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How to elegantly generate effective and efficient leads in UK

Posted by Polash Borah

The point behind lead generation for any business is to pro-actively look for opportunities to sell its products and services. As a business owner, you cannot keep waiting in the hope that someone somewhere will have a need and will select your offerings instead of competitors’. Today businesses worldwide realise the contribution of lead generation in revenue collection. It is the cognizance of the millennial marketing renaissance of the 21st century. Both b2c and b2b lead generation has their own advantages and it depends upon the nature of the offered product or service.

Here we will weigh up the possible scenarios and tactics that a business can utilise to ramp up the outcome of their b2b lead generation services in their favour.

  • Evaluate the return-on-marketing-investment(ROMI) of your business

This is the first and foremost step to understand the performance of your marketing and promotional campaigns. Expressed in percentage, it gives an insight into the number of unique customers for the business that is a direct or partial result of the marketing efforts. If it is considerably low, then proper measures should be undertaken to improve it.

  • The length of forms is inversely proportional to the number of leads

The b2b lead generation services most often than not ask for a bunch of unjustified information in the lead generation forms. This is one of the major factors for lesser conversion rate. This can be avoided by using specialised tools that perform the task through their application programming interfaces rather than doing it manually.

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  • Employ ABM tools

Account-based marketing (ABM) tools are increasingly being adopted by companies to generate leads, especially by the b2b lead generation services. For the successful integration and implementation of this tool, it is very important to ensure that the marketing and the sales team are aligned with the effort. In this sort of alignment, the tactics of the marketing efforts are tailored to the desired goals of the sales team. Further, the efficiency can be elevated through the feedback from the sales in this closed-loop system.

  • Actively shorten the sale cycle

B2b sales cycle are infamous for its notoriously long stature. This can be avoided by leaning a multitude of tiers or combining a few into one entity. First, streamline the targeted lot. Implement proper lead grading scale to churn out impurities. Many outsourcing call centres that perform outbound campaigns for their clients familiarize themselves with the usual and valid objections that potential customers might have regarding the products and services. These are just a few analogies of how one can relatively shorten their b2b sale cycle with a proper and well thought out creative approach.

  • Optimize social media

Nobody can deny the importance of social media optimization in a successful lead generation. Though there is an inherent difference between the proper approach for b2c lead generation and b2b lead generation. One cannot hope to find a lot of b2b leads on Facebook or WhatsApp as one might for their b2c lead generation. Therefore, categorically targeting social media platforms with ample business profiles such as LinkedIn will surely increase both the degree of quality and quantity in the b2b lead generation segment.

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  • Integrate exit detection tools

Exit detection is another important tool that has been observed to bring about positive dynamics in b2b lead generation services. This tool employs a myriad of techniques to detect visitor’s intent to leave the website. After a legitimate detection, a call-to-action (CTA) button pops up to keep things interesting. The call-to-action can be anything of value. It can be a discount coupon in case of an e-commerce website or a free introductory session of a paid online tuition course. But it should be kept in mind to avoid overuse of this facility. Repeated pop-ups can irritate visitors and create a negatory impression of the website. Having said that it is of value to know that when employed strategically, this tool is a big lead generator.

  • Organise events

Events are the original and authentic tool in the marketing arena. It is the perfect platform to acquire some perfect quality leads. Be it hosting a stall at a trade fair, a promotional campaign at a local business seminar, or an online webinar, whatever its variation maybe, one should not underestimate the value of an event. Many in the business world make the naïve mistake of organising a pompous gathering and not following up afterwards. A lead is just another closed road if proper follow-up is not orchestrated.

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