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4 common explanations why leads do not enter the sales funnel

Posted by Kavita Deuri
Lead Generation services

From time immemorial, the sales sieve has filtered new and fresh blotch of effective prospects to their lead generating services. It is a kind of constant influx of unique features that are confusing but provides priceless opportunities to the marketers. However, among the biggest whale of business frustration, generating lead has definitely been a point of grave concern for every thriving business firm. Businesses tend to spend a huge amount of money, time, resources and energy on generating qualified sales lead, but converting these leads into actual customers is a challenging task. If a company’s representatives are unable to convert and drop their leads down the sales pipeline then let me inform you, things are actually not going the right way and your business is likely to sink in near future. You aren’t playing the ‘Blue Whale’ game here, giving up on your lead generation services is the last stage to your financial suicide.

To save your business numbskull from falling apart and convert lead into customers, collaboration with expert outsourcing call centres is always the most far-sighted and prudent business decision. However, if you are already hooked up with a service provider but still unable to get stupendous outcomes, then it is mandatory to cross check their lead generation techniques and fathom it with another service provider to find a reasonable answer.

Hence, every diligent business owner, who always wants to stay on the game plan and upsurge their sales pipeline, must ensure that they are steering the right wheel to generate the profitable leads. Here in this blog, we’ve covered 4 common explanations why some lead generating companies are unable to stack up qualified leads that can be converted into customers.

1. Greasing the wrong dart

A business owner cannot say that his target audience is ‘everybody’. Every business has its own domain of prospects. Suppose, if a company selling shaving cream for men targets women in majority, then the business is unquestionably condemned to failure. This is why a company must carefully evaluate the aspects, benefits, and features of a product or service to determine who the ultimate prospects are? Focusing on the wrong audience will lead your business to nowhere!

2. Measuring the leads without proper quality

One big misconception among marketers is that they boast about uncountable leads. However, as a matter of fact, if your company has thousands of leads but out of them only 10 are potential prospects, then you are probably wasting your time, money, energy, and resources on trying to convert your leads into long-time customers. Most of the efficient lead generation services providers will not focus on accumulating a large number of lead but will try to pre-qualify leads that are actually beneficial for the company and have a genuine interest in your products or services.

3. The battle of Sparta between marketing and sales

Business owners claim that there is crucial conflict between the marketing department and sales division, which is probably damaging a company’s lead conversion rate. The marketing department is accountable for handing over proper leads so that the sales division can convert them into effectual customers for the organisations. But unfortunately, the marketing team hooks the lead even before the lead is ready. The sales team expects unrealistic situations from the marketing department. Therefore, decision-makers must get these two sectors work in coordination to increase conversion of leads.

4. Disorganised website

Visibility is important for a company’s website, and if the website is hard to maneuver by, the customers will probably give up searching long before the agents have the chance to even establish a conversation. There are lots of important and influential information about a product or service of the company, but a precise site will eventually convert qualified lead better than the one that is distorted and cluttered with text and images. Therefore, companies must systematise their website, so that the customers can effortlessly find the important information.  Importantly, your website should comprise a ‘search’ slot to make search operation clear and precise.

Concisely speaking, to convert leads into prospects and prospects into actual customers is actually a hard process; therefore, a business must commence beneficial tactics to influence prospects and eventually increase the conversion rate. Further to this, it is the lifeline of any business. Herein, outsourcing call centre services to experts can effectively help businesses align their lead generation strategies as per the specifications of sales team, which can eventually pave way for enhanced business revenue.

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