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Work more efficiently with an inbound call centre service

Posted by Janvi Anand
Work more efficiently with an inbound call centre service

First impressions matter a lot when it comes to your business and creating your brand. Go4customer, an award-winning answering service, may provide your company with a competitive edge. You may get a considerable edge over competitors by having a hand-picked, dedicated receptionist handle your calls during regular office hours and a small team of highly-skilled receptionists answer all your calls outside of usual business hours.


An effective and efficient call centre is critical for today's businesses to survive in a constantly changing and highly competitive industry. Customers' expectations are rapidly changing as communications technology advances. Customers expect pleasant, efficient, and competent customer service professionals to provide the finest and most timely service possible. 


An inbound answering service provides several advantages for your company. An answering service may also boost your productivity and make you feel better. In this article, we'll examine the several benefits of using an incoming telephone answering service. We'll also look at the scientific evidence that shows how using an answering service may help you focus or relax. 

Pick a professional phone number 

You have the option of using a local or toll-free number. Even if your sole phone is your cell phone, having a professional telephone number with a dedicated receptionist may help you improve how your firm is seen. This combination is great for your company's brand and is likely to lead to more enquiries and sales leads all day, every day. It's a great method for your company to stand out.

Calls are never missed.

According to our research, one out of every three business calls goes unanswered. It's uncommon for a firm to afford to miss out on so many prospective leads and customers after spending so much time, effort, and money on growing a company's reputation and creating new sales leads.

You can be guaranteed that none of your company calls will go unanswered when you use an incoming answering service. This will ensure that none of your marketing efforts or word-of-mouth recommendations goes to waste.

Focus and productivity will improve.

Although making phone calls is necessary for almost every organisation, effective time management is also necessary. Interruptions, on the other hand, do not aid productivity. Several studies have been conducted in recent years, all of which have come to the same conclusion: interruptions kill productivity.

According to one research from the University of California, Irvine, Following a single interruption, "it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to a job." So, add the duration of the interruption to 23 minutes each time you're interrupted, and that's how long you've been off track. 

Interruptions also raise our mistake rates, make us more anxious, and reduce the amount and quality of our written work. It's much simpler to focus on your work when you have an answering service. You won't have to keep an eye on your phone, and you won't be distracted by spam or sales calls. You may even update your status with the Go4customer app so that you are only interrupted in an emergency, allowing you to be focused when you need to be.

Reduce the risk of burnout and improve your overall health.

Burnout is a widespread problem in wealthy countries. Burnout has been given its own title in Japan: "karoshi," which means "overwork death." The difficulty of mentally switching off from work and revitalising oneself is a serious challenge for many business owners.

You may really turn off and thoroughly immerse yourself in whatever you're doing with an incoming answering service. You won't have to worry about always listening to your phone when spending time in nature, with your family, or watching your favourite TV show. Furthermore, fewer interruptions from unwanted phone calls during the day mean you'll get more done in less time and experience less stress and worry. According to a research done at the University of Illinois, for example: "Whenever secondary tasks disrupt the execution of major tasks, users take 3 per cent to 27% longer to finish the tasks, make twice as many mistakes across tasks, suffer 31% to 106 per cent more frustration, and have twice as much worry."

Lower operating costs

The beautiful thing about using an inbound answering service is that you receive many of the same benefits for a fraction of the expense of hiring a full-time in-house receptionist. Not only do you get all of the benefits of full-time hiring at a fraction of the cost, but you also avoid the time and effort of finding and training a new team member. You also won't have to bother about labour regulations, legal paperwork, employee contact information or perks.

 Portal and app for answering services

On a Welcome Call, you will be introduced to your dedicated Go4customer Receptionist when you sign up for Go4customer's answering service. This gives your receptionist the chance to learn more about your company and how you want your calls handled. Your receptionist can be reached via phone, email, the web portal, or the Go4customer app. Both Android and Apple phones may use the app.

You may text your receptionist and Account Manager using the app. You may change how calls are handled and where callers are sent. The app also includes a GPS function that keeps your receptionist informed of your location. If you only wish to answer calls while you are in a specific area, such as your workplace or home, the GPS may be utilized to inform your receptionist.

