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Why Delighting Customers is Not Always the Key for an Inbound Call Centre?

Posted by Prachi Priya
Customer Satisfaction

Talking about customer satisfaction, businesses always feel that keeping the customers’ expectations up is all that they have to do. For the same, companies even outsource to professional inbound call centre companies so that the customers’ request is taken care of precisely. Well, the idea that delighting customers over call can earn a name for the business is not always true. Contrarily, it is vital to examine an issue raised by a customer and make sure that the same does not worry about other customers again.

It is significant for companies to understand that delighting customers does not earn loyalty to the business. However, such an act just integrates a sense of interest in the prospect. To make sure that prospects turn into a loyal partner, it is indispensable to keep the customers happy with proficient un-interrupted services. 

When customers feel that their providers always offer splendid services and that their outbound and inbound call centre agents take care of their interest, loyalty prevails forever!

Most companies that outsource their customer support to inbound call centres never pay attention to their providers providing optimum satisfaction to the customers. It is genuine that the partner will handle incoming queries 24X7, however, companies should also focus upon the partner resolving the callers’ concern forever. When agents take note of each issue and resolve the same from core instantly, other callers who might be facing a similar concern will not have to stay back in long queues to get their calls answered. Thus, augmenting satisfaction levels become easier.

Moving forward, we would like to talk about the tactics companies need to inherit to maintain customer satisfaction levels. Resolving the current concern is not the only solution, however, looking forward to resolving the root level issue is what brings results. Customers appreciate the service providers that are consistent with splendid services, thus companies need to make their services reliable.

To improve customer service, trying too hard to please customers will not help. Therefore, we team up some aspects that companies need to consider for supreme customer satisfaction.

Things Inbound Call Centers Should Emphasize:


1. Similar issues when repeated creates chaos!

Customer satisfaction is at risk when the caller sees a need to call back or inquire every next time. To improve satisfaction levels, companies need to put themselves in the customers’ shoes. Imagine how would you feel when you always have to callback and inquire to your provider about a similar concern!

Well, this is when customers switch to other providers looking for a better experience.

Resolving the current issues and simultaneously jumping on to the next does not bring customer loyalty. Rather, it is vital to resolve an issue and make sure that the same does not bother the customer again.

When customers feel their interest and hurdles are looked upon by the business, they never tend to switch to other providers.

Before hanging up a new service, companies should always provide tutorials to the customers/prospects so that the chance of an error is less.

2. Inbound call centre agents should address emotional connect with customers.

Most companies outsource their customer support to an external partner thinking professionals will handle customer requests well.

There is no doubt that external partners have an experience of influencing prospects’ interest, nevertheless, make sure you outsource to a company that addresses the customer with an emotional connect.

If the customers do not trust the answering agents’ solution, it makes them dissatisfied with losing interest in the business services, which ultimately triggers negative WOM. A negative experience can ruin a business’s brand image, thus representatives need to be trained to interact with the customers positively.

Even if an agent can’t solve a callers’ query, she/he can maintain interest by creating an emotional connection. Delighting customers is not always the key, thus understanding their issues and making them feel that the business will resolve the problem soon can help in maintaining satisfaction levels.

Even the hardest customer can regain interest in the business function if a caller knows effective ways to influence interest. Thus, answering agents play a crucial role here.

3. A self-service channel is not bad.

Many companies feel that customers won’t reach the business’s self-service channel. However, experienced inbound call centres feel that 57% of the incoming queries arise after watching self-service channels.

Thinking that checking customers’ delight over call answering can maintain loyalty is not true. Customers willingly visit websites, emails, online communities, and try to understand the provider best for them. Thus, maintaining supreme answering services is surely one factor, however, maintaining an online presence is also significant.

To maintain satisfaction levels, make an interactive website and allow your customers to reach your services easily even when you are not able to reach them with your traditional outbound call support.

Most customers easily get across online channels, thus advertising and maintaining satisfaction levels on the same is significant along with answering concerns on calls. Not only is this, but several customers today like searching out the solution of their problems online, thus make sure you have a self-service channel where it is easy for customers to know you better.

When customers will resolve their concerns themselves, reducing call volumes and maintaining satisfaction levels becomes easy. After all, giving some power to the customer will eventually earn more partners for you!

4. The inbound call center should emphasize on feedback from customers.

To keep the customers delighted, it is significant to analyze the feedback from customers.

Why so?

Well, when an inbound call center handles calls from a struggling customer and resolves her/his concern, it is important to use the same data and minimize efforts for other customers having a similar issue.

Since customers do not appreciate calling for a similar concern every next time, thus it is vital to resolve such the issue forever.

To keep the customers delighted from the business services, companies need to analyze the customer concerns, learn about the business’ shortcomings, and make sure that the same is not repeated. When several customers report the same issue, it eventually leads to diminishing the business brand image.

5. Importance to productive time.

Outbound and inbound call centres should stop emphasizing on average call handle time by the agents to judge their productivity. It is rather significant to analyze the call recordings and compare the number of times a similar call is repeated to judge customer satisfaction.

If the customers are re-calling repeatedly, it means that the agent failed to resolve the callers’ concerns. To maintain the customers’ interest, it is significant to sustain the front line and make sure that the customers do not have to keep making efforts.

When customers get across your services without any hurdle, satisfaction level augments automatically.

Wrap Up

Customers are always overwhelmed when their providers are one-step ahead to them in easing the service regulation process. Every customer looks forward to swift processes, so trying too hard to influence them to be the business partner without working on easing in-house functions will not work.

It is contrarily important to simply meet the partners’ needs on time to keep the customer loyalty firm for the business. So train your in-house agents for the same and even if you have an inbound call centre provider at help, train them on the tips to maintain services brilliantly rather than pissing over influencing lost customers.



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