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2020 Lead Generation Trends!

Posted by Prachi Priya

Lead generation struggles are not new to businesses. Even after the latest technologies are making tasks hassle-free, lead generation service is something that companies are still struggling over. However, what is the best way to boost lead generation?

Well, some lead generation trends can help you out!

What is lead generation firstly?

Well, lead generation is an initiative to attract the user’s attention towards the business services/products. Lead generation is performed optimizing the business webpages for conversion, running contests, investing in new technology, finding leads on social channels, and by lead generation through databases, etc.

Lead generation companies in UK refer optimizing webpages, tapping into databases, using outbound and inbound marketing and directly engaging potential customers for lead generation.

Leads are significant to companies as they are the potential customers of the business. Thus, losing them can have detrimental effects on business health. 

Moving forward, for better lead generation, companies need to follow some trends. The modern techniques also include ‘event participation’ for lead generation. Conducting events although is considered traditional, but is the best way to get along the potential customers that are looking for services.

To understand the best ways for lead generation, we compile the emerging trends of 2020 to know:


Lead Generation through Social Media

Reports suggest that 55% of the service users find it compatible to enjoy services and find products online. Social channels connect everyone today, thus companies can easily qualify leads through online channels.

How can social media be used?


Well, register your company’s name and inform customers about your services through videos, content, ads, online contests, discounts, etc. Isn’t it the best way to reach the masses?

Well, social media is a great place to influence consumers in numerous ways and the best one is a word of mouth consideration.

Imagine a customer commenting on your page that your services are commendable. What impact does it bring to other viewers?

Happily, other viewers will automatically like your services when another users posts a positive comment. Thus make sure that you reply to your customers on time and take social media availability seriously.

Companies that do not take social media presence seriously might be losing their customers to competitors.

Additionally, to qualify leads, companies also use PR stunts and different types of brand advocacy. This brand advocacy is cashed out in two ways:

  • Social
  • Commercial.


Lead Generation through Influencer Marketing

In the top trends that workout to generate leads, influencer marketing is on the top. Now, who are these influencers?

Well, influencers are digital entities, brands having their social media niches, which range from podcast influencers to celebrities endorsing particular brands for companies. Celebrity endorsers have a great impact on the consumers, as people rely on services/products advertised by celebrities.

To know how influencer marketing can boost lead generation, check the factors below:

  • Influencer marketing helps your company save much as your business gets its marketing done from an already established brand or entity.
  • Influencers use data and analytics, thus companies can benefit a lot as they save time and cost here again. Collaborating with influencers, you can readily understand their niche.
  • Using influencer marketing businesses can qualify leads with a performance-based marketing scheme.
  • Companies can increase reach by connecting through digital channels. When influencers connect through social channels, there will automatically be better engagement. After all, what can be better than advertising services with influencers on social channels!


Lead Generation through Voice and Local Search

Yes you heard it right! Voice and local search are in existence. Lead generation services through local and voice search seems to be a traditional module, nevertheless, it exists massively today as well.

Lead generation companies in UK emphasize that local and voice search are significant because many consumers try finding out their local businesses through local searches on mobile or through voice systems on computers even today.



Businesses in the coming time will gather more leads with content, and voice search snippet optimization. The local search is also expected to face huge competition with increasing providers in the market. Thus companies avoiding their presence and dominance on voice and local search will subsequently die.


Chatbots will be Evergreen

Consumers, who were not open to using bots earlier, seem to be open to the use of chatbots today. Since bots are smart enough to differentiate and transfer technical inquiries that they cannot resolve to experts on-time, thus they are reliable.

Most companies today have started using bots as they feel that bots progressively help to avoid any negative impact on leads caused by call abandonment or call waiting.

Since most users wish to take services from a company that provides 24X7 service, thus chatbots emerged as the guardian angel for businesses serving 24X7.

Although bots have some limitations, nevertheless, predictions say that in the coming time companies will witness a better and powerful bot functioning marvellously.


Lead Generation with Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most obvious!

We all very well know that videos drop a great impact on the viewer and that an interactive video can woo the customer towards the business product/service.

Adding a cherry on the cake, predictions reveal that in the time to come, 82% of the traffic on the internet will be video-driven.

Exciting to hear? Well, we are not joking!

This is the reason marketers have started trusting a new way to reach the customers’ hearts and earn their trust. What is that?

It is non-other than quality content-based video to boost sales and engagement. Since the trend of video marketing is not supposed to slow down anytime soon, thus businesses make sure that they maintain their digital presence with video content.


Companies can post their videos on their webpages including social channels, YouTube to reach the mass in a short time.

Your customer might not read the content you posted, but videos always draw their attention easily. You just have to make it appealing.

Make your business social account and fill it with interactive and informative videos to woo prospects. Businesses in this tenure need to take care that they answer each query on their videos online so that customer satisfaction is never at risk.


Lead Generation through Email Marketing

Interactive emailing along with storytelling emails help to uplift the lead generation service a lot. Lead generation is all about informing the customer about the business product/service and trying to win their trust in buying the same.



Thus, marketers here use email marketing to interact with potential customers and positively make them business loyalists.

If statistics are to be believed, email lead generation has 29% of the customer base, 22% customer engagement, and 17% product selling ratio.  


Lead Generation through Analytics and AI Tools

As several companies struggle to qualify their leads, the adoption of AI and analytics can help your business.

Talking about AI, it helps the marketers plan their strategies well by simplifying data-driven functionalities through automation. Such a practice is time-savvy and helps make accurate decisions.


AI is already been used in several tools thus the lead generation processes will witness a change with automated processes in email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Coming to data analytics, it helps AI boost lead generation a lot.


Well, an accurate analytical result for business data is the key! To add better services, companies are planning to use cloud services which will make service handling easier.

Lead generation service will uplift automatically with analytics giving accurate data in a short time. Adding more perks, AI will help to automate these data making it amazing to be presented to the prospect!

Thanks for reading!

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