All of your calls and texts are recorded in the Go4customer web portal. You'll also get graphical reports on your call data, which may help you pinpoint your busiest days and times of day for inbound calls.

Customer assistance is available around the clock.

Customers and potential customers may reach you at any time with a 24/7 inbound response service. When calling a business, people seldom leave an answerphone message and are more likely to call a direct rival instead.

With the number of individuals working shifts rising in recent years, having a point of contact available 24 hours a day, seven days a week may be a major competitive advantage. Furthermore, many individuals find it much simpler to call in the evenings, after they have completed work or put their children to bed, for example. Customers will feel valued and appreciated if you have a well-trained and professional receptionist answering their calls. When used in conjunction with 24-hour managed live chat on your company's website, you may more successfully target and appeal to certain target populations, such as working parents. You may effectively expand your business while sleeping.

Benefits of Using an Inbound Call Centre

  • An inbound call centre will most likely be deployed when a company can no longer manage all of its client inquiries. An inbound call centre is often made up of a group of people that answer incoming phone calls. When a firm and an incoming call centre sign a contract, the call centre staff will take care of consumer calls.
  • An inbound call centre can be utilised at any time of the day or only after regular business hours. Businesses that employ an incoming call centre all day are too busy to answer specific client calls. In addition to answering calls, an inbound call centre can set up appointments, provide technical assistance or product recall information, and process sales orders. With so many different services available, an incoming call centre might help a variety of enterprises.
  •  One of the people who can profit from an incoming call centre is a property manager. There are normally a lot of enquiry phone calls when it comes to huge residential complexes or commercial malls. Individuals interested in renting an apartment or opening a retail outlet frequently make these calls. Because these calls might occur many times each hour, an incoming call centre would be an excellent method to keep track of them.
  •  An incoming call centre may also help those working in the field of information technology. Often, these people have prior computer or technology support expertise. On a daily basis, numerous phone calls are made to professionals in this industry. Some of those calls may just require basic help, which a call centre worker could provide on their own.
  •  Another group that might profit from an incoming call centre services is government organisations. Medicare and food handouts are only two examples of government-run programmes. As a result of these operations, hundreds of calls are received each day from people suffering or asking general concerns. Inbound call centres are used by most government officials since they are too busy to talk with callers directly.
  •  Inbound call centres are also likely to be sought by cable or satellite television providers. The majority of American families have satellite or cable television, and more are obtaining it every day. Changing a service plan or buying a service is common among these calls. Many incoming call centre representatives could start the procedure with the correct equipment.

Check These Things Before Outsourcing Inbound Call Centre Services

Several industries have benefited from outsourcing, and many companies employ it in different parts of the world. The benefits of outsourcing non-core jobs to offshore contractors are numerous, which is why this practice has become so popular in the business world. Organizations benefit from low costs, rapid answers, competent agents, and high-quality services, among other things.

There are, however, certain hazards associated with it. One of the most significant concerns is hiring the incorrect service provider for your needs. Organizations must engage with the right vendor to achieve high-quality services. Below are a few things to consider before outsourcing incoming call centre services.

The Firm's Experience: Experience is required for high-quality services. Inexperienced service providers are often unaware of several little nuances. This is due to the fact that the majority of them have never encountered situations that need special knowledge. An experienced vendor would know all of the job's nooks and crannies and would have devised strategies to avoid them. They also have well-proven techniques for recovering in the event that something goes wrong.

Previous Experience: Before settling on a service provider, businesses should perform considerable study and analysis. You should avoid working with a provider who has a negative track record or has defrauded any of their clients. Although their prices are cheaper than others, hiring them is a huge error. Speak with some of their prior and present customers to get the most up-to-date information.

Quality Assurance Policy: The total performance of your company is determined by the quality of the services provided by your partner. The vendor should have comprehensive assurance procedure to ensure that the services they provide are always of the highest quality. They will consider the services they provide to be your work. They will be responsible for determining the quality of your service. In this situation, the quality assurance policy is crucial.

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