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Lead Generation Call Centre: Best Ways To Open A Cold Call

Posted by Sukriti Saini

The sales person of your company may be a crackerjack in dealing with the prospects, face-to-face. But the chances of them having the required skills to convince a potential over call are seldom. Different job profiles require different traits. Deviating your human resource from the tasks they are ought to do by putting their skills to use in some other task only spoils their efforts and time.

Still, most of the companies think of involving their sales personnel in the process of lead generation just to save a few bundles of notes.

Lead generation call centre is the best outsourcing option for delegating the work of generating and nurturing leads. Ideally, you should let them fix appointments for your sales team. It is simple, they open the deals and your sales team closes it.

Both your in-house sales team and the lead generation team of your call centre outsourcing partner in UK and India should know about your brand thoroughly. It is vital for both of them to have a strong pitch so as to attract more clients/customers and ultimately making a long-lasting business relationship with them

Apparently, the process of acquiring new business clients/customers begins with cold calling. Though this whole task is quite difficult and requires special persuasion skills, the hardest is discussing business over the call for the first time.

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Herein, we help lead generation call centre, whether outsourced or in-house in making an open call fruitful.


Greet them well-

It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. The same stands true in not just your personal life but professional as well. So, what do you do when you get on the call with a very crucial lead for your business in UK? The best way to leave a good first impression of the company and increase your chances of a business relationship with them is to greet them properly.

Firstly, just let the person know that you know him. Don’t say “May I know who in on the line?” instead just say am I talking to Mr. ______?” or “Good Morning Mr. ________.”

Even if there will be someone else, he will mention no he is not in the office today I am _____. This will show that you know about the company, its decision makers and that you are also someone of importance.

Also, while greeting don’t ever sound confused, talk to the person on the other side of the call confidently. Agents of call centre India and UK are very good at opening a cold call confidentially. They are polite and proficient in ending up the call with supreme customer satisfaction. Thus, all companies around the world wish a call centre outsourcing company like them. 

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Follow the conversation with a heartfelt Thank You-

There is so much for a company owner or the key decision makers to manage and supervise that they are jam-packed with work every day. So, whenever you all them, make sure to thank them for their valuable time. Simply say, “Thank you for sparing few minutes, Mr. _____.” Again, don’t do the mistake of asking them if they can spend few moments to listen to your say.

Asking them will give them the choice to say no to your call and shun it immediately. On the other hand, when you thank them while they have already picked up your call and are listening to you, will lessen the initial resistance instantly.

Showing your gratitude with a thank you also indicates that you understand their position and value their time a lot. Also, using the name of the person you are talking to in the initial moments will help in making the formal greeting sound professional yet personal. 

Apart from that, lead generation call centre UK and call centre India should avoid wreathing sentences in praise and gratitude. A simple thank you is brief and enough to show them you value their time.

Familiarize them with yourself and the company-

Call centre companies in UK commit this mistake often. They instantly hop to their salesperson tone and start bombarding the person with questions or by telling them the benefits continuously.

This may work but if the client you are seeking to have a business relationship with is really reputed and known, he won’t pay heed to your questions and the list of benefits. He must be receiving many such similar calls throughout the day and must be cutting them blatantly.

So, in order to make him listen to you carefully, you should be transparent and real. For instance you can say, “I am____ from ______. We specialize in _______. Our services/products have been helping businesses like ________, ____, _____. These are just to name a few of our delighted business partners. ”

Just don’t get too particular soon. First, give them an overview of what you and your call centre outsourcing company do. After that tell them how you have helped your clients in UK and then tell them how you can help them. Also, mention how you are better than others.

Using these three techniques during a sales opening call will help your lead generation services call centre immensely in getting good leads. Try them and let us know the results.

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