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Tips to Accelerate the Inbound Call Centre Services!

Posted by Prachi Priya

With digital transformation taking over to accelerate the speed of service deliveries, call centres do not perform the same as before. With the use of artificial bots to speech recognition systems, AI has revolutionized call centre services.

If we talk precisely about inbound calling services, some trends will boost service performance soon. Every business craves for customer satisfaction and all the strategic measures and ideas revolve around the motive of attaining supreme customer satisfaction.  Indian call centre emphasizes that customer satisfaction is supreme and boosting the same should always be the core aim.

Well, inbound call answering services help a lot when it comes to boosting customer satisfaction. With digitalization, there are various new methods introduced to boosting answering services. Companies today are also using omnichannel support to boost customer experiences as the target audience connects to the business service through various channels and connecting to the user on-time on each channel is important to boost customer experience.

If we talk about VI.GA consulting survey, “45% answering agents feel that the customer’s demand and expectations from the business have increased compelling companies to be up-to-date. This is where the need for correct contact centre solution and analytics tools arise.”

Since customer support enhancement is important and so is the need for boosted call centre services, here we pen down some essential trends that will augment inbound call support.

Check out and make sure that your call centre company does not avoid the same:


Online Communication will be the Guardian Angel

What are call centres famous for?

Well, call centres are known to handle customer support for various organizations easing their call support functions and assuring customer satisfaction. The traditional ways that BPOs used to answer the clients’ customers were emails, calls, and texts, nevertheless, the modern era has a better vision with online communication facilities.

Online answering services include chatting and calling services on social platforms, conducting video sessions, etc. These new support services are the need for every business today because the users are available on several social platforms and call centres can easily connect them for efficient online communication anytime.


Source- techjockey

Every business is online today and companies that look forward to outsourcing services search a call centre company that takes care of services on online mediums.

The traditional methods will not be extinct, however, avoiding these latest service enhancements may not allow your business to excel amid high competition.

Not only is this, but online communication excels with chatbots in use. Bots are AI-driven talking agents that integrate with a business’s social page and helps call centres minimize the need for manual agents for the same as a virtual agent takes the charge.

With all these advancements in technology, inbound services have boomed and will accelerate more in the coming future. 


Negative Response Rate Strategy

With customer satisfaction gaining significance, Indian call centre companies highlight the importance of using a negative response rate strategy.

You must be eager to know what a negative response strategy is and how it works!

Well, to augment customer satisfaction, the negative response rate does a performance-based assessment. This assessment helps the agents find an adequate resolution for the customers, thus boosting satisfaction levels.

This customer-driven strategy helps to understand the user’s needs better and deploy the same into business solutions to augment satisfaction levels. The in-house agents need to have strong interpersonal skills to manage this strategy and bring positive results.

After all, adopting robust customer support skills, call centres will boost services augmenting the business brand image.


Analytics will Help More

Negative customer experience can turn your prospect to your competitor, which is why ensuring optimum satisfaction for customers is important. Inbound call answering services are used to make sure that each customer inquiry is resolved on-time and there is no issue of call abandonment.


However, along with instant answering services, relying on customer requirement analytics and feedback can help a lot to gain customer satisfaction.

In today’s revolutionizing era, it is important to offer the services that the customer is looking for! How will your company do so?

Well, it is with call centre software and other analytics solutions that will help. With the help of analytics, the customer data can be read and interpreted to offer what the user demands.

Call centres help their partners by informing them of the necessary changes that they need to make in business functions for optimum customer satisfaction. Without analytics, it is hard to reach customers’ hearts and boost ROI.

When a customer calls complaining of a technical default, agents can resolve their issues and can inform the users of the new services the business offers with the help of data analytics. Such a service is based on customer demand and helps to boost satisfaction and strengthen trust in brand name too.


Remote Services

To uplift the inbound call centre services, remote answering practices are a must. Inbound services are all about taking the incoming calls and answering them to look after customer satisfaction.

The significance of work from home is increasing as the agents who worked from home performed brilliantly and now they demand their companies for allowing them the WFH facility.

The Coronavirus pandemic as we can see has compelled people to be under lockdown and perform their official duties by staying at home. Businesses have also seen that agents work brilliantly when they have a friendly atmosphere and when they are at home.


Thus even in call centres, work from home facilities is being initiated. You must be thinking how is it possible to handle call centre functions remotely?

Well, cloud-based call centres can easily manage remote services as they make the necessary data available to the agent over the internet accessible through a password. Thus with such a service, even call centres can allow their staff to work from home the same as IT companies that have internet-based solutions.


AI for Customer Support

Indian call centre companies highlight the rising significance of inbound call centre firms which are excelling with artificial intelligence for customer service. Predictive analysis, machine learning, and other automated tools re enhancing customer experiences, which is why these automated technologies are said to be the new trend.


The traditional answering services have received an automated touch simplifying the monotonous functions and making the inbound support tasks hassle-free.

With automated virtual bots, a seamless call support solution is possible, which earlier was time taking and hassling demanding intervention of a team of manual agents. The traditional solutions were time taking, brought higher expenses, lead to call abandonment depreciating brand name, and were inaccurate.

However, AI-driven call support functions are simpler, accurate, cost-savvy, time-savvy, and helps to provide 24X7X365 availability of service.

Thanks for reading!

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