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Debunking B2B Lead Generation Myths!

Posted by Prachi Priya
B2_B Lead Generation Myths

Lead generation plays a crucial role in uplifting business processes, thus companies make sure that there is no threat to their company’s lead generation services. With increasing market competition, companies want to augment their lead generation processes as meeting the market demand and staying in the customers’ good books is not as easy as it used to be earlier.

An adequate lead management system is imperative to make sure that the business service reaches the potential lead on time. When a business ignores satisfactory lead generation, the potential prospects reach out to competitors boosting their sales growth. Ultimately, who ends to be the sufferer? It is no one other than your business itself. This is one big reason why companies today look forward to lead generation companies, as in-house agents lack the same expertise as an outsourced agent. 

There are several questions, mostly delusions believed about lead generation outsourcing. In the era where companies believe that outsourcing is their guardian angel, some businesses still believe some myths and try to practice in-house functions comparing the same. Well, the significance of quality lead generation and qualification on time is what drags businesses to outsourcing!

Generating leads isn’t as easy as it seems. Furthermore, qualifying leads and earning loyal partners is like a dream come true! So, are your in-house agents qualified enough to win the leads’ interest? If not, then hire professionals on-board or outsource to an expert partner without trust issues!

If your business lacks generating qualified leads, you may lose to the competitor. Thus, debunking some myths and practising effective lead generation services is obligatory.

Check the B2B Lead Generation Myths to Avoid:


1. Lead Generation can be Activated Based on ‘Need’.

Several companies believe that when they have an array of leads, they must focus on the same and wait until all the prevailing leads are considered. Well, it does not work in the end.

Lead generation is an ongoing process and demands consistent consideration for optimum results. If your business lacks in-house expertise to handle all the outgoing and incoming requests, you can outsource your lead generation services to an expert partner.

Every business needs to have a team of agents who can interact with the potential lead, explain them all about the business offerings, and proceed with them towards the sales funnel. For this, the agents have to be patient and possess good communication skills to woo the leads’ interest.

The task of the lead generating agent is not to baffle about her/his business services; however, educate the prospect about the ways they can benefit from partnering with the business amenities.

Consistent connection with the lead and 24X7 service is the gateway to attaining loyal partners, so companies need to debunk this myth that they can qualify B2B lead generation whenever needed.

2. Leads Automatically Appear on the Website!

Thinking that by just building a website, qualifying leads will become easy is wrong. A website is a place where prospects get to know about the business offerings, however, it’s not enough to market and attract leads.

To get along more leads, it is highly significant to take time to understand the potential customers’ needs and reach them on time with similar services. It is a myth that websites automatically attract interested buyers.

Outsourcing lead generation companies understand this fact and initiate targeted marketing to get along more leads. They develop a good website to attract more viewers, offer value so that interested buyers get along the offerings, help the prospects reach the sales funnel, and offer perks so that the leads do not turn up to the competitor. This is one reason outsourcing services are on boom nowadays!

Alongside generating a good webpage, it is equally vital to have experts to reach out to the interested leads and assist them towards the sales funnel hassle-free.

3. Shortcuts can Ease Lead Generation Services.

Generating quality leads with shortcuts is nothing but an illusion. When a prospect queries about a product/service, she/he is not restricted to collaborating with a particular business, rather has multiple options in the market to switch.

Thus, to make sure that the leads end up becoming your loyal partner, it is vital to get along them with adequate offerings. It is significant to explain the leads the perks of partnering your business service, agents need to take care of the leads’ interest 24X7 ever after they become a loyal partner so that the loyalty remains forever.

Shortcuts never help in the end, thus, it is vital to create a sense of reliability in the partner and simplify processes for optimum customer satisfaction.

4. Lead Generation is One-Way Communication.

B2B lead generation is speculated to be one-way communication, however, is a myth!

The success of lead generation massively depends on feedback, debunking the thought of one-way lead generation services.

Lead generation companies highlight their advantage of a team of professionals who are always available for two-way communication with the prospects. This is one big reason why most companies outsource their lead generation as they get a team of professionals to handle customer concerns 24X7.

Post outsourcing, professionals help to tackle appointment scheduling, quality lead generation, lead qualification, customer satisfaction, feedback marketing, cost reduction, less lead-time, and helping the in-house agents to focus on core competencies.

After all, lead generation is all about strategically stimulating prospects’ interest in the business product/service and welcoming feedback to enhance service operation the next time in future services.

5. Social Media is not for Lead Generation!

Yes, we are not kidding, these are seriously some companies that believe this myth. Well, in today’s transformed era where most leads surf their interest online, social media is a big platform where companies can get along most of their leads. 

Leads search their interest online and stop at providers who offer their required necessities. Well, here is where companies can turn leads into loyal partners. So, nurture your leads with an interactive social page of your business on each social media platform, interact with interested buyers online and help them move progressively towards a happy buying experience!

6. Product-Centric Content Earns Leads.

Value is what drives customers towards a business, thus any business’s content has to be appropriate to attract leads. Just marketing the business product/service is not enough. However, for effective lead generation, understanding the audience, and delivering value drives interest.

Ending Statement

To sum up, an inquiry is not a lead, rather it is a prospect who ended up to the business-landing page due to some other reason. For ultimate success, it is indispensable to identify quality leads and boost sales conversions accordingly.

Lead generation is critical and for enriched results, vigilant attention is substantial. A focused plan defining the target personas can help, thus every organization needs to be determined.

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