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Want to Witness Soaring Net Promoter Score? Approach Eminent Inbound Call Centres

Posted by Rahul Garg
Inbound Call Center

At the present time, every business wants to listen positive words about its products and services because negative reviews spread like a wildfire in this age of smartphones. Of course, if customers are unhappy with products and after-sales solutions, they most probably spread the negative word about the brand in their contact circle. This signals towards dwindling NPS (Net Promoter Score).

What is NPS and why it matters with regard to business growth?

Net promoter score, aka NPS, a tool that lets you know how much your customers want to recommend your brand to their friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. It really matters from the business’s perspective because if NPS is low, you are unlikely to enjoy the perks of positive WOMM (Word-Of-Mouth Marketing).

By means of NPS, companies can easily know about brand promoters as well as detractors as all they have to do is check ratings on the scale of 0-10. Let’s understand this in a better manner:

If net promoter score revolves around between 0 and 6, you have brand detractors in a large number, while NPS stays at 7 or 8, you have passive customers, ones that are satisfied with your brand but don’t recommend it to others. In case you have NPS at 9 or 10, you have brand promoters who will make customer acquisition process easier for you.

However, uplifting the net promoter score is strenuous, therefore, maximum businesses avail customer care services from reputed inbound call centres. Most of the time, this move pays off.

Here’s how specialised inbound call centre service providers amplify NPS for their clients:

1. Perfect Greetings and Closings

To multiply the net promoter score, you should know how to leave a positive impression during customer service interactions. For that, you must be good with your hellos and goodbyes. If you greet customers aptly, this would pave the way for an effective conversation. In a similar manner, if you aim for positive endings, customers are likely to leave with a splendid service experience. Needless to say, when customers get phenomenal support experience, they are likely to talk about the same in their friend circle. As we know, positive WOM always results in amazing business growth.

Are you already running an in-house inbound call centre? Willing to make perfect greetings and endings? These suggestions are worthy to take into account:

For Personable Greetings:

  • Tell your support agents to introduce themselves in a personalised manner at the start of the conversation with customers.
  • Invite customers to share their issues and then delight them with inimitable solutions. 
  • Ask only important information to customers during interactions as this would prevent AHT from soaring.

For Amiable Closings:

  • Make sure that customers have no issue with the provided resolution.
  • Thank customers for reaching out and discussing their issues.
  • Ensure your service agents use conversation ending phrases properly before saying ta-ta to customers.

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2. Shorten your Queues and use Error-Free Scripts

Giving customers the pleasure of a swift response has always been one of the best NPS-boosting practices. By and large, giving a prompt response on the voice support channel is tough because maximum service requests come on this channel. If industry reports turn out to be true, 60% of customers place a call as soon as they come across product-related issues.  

Due to high call volume, the length of queues gets increased, and that really causes frustration to customers who are in need of immediate assistance. It is not good as far as high NPS is concerned. Hence, established inbound call centres always strive for diminishing call queues. For the same, they take these measures:

  • Staffing is done in accordance with the traffic of service requests.
  • Services like call back, self-service, etc. are also provided so that customers seeking no human response can resolve issues on their own.
  • First-class training is provided with the intention of providing support ASAP.

Besides this, renowned inbound call centre service providers hand over error-free scripts to their agents so that common questions can be resolved in a jiffy. Developing reliable call scripts is important as far as human touch is concerned in support interactions. Poorly-written scripts make service agents sound robotic, which as a negative repercussion, ruins the service experience of customers.

Don’t know how to come up with perfect call scripts?

Here are the most valuable suggestions you need to develop first-rate call scripts: 

  • Make sure simpler language is being used during the script creation process.
  • Conduct scriptwriting competitions periodically to know what new ideas your support agents are having.
  • During the monthly meetings, solicit suggestions in connection with the improvement in current scripts.

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3. Turn Brand Detractors into Advocates by Studying their Reviews

If you are annoyed because of low NPS, you should be working on the techniques to turn your brand detractors into promoters instead of losing your heart. This can be done easily if you pay heed to negative reviews and rectify all the hidden errors.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

— Bill Gates

Generally, customers prefer to stick around the brand they are associated with, but a streak of bad support experiences makes them think about switching to another brand. To avert the consequences of high customer turnover and low NPS, you should put more focus on negative reviews as that’s what eminent inbound call centres do to wipe out hidden ambiguities from their support services.

Of course, positive reviews help to streamline the quality of support services but, it is imperative to give more importance to bad feedbacks for the sake of emptying the column of brand detractors.

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When your brand detractors learn that your brand has corrected all the mistakes, they will not only come back to your brand but also stop spreading the negative word.       

Thanks for reading!

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