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Ways Inbound Call Centre Agents can Simplify Call Routing!

Posted by Prachi Priya
Inbound Call Centre

Call routing is an essential part of every business and all companies aim to improve their call routing service so that customer satisfaction is never at risk. Call centre in India handling call answering service talks about the significance of adequate call routing and the ways they can train their agents to offer un-interrupted routing services.

When an agent is not able to resolve a technical inquiry from the callers’ side, routing the call to an adequate experienced agent is indispensable. When we talk about call routing, it is important to make sure to hire experienced agents for the telephone answering service, so that the business brand image is never at risk with non-experienced staff. Routing the caller repeatedly to another agent is not a good sign, which is why simplifying the process is vital.

Every company understands that an inadequately routed call can land the business lead/customer into frustration, poor experience, and dissatisfaction. Not only is this, but such an experience ruins the business brand image with negative services to the customers who are the ultimate brand ambassadors of the company. This is one another reason why adequate call routing is indispensable. Customers always search for an instant query resolution and the businesses that somewhere lack in serving the same tend to lose customers to the competitors. This is where the need for simplifying the call routing service comes in the front.

The modern customer service standards are increasing every day, thus customers’ expect their providers to offer astounding on-point services. As a result, companies have started leveraging outsourced services so that professionals handle the answering responsibility commendably. However, it is significant to assure that the outsourced partner handles the outbound and inbound support responsibilities dedicatedly.


The modern call centre technologies bring in various advantages and leveraging the same the call routing duty can be modified brilliantly. Nevertheless, how can a call centre or a business’ in-house agent augment routing responsibilities?

Well, some innovative ideas leveraging new technologies can be helpful. To improve the call routing service and to avoid immeasurable customer/lead/agent frustration, some factors need consideration.


Ways Inbound Call Centre Agents can Advance Call Routing:


Keeping an Eye on Call Queues

A check on call queues is highly significant to analyse any possible skill shortage and other potential hindrances. Any probable skill-shortage leads to bottleneck situations for agents wherein overloaded call queues cause a hassling situation for answering agents on-board and a pissing experience for customers.

To increase efficiency, inbound call answering service providers need to monitor the call queue performance and make changes in agents’ availability accordingly to meet the increasing demand. Skilled experts at times of high call volumes are essential to answer product/service-related technical queries.

When the business does not have expert outsourced call centre companies to handle the call support responsibility, routing calls becomes a nightmare. However, several call centre in India are capable enough to help you with astounding telephone answering service, so make sure you have professionals to answer customers at times of need.

Inbound call centre firms can simplify call routing by skill-based agent directing. Companies can ease the process by routing calls based on the agents’ skill levels. Modern call centres know their agents’ expertise, thus they can route the adequate query to the professional expert in the same.

Skill-based routing helps to simplify call routing hassles and diminishes the chance of customer dissatisfaction. Call centre companies handle customer support for various partners, thus routing calls based on skills is like a blessing. Such hassle-free service not only saves time but also helps customers enjoy an easy service compelling them to remain the loyal partners of the business.


Self-Service Options

Call routing systems have advanced today in the call centre in India with the introduction of modern technologies. The self-service option where a customer had the advantage of resolving her/his concern without an agents’ availability is modified today.

Nowadays, customers are allowed to input their details such as account number into the business software, later call centres can identify the customers with the help of this account information. This way, customers are routed to the adequate agent automatically depending on the query type predicted from the customers’ account details. As the software now understands customers through their account information, it is easy to reach them with their necessities.

Inbound customer support providers just need to make sure that they adopt the emerging technologies on time, and also conduct a market survey so that the potential shortcomings do not remain to be the biggest pain points.

With the advantage of modern technologies, customers can be routed easily and even the high-value customers can be flagged and routed to specialists on-board. 


Having a Call Option in the Business App

When certain apps mostly banking applications have a call option, it helps with passcode access through the app, which helps to make the business understand the customer details while offering call answering service. This way a customer can connect to the business through the app 24X7 and the business gains the advantage of serving them better, as the customer details are available already.

Businesses always puzzled over adequate telephone answering service and call routing issues. However, with a call option present in the business app, this threat is resolved. With such an advantage, businesses can streamline incoming calls and routing calls takes place faster, as there is no need for security check and no need for repetitive customer details submission.


Call Back Option

A call back option can always be beneficial in retaining customers’ interest. Inbound call centre firms need to make sure that they have this option for their partners’ customers. At times due to high call volumes, customers have to wait a lot, which is why it is important to give callers’ a call back option.

When customers have this feasibility of receiving a call back later, they do not end up being dissatisfied with long queues and even the agents are stress-free with limited call flows. Call back helps to keep a check on increasing calls without any risk to customer satisfaction. Instead of compelling the customers to wait on hold, call back is a great way businesses can hold back the customers’ interest in the business service.

A well-known call centre like a call centre in India understands the significance of call back for an efficient telephone answering service, thus they train their agents for the same. Call back helps to improve customer experience by allowing callers’ to leave an alternative phone number to receive the call. Moreover, calling later helps to minimize incorrect routing hassles and streamlines calls to the best.


Call Routing to the Same Agent

Most of the customers leave their service providers after being frustrate explaining a similar concern to every next agent repeatedly. However, how about routing subsequent calls to the same agent?

Well, when customers get to talk to the same agents with whom they explained their issues again, the agony of explaining personal details again is no more a concern. Moreover, call routing to the same agent diminishes the agents’ issue of trying to understand a new query from the roots again.

The frustration of being routed from one agent to another and explaining the issues repeatedly is resolved with call routing to the same agent.  Call answering service is an integral part of any business, thus uplifting it with adequate routing systems is indispensable.

Wrap Up

Getting confused amid numerous routing techniques is not a new thing. Most companies struggle to simplify their call routing responsibilities, however, as we discussed, the combination of adequate routing strategies will never land your business into trouble.

Call routing types like skill-based routing, routing to the same agent, to direct routing, data-directed routing, and value-based routing, all have their own significance. Call centre agents need to leverage the routing strategies based on need and time.

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