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7 B2B Lead Generation Ideas to boost your business’ ROI

Posted by Khushboo Priya

Half of the year has already passed and some industry professionals are still looking for ideas to elevate their business growth. As said, it’s never too late. If you stayed behind this year than don’t worry you can be ahead of your competitors the next year if you make a strategic approach and follow innovative business tactics.

Generating lead isn’t a piece of cake for everybody and is the most intricate task. However, a correct strategy can ponderously transform your ROI growth.

Below I have described some proven ideas to generate leads that are used by the top B2B lead generation companies.

So let’s begin-

1. Research your target audience and create a customer profile

Before you pitch, make sure that you are already aware of the prospect’s interests and background. You must possess every info of that prospect such as age, demographics, requirements, pain points, buying behaviour etc. In a nutshell, you must have a thorough understanding of your audience.

Having a customer profile will make it easier for you to get the right leads. Make sure your buyer persona define your marketing strategy. So, take out some time, research your audience and create the customer profile.

2. Switch to warm calling

We all are familiar with cold calling methods, but few of us know about warm calling. Unlike cold calling which is made to contact any random prospect with no prior contacts, warm calling is exactly the opposite. Calls are only made when you know your prospects well and have a prior contact with them.  

According to a research, Cold calling results in about 1-3% success rate for getting an initial appointment. While, when the same call is made with a referral, the rate jumps up to 40% and even much higher when that referral comes from within the company. Successful B2B lead generation companies are already using warm calling methods and generating high revenues from the same.

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3. Make consistent blogging your habit

If you’re a blogger then you can understand the importance of frequent posting. It’s a fact that the Google loves fresh content and such contents are more likely to get a higher rank.

Don’t create similar contents, instead create a variety that may include special blog series, educational articles on the use of products and services, e-newsletters etc. Consistent blogging offers customers something new and fresh that is both entertaining and informative. Providing contents to audiences on a regular basis can create a loyalty between both the parties. Additionally, consistent blogging will bring a traffic volume to your website and will also boost your SEO.

4. Create quality content

Nowadays, content is the soul of the web, so you should try to put all your good efforts in creating a quality content. When readers come to your website they search for something unique and valuable, something satisfying and relevant. People who write content just for the sake of publishing has to face its bad consequences. Their content is neither read nor it gains any kind of popularity. As a result, the business suffers.

You can choose call centre outsourcing services if you don’t have good writers in your company. Some well-known service providers have a team of accomplished content writers who have excellent writing skills. Good content writers ensure that whatever info they have put into the content resembles the topic and doesn’t get out of the track. They use various formatting options to make contents appear attractive.

A quality content gives you an exposure and adds value to your business.

5. Make a product video

We all know that visuals create a better impact on the human brain and provide a better understanding as compared to the reading texts. Visualisation creates a long-lasting impact on the human brain and its contents are easy to remember.

While reading texts is time-consuming and boring, videos are interesting and educate your customers about your products and services in an entertaining way. In fact, if you want, you can add a call-to-action button in the mid of the video and can capture audience’s contact details and can later use it in the lead generation process.

Things you need to consider before creating a video is the length that must be short, maybe about 1 or 2 mins. Consider making more-in-depth videos describing the features of your products/services.

6. Use LinkedIn’s Blogging Platform

LinkedIn is a platform where the world’s most adept experts, especially B2B marketers and industry professionals are found. Therefore, blogging on LinkedIn can be a great way to attract leads to your website. From small executives to manager, CEO, Vice-President, and M.D, all are present on LinkedIn.

Small businesses and startups must put their time in writing on LinkedIn. You never know what and when something will hit the businessman’s mind and will create an urge to look at your work and to work with you. According to a survey by HubSpot on 5000 small businesses, LinkedIn was found 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.  Almost all B2B lead generation companies utilize this platform.

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7. Boost up your SEO

Your website’s ranking on SERPs explains everything about your SEO condition. If your website isn’t on the top pages of the Google, then it’s an alarming situation for you. Because more than 90% of audiences don’t go beyond the first page of the search engine. Hence, your primary goal should include appearing on the SERPs first page.

SEO not only ranks your website high and brings a huge traffic to your website but it also provides users a surety of relevant and authorized data. It makes people aware of your brand and marks your business as an authority in the market.


If your business is striving to get a higher ROI then you first need to improve your lead generation process. The above-mentioned ideas are proven and used by top B2B lead generation companies. Don’t wait, move ahead.

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