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Boost your Social Media Marketing Strategies

Posted by Guest Author

No matter how many complaints or scandals revolve around social media platforms, their power is unbeaten. It may give them a setback, but most criticism makes social media platforms powerful only.

That is why most marketers are still using social media platforms to promote their brands and business. It gives them a medium to connect to their users better and solve their problems and answer their queries.


Here are Some Tips that you can use to Boost your Social Media Marketing Strategy.


1. Have a Multichannel Approach

It is important to not waste your time on every social media platform. But it is also crucial to understand all platforms and promote your brand on the top platforms used by your customers.

First, it was Twitter, that was popular amongst the users, then Facebook, and now it seems Instagram is the way to appeal to more audience. But the fact is that though users love Instagram more, the reach and power of Facebook and Twitter cannot be overlooked.

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Thus, it is best to know what aspect of the platform works with the audience and use it to your advantage.

You can never know which platform will take over the world next, so be prepared.


2. Delete Accounts that you don’t use or doesn’t Serve you any Purpose

It is a bit contradictory with the above tip but give it a try. I told you to have multiple accounts and make sure that you target accounts keeping your reader’s interest in mind. But the other thing is that if you have an account on a social media platform that you don’t use like for instance Snapchat, then delete it.

No matter how many employees you hire, they need to give priority to accounts that are being engaged with most. The other accounts are serving you no purpose, so it is best to delete them. It will also give you a chance to focus on platforms that bring you the most referrals.


3. Make sure you Engage with Commenters as Fastest as you can

All social media are different when it comes to measuring factors for giving your content screen time in front of the audience. For instance, for Instagram and Facebook, this factor is engagement. The more the user engages with your content, it is more likely that your posts will be on top of their feed.

Now, the best way to engage people on social media is to make them feel like a family, a part of the community. Comments are one thing that can help you do that.

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When a user comments on your post or DMs you regarding a query, be prompt with your reply. You can even have a person or persons responsible for the same. They need to be witty, appropriate, relevant, and honest with their replies and must make sure to provide quick fixes to the user’s problem.

You can use this tactic for other social media platforms too as replying to user’s comment can help build a loyal community for you.


4. Organizing Quizzes and Contests

One of the best ways to get more followers on social media and get quality leads and referrals is organizing quizzes and contests. When you have a contest, people love to take part in it, especially, if they can win something at the end of it.

Have simple contests like posting a photo with a hashtag and whoever gets the most comments or share can win a product or so on.

You can also have limited quizzes, it will attract more people, and can be fun too.


5. Influencer Marketing is Important

In a turn of events, most users on Instagram are wary of traditional advertisements. That is why if you want to gain their trust, you need to get creative. One creative solution is working with influencers. People with 10k plus followers on social media can promote your brand amongst your users.

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Users trust these influencers and when they say positive things about you, it is effective. Working with influencers is not that expensive also. You can work with them by offering them free merchandise or money, whatever is agreeable to both the parties.


6. Connect with Users

Don't try and connect with your users always rationally. Try and connect with them by posting eye-catching graphics or by emotional connections. Use some cause that your business is passionate about and use it to connect with your followers.

Keep in mind that you are fake in your pursuit. Otherwise, it can backfire because most users on social media are millennials, and they know when a brand is lying.

Social media is a powerhouse and it can work for your brand too. But you need to be on your game and take it seriously by including these tips.

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