to shoot up your website’s traffic by adjusting relevant keywords into your content. This makes Google rank your website or any intended page up in the search when someone seeks your product/service on the web. Hence, the lead generating companies ensure to optimize your website as per SEO standards, which makes your brand more reachable and increases the likeability of getting quality leads.

Google rules the search engine market with a market share of more than 90%. What we were talking before about adjustment of keywords, Google AdWords is made for the same purpose. The outsourcing firm will ensure to run a PPC (pay per click) campaign that draws the target audience to your website. This aids your firm to acquire warm leads that can raise the revenue of your business by making the purchase.


One of the elemental aspects that accounts to generate closable leads is how good your content is. When we say content, we mean your blogs, press releases, newsletter, landing pages, and website. Believe it or not, the way you optimize your content decides the fate of your leads. There could be millions of people looking for a product that you are selling. But, if you are not able to direct that traffic to your business, there is no point in running the business in UK.

Hence, company offering call centre outsourcing service ensures to assess all the content that is provided by your end on the internet. For instance, if you are jotting down a blog, the content should be of first-rate quality. In addition, you can also request prominent websites to publish your content. This increases the chance of closable and warm leads landing your website.

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Using social media

If you are planning to attain some quality leads and your plan does not include tapping social networking sites, then you are really not uncovering a huge potential for your business. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are generally used by the lead generating companies to attract potential customers towards their client’s business.

For example, if you want to utilize LinkedIn for lead generation, following the industry-specific groups and engaging in meaningful conversation with the users can really do a miracle for your business. Know this, around 50% of B2B buyers prefer using LinkedIn to make the purchase. This is the reason that lead generation companies are continuously tapping the LinkedIn to generate quality leads.

In a similar manner, Facebook has lead ads option using which businesses can directly source warm leads without requiring the latter to be directed to a website or landing pages. This affordable and refined way to target UK leads can offer a huge benefit for your business. Although, Facebook does not hold a large population of B2B buyers, so before you or your outsourcing partner uses this tactic, have a look at your business requirement.

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Lead generating companies UK are known to use email marketing a lot, as it is one of the most persuasive strategies to bring in closable leads. Sending personalised e-mails can really shoot up the conversion rate for your lead generation campaign. Experts working in lead generation agencies ensure to utilize advanced tools to automate the personalized emails in few minutes only. However, email marketing is not a much generation tactic rather it is more of a lead qualifying strategy.

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