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How can Marketers generate Qualified Leads via Email Marketing?

Posted by Rahul Garg

To make a business sustain this hyper-competitive era, it is paramount to fill the sales funnel with quality leads. However, doing so is far more stringent that saying so.

With the time, 85% of marketers consider email marketing as their first choice when it comes to generating qualified leads. This is so because email marketing is cheaper than other strategies and also offers good returns.

Many organisations try to boost the revenue levels by hiring a team of in-house marketers. But those organisations mostly face the hassle of low email open rate. This is so because generating leads via email marketing isn’t a cakewalk. That’s the main reason why it is suggested to avail lead generation call centre service from BPO firms.

Take a gander at the following pointers that will help marketers to generate leads via email marketing:

1. Email content quality matters

To generate maximum qualified leads, the lead generation companies in UK need to ensure that marketing emails contain high-quality content. This is so because the quality of the content decides whether prospects will click the call-to-action buttons or not.

In addition, there is no point to send the same boring marketing emails because they aren’t going to boost the sales conversion rate. It would be very beneficial if marketers send personalised emails to prospects.

Here are a few suggestions that marketers should keep in their mind in order to send the best marketing emails:

  • Content should be written in a simple language so that potential customers can understand the merits of products or services in a much better way.
  • Don’t use more than three fonts.
  • Company’s logo should be there.
  • Make sure that all the key points are highlighted.
  • All the images related to the products or services should be in high resolution.

Note that: To maintain the reader’s comfort zone, email’s width should lie between 500 and 650 pixels.

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2. Subject lines should be captivating

Do you know that 64% of marketing emails get deleted without even being read? Well, the most cited reason behind that is ‘Lacklustre subject lines.’

So, if you are an owner of a lead generation company UK and want the prospects to read your sent marketing emails, make subject lines enticing and captivating. The length of the subject lines should be short (40 to 60 characters).        

And yes, creating captivating subject lines doesn’t mean that marketers should add words like ‘FREE,’  ‘Magic,’ etc. This is so because people deem such words as fake or suspicious and thereby the click-through rate decreases up to 59%.

3. Don’t forget to add CTA buttons

After creating captivating subject lines and ensuring that the quality of the email content is high, the most important thing is CTA (call-to-action) buttons. These buttons play a vital role in moving leads down into the sales funnel.

With the help of CTA buttons, furthermore, prospects can easily access more information about the products or services. It is highly suggested to the marketers of lead generation companies to take the placement of CTA buttons seriously.

This is so because if multiple CTA buttons get added close to each other, there is a chance that prospects may get confused while reading an email. Consequently, this can lead to poor results. Obviously, we aren’t saying that multiple CTA buttons shouldn’t be added into the marketing emails.

Here is how marketers can add CTA buttons:

  • Place a button above the fold.
  • Add a link in the body.
  • Put one button below the fold.

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4. Take readers to the landing page

While generating leads via email marketing, it is paramount to make certain that prospects always get redirected to the specific landing page after clicking CTA buttons. This is so because if customers get readdressed to the company’s website, they may get confused after going through several pages. Consequently, this may lead to poor results.

Therefore, it is significant to create a landing page so that potential customers don’t get distracted. This will surely help marketers to get the information that is required for a lead nurturing process.

Here are a few tips that lead generation companies should remember while creating a landing page:

  • A landing page should be similar to the email in terms of the headline, copy, look and feel. 
  • Ask only highly important questions.
  • Re-explain the benefits of products or services but in an elaborated manner.

Final few words:

As per the reports, around 90 billion emails are sent globally for the business purpose only. With the help of this blog, we have discussed a few tips that will help to increase the email open rate and generate quality leads. We hope that you haven’t faced any problem after going through the aforementioned tips. But if you have any query regarding this blog, please feel free to tell us in the comment section.

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