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Content Marketing: An Effective Lead Generating Tool

Posted by Rahul Garg

As far as the marketing world is concerned, the content has always been deemed as the king. It is because high-quality content helps to create a hype for products/services on the internet. For the very same reason, every specialised lead generation call centre India and UK considers content marketing as a lead generation tool. By virtue of first-rate content, it gets too easy to fill up the sales funnel with quality leads.

“What is Content Marketing?”

Content marketing, a form of marketing, is all about creating & sharing pertinent content to draw the attention of potential customers. If you cannot have adequate experienced writers in-house, you may outsource to call centre India or other call centre outsourcing firms for efficient results. Content can be in any form. For instance: ‘Videos,’ ‘Blogs,’ ‘Infographics,’ ‘How-to guides,’ etc.

Major perks content marketing brings to the table are:

  • Helps to reach the targeted audience.
  • Uplifts brand recognition.
  • Expands customer base.
  • Strengthens brand image.

Can content marketing help in B2B lead generation? Well, if you follow below-given pointers properly, you surely generate a mound of B2B leads:

Never Compromise with the Quality of Content

To generate qualified leads within a short period of time, it is instrumental to put good quality during the content development process. It is significant because if you come up with first-rate content, readers/potential customers are likely to share it with their loved ones which, in turn, improves the odds of generating leads.

Put simply, filling up the blog section of your company’s website with well-written write-ups is important as far as there’s a wish to generate leads. To cover all the bases, it is fundamental to add shortcut buttons that let readers share valuable content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So, if you are running an organisation and willing to expand it by means of effective B2B lead generation process, start creating eye-catching content. For the same, here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t lose your focus from the title of your content to its conclusion.
  • Try to put some humour so that readers don’t lose their interest in the middle of your content.    
  • Add relevant statistics and quotes to give your content an informative look.   

Strive for Content Promotion

As we said, relevant and shareable content always helps to generate a pile of leads. But there is a catch — you must increase the reach of your content first to reap the benefits. Ignoring the significance of content promotion simply means getting ready to struggle during the B2B lead generation process.

Apart from this, do you really think your targeted audience will come to your company’s website to read blogs/articles? If you do, you must be living a dream.

Before you get us wrong, we would like to reveal that the competition for reaching to the first page of search engines has increased more than ever, therefore, there is a high possibility that all prospects may not reach to your company’s website. Thus, content promotion is imperative.

So, keep one thing in your mind that hiring a horde of content writers will not be beneficial for business if created write-ups aren’t being promoted in a proper manner. For efficacious content promotion, you can opt for call centre outsourcing firms or apply other lead generation or marketing tools so that gaining success from content advertising is not a dream.

Feeling B2B lead generation is tough? There are many lead generation call centres in UK that can help you out.

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Be Serious about Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a very important part of content marketing as it not only amplifies the reach of your content but also ameliorates the odds of loading the sales funnel with quality leads. Don’t know about guest blogging? Well, it means letting your content to be posted on other company’s website.

Are you thinking why to post quality content on any other site when you can post it on your own website? As we said, there’s a possibility that your site may not rank on the 1st or 2nd page of search results, thereby, generating a throng of leads is tough.

However, if you post content on some other good site, there’s a likelihood you can generate more leads than you have liked. Therefore, it is paramount to identify good websites that are open for guest blogging.

Here are some tips to take into account:

  • Never compromise the quality of guest blogs.
  • Put crucial keywords along with hyperlinking.
  • Don’t try to breach the host website’s rules and regulations as this could lead to zero content promotion.

By means of guest blogging, you are likely to enjoy seamless B2B lead generation process. However, if you seek the easiest option, it is approaching a prestigious lead generation service provider or call centre outsourcing company.

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