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Augmenting Marketing Strategies With Google Tools!

Posted by Prachi Priya

If you are a business running online services, you must be aware of the significance of marketing efforts. With the rising significance of lead generation and qualification, the essentiality of marketing cannot be overlooked as it helps the potential lead get in the right place.

Lead generation companies in UK emphasize using the right marketing tools for lead generation so that the target audience receives adequate information on-time.  Lead generation is all about informing the potential customer about the business product/services and trying to persuade them to buy the same.

Well, here using the right marketing techniques for lead generation is vital so that the customer receives adequate information on-time and through the right platform.

Imagine you are marketing your business services on a platform that does not have your subjected target audience, what will be the result?

Well, obviously it is a waste of time and effort. This is the reason for using the right platform to reach the leads and using the correct marketing technique is emphasized.

UK call centre companies highlight some Google tools to augment business marketing techniques. Want to know them?

Well, these techniques help to improve traffic on the business webpage, which is why all companies want to know more about it and try to understand its effectiveness for boosting the service results.


Let’s check out the Google tools that can be the guardian angel for your business’s marketing effectiveness:


Google Drive

Boosting the business marketing techniques can augment the ROI and Google drive is a good tool to take help from. How?

Well, this tool helps to store data online, which consists of all personal and professional documents available anytime when needed.


Google Drive acts as a personal tool accessing the file holder, which an agent can access just with an internet connection.

Such a tool helps businesses in keeping a filed document of social media calendars, documents that the clients would need, campaigns to be coming in future, and other ideas to be noted.

With saving the essential information on Google Drive, businesses can easily avoid the monotonous function of repeatedly searching for any information.

Google Drive makes it easy to access data and keep the focus on marketing strategies based on the same.

Want to get started with Google drive?

Well, click on documents and create your page, you can even share the same to colleagues so that any information can be shared easily and the shared people can make the required changes too.

Your drive sheet accepts changes in real-time so make your strategies easily and implement them on-time without any hassle and with the help of the latest information.


Google Ad Words

What does a business need to do to earn most customers? Well, it is placing the business ads in the right place and connecting to potential customers at the right time.


When the business has an adequate marketing strategy and a system, it has more chances of boosting customer satisfaction. More than 25% of the people click ads, so your potential lead has the chance of becoming your loyal partner with the help of adequate ads.


Google Ad word help with testing the keyword title and content variations giving the result on when people gravitate. This way a business can easily understand the target audiences’ availability and when and where to strategize the marketing ads to get the best results. 

Ad words help to find the demand and make the necessary changes in business functions accordingly.


Google Alerts

With the help of Google alerts, companies can keep a check on their keywords and their rankings to check how they appear before the audience. Earlier the traditional ways did not allow such swift ease in business processes which is why Google alerts are like a blessing.

To boost the marketing strategies, alerts help the business agents know where they need to work on their strategies better. Agents just need to select the term they want to track and Google alerts help in monitoring the same.

Factors like brand name, competitors' work performance, website performances are all checked by Google alerts and the monitored results are used to drive new content strategies and marketing campaigns for the business.

UK call centre firms highlight the significance of Google alerts for business productivity and even the lead generation companies in UK feel that it is a great tool to deliver the best to the users.



Google+ helps the SEO people in keeping their webpage up-to-date. Validating the business webpage is not so easy, however, Google+ eases the activity for your business. Nevertheless, not many companies use it today.

Establish your businesses’ Google+ page and ask your customers and family friends to help you with honest reviews. Well, reviews do a lot for boosting the business image as new users always find it convenient to buy a product/service reading the reviews.

Thus ask your known ones to give an honest review to help your company.


With good reviews, Google will elevate your rank in the search engines and the users researching for a similar content as your services will land up on your webpage easily. What can be better than attracting the customers this way?

The more SEO ranking of your webpage is the more the prospects will land to your website. Thus make your website attractive with good marketing strategies, use the correct attractive content, videos, hoardings, and ads to woo the prospects and increase your chance of lead qualification. 


Google News

It is essential to make strategies for business development based on facts and figures from the world. Decisions in business development should be made on what is going around the world and what may be the potential partners’ needs.

When your marketing campaigns are user-centric and are based on the latest updates of the market, the relevant content will generate more leads as the updates are in trend on Google too.

For example, you can write relevant content on your webpage discussing your services connecting your content with the latest news or update. With the help of the trending keywords used, your webpage can rank easily thus reach to more customers.

Hence make sure that you have an adequate marketing strategy for updating your content with Google news. Lead generation companies in UK emphasize using the latest Google news updates in the business content if it is relatable because it helps to rank the webpage.

Sign in to make your Google news account and personalize your webpage with the latest news feeds to attract more customers. Isn’t it an amazing marketing strategy?

Thanks for reading!

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