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Best B2C Lead Generation Ideas You Need To Implement Right Now

Posted by Sukriti Saini
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Every business wants to increase its revenue and grow as soon as possible. However, the same is not possible without having a concrete plan and proper execution of it. Let’s leave the tips on executing a UK B2C lead generation plan for later and focus on the plan you must have for the same.

Hence, in this blog, we allow you to explore some of the best ways to generate more leads. These ways are quite underrated but adopting these tips will bring a radical change in the number of leads generated. Take a look.

Don’t mention the word “spam”-

Obviously, you will not mention the word spam to tell them that you are going to spam them. However, even if you are using the word spam to assure them that you will not do so, don’t. This positive statement impacts the mind of the individual in a negative way. Mostly this is seen in opt-in forms, wherein, the marketers mention that they will never spam. But you need to understand that this just reminds them of the spams while they are opting in. The same becomes a reason for them to not to turn into your lead. So, the best way to get the most people to fill the opt-in forms is to not mention the word spam but still let them know that their privacy will not be infringed.

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Shift your focus to case studies-

We agree with you on this that website content, blogs, articles and guest blogs are quite beneficial in fetching traffic and leads for your business. But, all we want to bring to your kind notice here is the potency of the case studies. They are definitely the ones that are overlooked because of making blogs the prime focus. Case studies, white papers and data sheets are very effective. So, focus on creating the case studies that speak volumes about your company’s abilities. Call them your success stories maybe and use them to persuade your customers. Also, try to tell them in the most creative way possible so that they increase the chances of buying action from the customer’s end. A nice way to use them to increase leads is to insert the direct links to these case studies so that the interest of the potential buyers generates.

Use convincing testimonials –

Testimonials are very useful for convincing the potential customers and thus getting more leads. So, highlight the best testimonials on your website. This helps in building the reputation of the business. A perfect testimonial would be the one that highlights a problem, the way you solved it and how it turned out to be a success. However, you must be wondering from where you would get such a comprehensive testimonial. So, try to request the happiest customers for an interview. There are high chances of them getting ready for the same. After that make a testimonial, send it to them and ask them if they are fine with that going by their name. This is a great practice as it helps you win more UK leads. Just keep in mind that they don’t sound like a fake testimonial uploaded by the company on its own.

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Make use of emotions-

It is essential for you to have emotions in your UK B2C lead generation. Why? It very simple- the individuals act like they use logic but here’s a secret- they use emotions. So, first of all, try to know the desire of the prospect and then try to use that to persuade the prospect. Building an emotional connection is really important.  Also, UK B2C lead generation is way tougher than B2B as the money at stake is way less. In fact, the customers can even get a refund or replacement if they are not satisfied with the product. This is the reason why convincing them is easier. So, do promotions across social media platforms and make ads in such a way that they have emotions balanced out with logic.

Outbound call centres in UK and companies handling their B2C lead generation in-house should keep the aforementioned tips in mind. Because most of the businesses don’t pay heed to them, the competition is way less.

The best bonus tip that we can give you right now is to market your brand in a way that it makes people feel like they are missing on something really valuable and popular. So, harness the power of social media as no user can stay away from it for more than 12 hours. Draft social media posts in a way that they show the paucity, urgency, uniqueness.

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