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Boost Your Leads with Five Innovative Ways

Posted by Priyanka Thakur
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It does not require an industry expert to validate the fact that all businesses strive hard to acquire new customers. Regardless of the size of their and industry domains that they operate in, all businesses put in their previous experience and expertise to device efficient sales and marketing strategies. But, generating qualified leads and nurturing them into sales is easier said than done. It is a daunting task, even for sales professionals who like taking bull the by the horns. Realising the importance of generating and nurturing leads, increasing number of organisations are seeking assistance of industry experts and outsourcing their lead generation business to lead generation companies. These companies employ proven ways including, but certainly not restricted to, cold calling, distributing monthly newsletter and broadcasting over search engines. These are some tried and tested methods that, if executed rightly, will surely improve the number and quality of leads.

In addition to these methods, organisations are adopting innovative methods to stay on top in today’s competitive market. Some of these methods that are taking sales world by storm are: 

Promoting clients

Organisations that are looking for B2C lead generation are trying to attract the target audience and increase the number of their leads by endorsing their existing loyal clients. Promoting clients enable an organisation to reach out an acquaintance of its existing clients. Existing clients can introduce their acquaintance to the organisation, from where the organisation can come up with its sale pitch and convert the audience into a lead. Knowing an existing client helps build a trust level between the organisation and its prospects. From there, the organisation can build up from the relation and nurture the lead into sales.    

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Promoting video

Broadcasting a promoting video may sound like an obvious way, but not many organisations and lead generation companies are employing this technique to reach out to target audience. Not all promoting videos are effective. The key to make this approach work is to ensure that the video is informative, communicates a clear message and has a professional look and feel.

Transforming business events into branding platform

More and more organisations that are looking out for effective ways of B2C lead generation are targeting an audience over social media. In the quest of keeping up with the technical advancements, organisations are overlooking the importance of connecting with audience face to face. Industry events and branding events offer a reputable platform to connect and engage the target audience.  To attract and engage the target audience, an organisation can use play its promoting video that speaks about its offerings and accomplishments.  

Boost Your Leads with Five Innovative CTA

Getting a guest blogger write for you

Many organisations maintain a blog to acquaint its readers with its offerings. Maintaining a blog and updating it on a regular basis is a good idea, but a much better idea is to bring in a reputable and experienced guest blogger to contribute a write-up. More often than not, an organisation’s blog and write-ups are bound to be biased towards its business and that is the reason that they seldom attract readers who are interested in availing services offered by the organisation. Having a guest blogger write on a relevant matter is an effective way to keep people interested and boost leads.

Making the most of LinkedIn publishing

Since it was first introduced to the present day, LinkedIn has gained the reputation of being one of the most reliable platforms where professionals connect. Considering the stature that LinkedIn enjoy amongst professionals, more and more companies that are looking of B2C lead generation are joining the platform to identify target audience and connect with them. Companies are using this platform to publish their offerings and vision for future, which is helping them generate new and qualified leads.

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These are some of the most innovative ways that organisations have started adopting to boost their lead numbers. The advancement s in technology has made it easy of an organisation to identify, target and connect with prospects. If you too want to boost your lead numbers, connect with potential customers and convert them into sales, consider supplementing conventional methods offered by lead generation companies with these innovative approaches and witness a surge in the number of leads.

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